On a Belated Tribute

Mother’s Day was this past weekend. Although time didn’t work in my favor to get a post together, mothers aren’t forgotten.

This is my mother. She learned her English by exposure, thus everyone noticed her Italian accent. Her strength was her kindness and her hands … that is, she could cook and sew with the best of them.

My Mother with her Tuscan hometown in the background

My Mother with her Tuscan hometown in the background

My mother died much too young … a month shy of her 59th birthday back in 1987. However, I was lucky to have someone else.

This is my mother-in-law (MIL).  Like my mother, she grew up during the depression, thus those times influenced her. Like my mother, my MIL was genuinely kind and cared about people … and always supportive of my wife and I. She and my mother were very close to the same age, but she lived much longer.

My mother-in-law - a kind, generous, and genuine person

My mother-in-law: a kind, generous, and genuine person

My MIL passed away this past December, so this past Sunday was new to me as it was the first Mother’s Day I exclusively relied on memories.

52 thoughts on “On a Belated Tribute

  1. a very beautiful tribute to both mothers who had such great influence in your life, Frank. i like what you wrote about your mother’s hands and both women show genuine kindness from their photograph. lovely post. have a wonderful week, Frank.


  2. Your last line really touched me. I, too, have only memories to rely on for my dear MIL, but I’m blessed to still have my mother around. Hope your day was good. My boys treated me well. 🙂


    • Carrie,
      Sunday was a bit different. Knowing it wasn’t easy for her, I didn’t asked my wife about her mother until Monday, but she said that staying busy helped. Cheers to your boys treating you well … and greetings to your mom as well!


  3. Yes, those sad milestones. We are all lucky to have had the various mothers who’ve touched us through our lives and helped to shape us. Lovely tribute to your two ladies, Frank.


  4. Lovely tribute, Frank. I know how you feel. I lost my mother and mother-in-law within a few years of each other. I miss them, but this Mother’s Day was special because I learned to include them in happy ways rather than thinking about loss.


  5. Let’s just call it Mother’s Day week. Lovely tribute you wrote in memory of both important mothers in your life. I grew up with a father with an accent and still remember how he said certain words. Priceless memories in the precious things.


  6. Oh what a beautiful tribute Frank to these wonderful women, your feelings show in your writing. Memories are a beautiful thing ~ here is a toast and a nod to these two Mothers!


  7. Your last line was very touching, evocative of a life of loving memories remembered and made. I am sorry for your recent loss Frank, this past Sunday must have been difficult for both your wife and you. I hope you were able to share your memories with love and peace.


    • Val,
      We stayed busy on Sunday, so all was well. I intentionally didn’t say anything to my wife about it until Monday. For me, today (answering comments) was more difficult than Sunday.


    • Gee,
      Welcome!!!!! … My Categories list shows that I cover a wide-variety of topics. One thing for sure, this is a very respectful place. Thanks for stopping by … and hope you return. After all, the next post (in a matter of minutes) has a reader participation challenge.


  8. Oh, what a lovely post, Frank. Love that you had a wonderful mother-in-law, and a great mother, as well. Just sorry that you’ve now lost the former and lost the latter so soon.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


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  10. I really have to remember not to read your blog at work.
    It was a wonderful tribute to Mom and also to your mother, Frank. I too kept very busy on Sunday as a very good friend on mine took me to see The Jersey Boys and then out for a nice dinner downtown.


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