On a Monday

Warm weather was upon Cincinnati this weekend. What was the weather like in your part of the world? Tell us about your weekend.

As with most weekends, ours was filled with a variety. From ballroom dance to attending our first Reds baseball game of the season … from organizing our recent mess to planting new plants … from attending a birthday party to playing handbells. Yep .. we stayed busy.

Knowing that some of my readers enjoying hearing the handbell pieces we play, click here for Fantasy on Terra Beata, which is interesting and we received kind words from numerous attendees.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) American Craft Beer Week, Police Week, Food Allergy Awareness Week, Nursing Home Week, Hospital Week, Return to Work Week, Transportation Week, Women’s Health Week, Reading is Fun Week, Children Book Week, Salute to Moms Over 35 Week, Bike to Work Week, Dog Bite Prevention Week, Neuropathy Awareness Week, Stuttering Awareness Week, Pet Week, Music Week, Etiquette Week, Historic Preservation Week
  • (Mon) Limerick Day, Nutty Fudge Day, Odometer Day, Women’s Check-up Day
  • (Tues) Frog Jumping Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Cough Drop Day, Leprechaun Day, Blame Someone Else Day, Apple Pie Day, Fruit Cocktail Day
  • (Wed) Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day, Chicken Dance Day, Night-shirt/Third-Shift Workers Day, Crazy Day, Stars and Stripes Forever Day, Marshmallow Fluff Day, Buttermilk Biscuit Day
  • (Thurs) Brown Bag Thursday, Over the Rainbow Day, Straw Hat Day, Dinosaur Day, Nylon Stockings Day, Tuberous Sclerosis Day, Chocolate Chip Day, MPS Awareness Day, Day of Families, Hyperemisis Gravidarum Awareness Day

With this weekend includes Hug Your Cat Day, that reminds me of Β this funny video that I’ve used before.Β Enjoy … and have a good week.

45 thoughts on “On a Monday

  1. Every day is hug your cat day in my house Frank – and I admired the tenacity of that little kitty taking a yoga ride – though I do wonder how many scratch marks the woman has on her back!
    The bells piece was just lovely! I should like to hear that quite often!


  2. I second El Guapo’s weather report from here in the Big Apple, Frank. Nice to know that Blame Someone Else Day is fast approaching on Tuesday; that’s when Milton has to climb the 79 steps to see the dead squirrel play with me. One guess who’s going to get blamed if that play is a dud.


  3. Morning aFA! I’ll be having that Transportation Week since I’ll be flying home tomorrow. Well done on the bells and the weather. Isn’t it grand when a plan comes together. See you on the balcony…cream no sugar.


  4. I hope the cat wasn’t using claws to stay in position. We had a lovely weekend at Casa Debbio. Yesterday we had a barbecue with friends. The weather let us down a bit. It was overcast, but the rain stayed away.


  5. Chocolate Chip Day sounds good to me, Frank. Loved the handbell fantasy. Well done on your performance. So glad that your shoulder is better. That cat really has staying power. Loved the video. πŸ™‚


  6. I don’t think I would have such successful concentration if my cat was doing Yoga with me.

    This weekend consisted of a lot of baking, a Apple Streusel Coffee cake, a Rosemary & Garlic Focaccia, a nice barbecued Skirt steak. For Mother’s day, the kids continued on with painting my new garden boxes, transferring dirt and getting sun burnt. Do they know better? Yes, but why listen to mom and put on sunblock.


  7. Loved the bells Frank, really pretty. I am on the Books are Fun, but then that is my week every single week of the year. Hug your cat week? Gad my cats actually have episodes if I am not at their beck and call, love the video!

    My weekend was full of the mundane on Saturday and Sunday was interesting but I will write about it (hopefully today) so I am not going to spoil it here.


    • Val,
      Mundane is fine as long as you kept your chin up! Look forward to reading it (as I hope to get back to reading asap). Thanks for enjoying the bells, and cheers to your cats!


  8. Glad you picked yesterday to go to your first Reds game! Knowing your pessimism for the chances of the Reds making the playoffs this season (due to the hitting), I look forward to your assessment after watching first hand (1) the return of Arroldis (The Cuban Missile) Chapman, (2) the mayhem Billy Hamilton creates when he gets on base (his batting average is up to .260), (3) the best outing of the season by starter Homer Bailey (featuring his new wind-up), (4) the continued power hitting by 3rd baseman Todd Frazier, (5) the good fielding AND HITTING of reserve shortstop Ramon Santiago, who gives Reds manager Bryan Price pause when he fills out the lineup tomorrow as the Reds start their three game series with the San Diego Padres.


    • Tim,
      Because you get excited by a career .242 hitter getting two hits in one game, I will not answer the questions. After all, you can probably predict the answers I would give.


  9. As I hug my cat this morning, I’m going to have to bundle up to go to work. It’s 32 degrees and snowing (and has been since Saturday night)! I consoled myself yesterday with some internet shopping therapy (some new spring clothes) as I know it’s going to get warmer – I just know it!!!


    • Cathy,
      I saw the news this morning about your latest bout with the white stuff. Then again, May snows probably don’t surprise you … and the weather with swing the other way very quickly. Cheers to your cat!


  10. Ah, thank you for the handbell piece – so beautiful! [elbow better?]
    Pet week and music week? I know exactly how to honor these two together. I’ll have our four-legged friend sing to us all week long!
    Happy Monday and new week, Frank. πŸ™‚
    ps There’s a true yoga person keeping her cool. If it were me, I’d be cracking up on the floor!


    • Marina,
      How the yoga lady kept her cool is beyond me, thus leads me to believe this is occurs often.

      Cheers to your love for music and animals! … and yes, my elbow is much better. Not 100% … but close.


  11. Glad to hear you all had some warmth this weekend. Sounds lovely. We’ve had a good bit of rain but did manage a decent 10 hours or so of sunshine yesterday. It’s nice that it mostly rains here at night. A merry Monday to you, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  12. Was warm up here too. We ate outside! That’s right, picnicking, which was awesome. Who won the ballgame? Who pitched? I’m dying for baseball, spring doesn’t really arrive for me until I get to the first ball game, looking forward to it.


  13. I think chocolate chip day is worth celebrating. I’d bake some cookies but it’s been over 100 degrees this week. I might self-combust. πŸ™‚ The handbell piece is really gorgeous! I’m glad you shared it.


    • Debra,
      Oh my … triple digits have already arrived for you … YUK! Glad you enjoyed the handbell piece. Many of our members received positive comments regarding it. πŸ™‚


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