On Satire Bits: Vol. 94

Has your week started well? I hope so. I’ve been keeping busy, but hope normalcy (whatever it is) returns soon. Because reciprocating is important to me, my apologies for being away from reading your blogs. Just want you to know that I’m going through a busy period.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my belated Mother’s Day post. My emotions got to me more reading your comments on Tuesday more than thinking about it on Sunday.

With Wednesday being Marshmallow Fluff Day, seems that would be a perfect day for a fluffernutter. For those needing to know more, here’s the recipe for the AFA Deluxe Fluffernutter.

Let’s more on to your mid-week dose of satire. As long time readers know, for those desiring an extra challenge with a twist of fun, rearrange the words from the headlines below to create your own satirical headline. “My combo” is at the end. Have a good rest of the week!

New app matches you to others in vicinity who wasted $2.99 on same app

Dad announces plan to honk when he’s out front

Newly discovered cave paintings suggest early man was battling a lot of inner demons

New employee still eager enough to pick up slack for co-workers

Area man cleans apartment once every relationship

Man attempting to determine whether restaurant closed without getting too close

Barbed wire industry protests negative portrayal in “Evil Within” video game

Bartender doesn’t mind taking picture with you and your friends

Movie-goer sneaks candy past teen worker earning $7 per hour

Report: Average American consuming 4 ounces of cheese right now

My Combo: Industry announces new video game with area dad battling average bartender in cave for $2.99 cheese


49 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 94

  1. There seems to be a lot of busy folks these days, including me. That combined with folks posting more frequently, makes keeping up virtually impossible!


  2. Some great giggles here… and I will echo the general sentiment that we are all feeling busy!

    Meanwhile, a new headline, which could probably have been written about me several times in my life:

    “New employee attempting portrayal of Average American Worker”


  3. I know what you mean about reciprocating, I always feel bad that there are some people who comment on my blog more than I comment on theirs, but then it works the other way too, it’s never going to work out exactly is it.

    New employee announces plan to honk once every relationship without getting too close.


    • Vanessa,
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight about reciprocating. We both know that not everyone feels the way we do about it, but it’s important to us! Your combo is Onion worthy! Well played!!!


  4. “New app matches you to others in vicinity who wasted $2.99 on same app” is my favorite today, but “Report: Average American consuming 4 ounces of cheese right now” is not only probably true, but also scary.


  5. I shall pass on the fluffernutter, I looked at the recipe, but couldn’t fathom myself eating one. I personally enjoy a peanut butter and banana sandwich with garden fresh green onions.


  6. Here’s a few for your Wednesday morning, Frank 🙂

    New eager app doesn’t mind your relationship with friends and co-workers.

    Area man discovered taking picture of cheese in closed restaurant.

    Vicinity man cleans man-cave of evil demons without getting too close.


  7. Bartender taking pictures of newly discovered cave paintings suggests early man was was battling inner demons with ‘Evil Within’ video game.

    Busy happens to the best of us Frank, do not apologize for living your life, good grief. You are the source for such a wealth of giggles, great information and unapologetic good ‘go to’ stuff, you should never apologize for just plain old life.

    As for Fluffnutter, do you hate me?


  8. I will have to try the AFA Deluxe Fluffernutter. soon. I’m over due on trying it. I usually have the stuff – just not all at once. We’re going to have some work done on the house next week. So- after we settle from that & stuff is back where it belongs – I will make it a point to have all the stuff on hand. I will be sure to post about it & let you know.

    Also – as you mentioned the other day – It’s Chicken Dance Day. We’re gonna’ be sure to dance it today for my son’s bday. It’s sure to get everyone wound up – LOL
    I can see us deviating & going the Arrested Development route on that too. We (ok – me) can get a little nutty sometimes.

    My fave: New employee still eager enough to pick up slack for co-workers (Been there)
    My combo: Dad announces plan to pick up slack for inner demons.


    • RoSy,
      Let me know the reviews on the AFA Delux Fluffernutter from your household peeps. Meanwhile, I hope you had a great Chicken Dance Day! …. and that is one heck of a dad!


  9. Frank, thank you, yes my early week went off to a flying start as you saw with my painting spree…. Its had its final coat of varnish today and the little mice never budged, they both sat nice and still as I stoked their little backs with the brush! 🙂 So you can see why I was intrigued with this ” Newly discovered cave paintings suggest early man was battling a lot of inner demons”.. Guess I must be doing lots of battles 😉 xxxx
    Plus the Sun has shone and smiled… So I am enjoying my week so far Frank… Enjoy your rest of the day 🙂
    Hugs Sue xoxox


  10. New app announces inner demons to pick up slack for area man attempting to determine Evil within bartender taking candy right now.
    (It’s a momentary app-y thingy…keeping an evil eye lookout?)
    OK long day – but I tried! That should be worth something?
    Happy remaining Wednesday and onward into a mirthful Thursday!


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