Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 220

On Politics
Is there a difference between a politician rebranding, repositioning, or evolving for personal gain and lying?

As the Benghazi beat goes on, I ponder this question: White House spin and Republican conspiracy theories? After all, both ways produce misinformation.

The kidnapping of the Nigerian girls is sad and pathetic. However, the conservative spin doctors have amazingly determined the real cause of Boko Haram’s actions – Hillary Clinton! Read it for yourself here. It’s probably safe to say that if she wasn’t a strong potential 2016 candidate for the Democrats, she wouldn’t have been blamed.

With many political pundits focusing on former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) as a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016, I found this article interesting.

When it comes to caring for veterans, both parties are woefully inadequate.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Stone-hearted ice witch forgoes exclamation point
  • Study: Seeing Jesus in toast is perfectly normal
  • Pharmaceutical industry reeling as more mom’s making vaccines at home
  • Opposing team terrified after seeing home fans all wearing same color t-shirt
  • Budget woes force Heaven to reduce eternal life to 500 billion years
  • Report: Growing number of Americans forced to make ends meet by collaborating on song with Pitbull

Bonus Tips from The Onion

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
The coal mining accident in Turkey is horrible. Peace and strength to all involved and affected.

Multiple US cities are hosting the Great American Beer Run, in which participates get a pint of craft beer every half mile (800 meters). The event’s FAQ page is a good one.

Running events are common fundraisers. In Cincinnati last weekend one charity effort involved running .05K …. that’s 164 feet (50 meters).

Wow – the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial Museum was quite moving.

The current season of Dancing with the Stars is nearing an end. Overall, the dancing has been very good. As in past years, viewer voting did something stupid. How and the heck could Charlie White get the lowest number of votes?

Life: The Musical returns next week, so I will announce the Act 4 theme on the next edition of Monday Morning Entertainment.

Time has worked against me this week, so no Saturday Morning Cartoon Classic post this weekend.

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Fri) Bats Day, Biographer’s Day, Endangered Species Day, Virtual Assistants Day, O. Henry Pun-Off Day, NASCAR Day, Bike to Work Day, Pizza Party Day, Spaghetti-Os Day, Sea Monkey Day, Pickle Day, Piercing Day, Coquilles St. Jacques Day
  • (Sat) Mike: the Headless Chicken Day, Armed Forces Day, Morel Mushroom Day, Merry-Go-Round Day, Rat Pack Day, Hypertension Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, Information Society Day, Telecommunications Day, Neurofibromatosis Day, Cherry Cobbler Day
  • (Sun) I Love Reeses Day, Museum Day, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, Mother Whistler Day, Neighbor Day, Visit Your Relatives Day, Cheese Souffle Day, No Dirty Dishes Day

To send you into the weekend, let’s travel back to 1965 when. Dominigo Zamudio had the first Billboard Number One Record of the Year that never made it to #1 on any week – a feat that stood alone for 35 years. Dominigo Zamudio? Yep – he’s also known as Sam. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

49 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 220

  1. There is a trainload of info in that historical CO2 levels animation. Needs to be watched about 8 times to get most of it.

    Dominigo Zamudio? I would never have guessed. 🙂


  2. As always, Frank, I’m impressed with the breadth of your activities and interests. You must be a fast reader.

    Particularly interesting here was the link to the WP article about Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife, Columba. There was much there of which I was not aware, but it is apparent to me that it must have been the inspiration for your lead-in question:

    Is there a difference between a politician rebranding, repositioning, or evolving for personal gain and lying?

    I submit that no human being can aspire to high political office and still maintain an honest and natural mien, simply because no one can satisfy everyone. However, the job itself demands that the candidates try to do just that, satisfy the majority. Well, maybe Harry Truman, but that was a different time, before TV and before the internet. What about this thought? Perhaps the best candidate is the one most reluctant? (But, how do we know he/she isn’t faking?)


    • Jim,
      Thanks for the props … but sorry to disappoint as I’m actually a slow reader.

      I really liked the Jeb Bush article, especially because I’m in the belief system that he and his big brother are different.

      On the other hand, the article had no effect on my initial prompt. I like your analysis about those aspiring high offices.


  3. Corporate Culture, quite interesting, the link doesn’t work though I had to search it out. I have had these discussions in my work before.
    That was an incredible Carbon Dioxide level .. loved it, well maybe just loved the presentation.

    All I can say to Jeb running, please no just please no, not another Bush.


    • Val,
      Sorry about the link, but thanks for letting me know about the malfunction. Because I wasn’t able to reconnect to it, I removed it. 😦

      Yep … the CO2 animation is a good one. Meanwhile, many believe as you do about “not another Bush.” However, I think the two brothers have different personalities.


  4. What was the point of those two women standing like mannequins in the Sam the Sham video, Frank? Were they member of Sam’s harem? That band’s gimmick sure wouldn’t last a nanosecond these days!


  5. Would have to agree with Jim Wheeler, our friend! You’re ability to take in so much in a short amount of time, is mind boggling! Seriously great post, covering a wide range of topics including entertainment which I found remarkable! To be able to include so many things and give full, articulate responses, journalistic facts, as well as your opinion; well done, Frank! The mining thing I’d just heard about recently and like you we send our prayers! Unfortunately we’ve been closed in our writing room, (or rather closed off from the outside world) so we found your post most helpful in bringing us up to date! In reference to the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls; unfortunately politicians will always play politics when running for office and trying to muster up as many votes as possible. The only thing tragic about that, other than the millions of people who fall prey to their bullshit, is the victims like these girls who become political leverage for men and women of power with no meat to their soul! One can only hope, that sooner or later, someone comes along that truly doesn’t want to play the Presidential reindeer games but instead, wants to serve their country and citizens with honor!!! Until then, we’ll have to wade through the political shit and hope for better! Great post my friend sharing now! 😉


    • Inion (or Mathair),
      Many thirds for the kinds words. OITS has evolved into providing tidbits to stimulate discussion or thought. The Interesting Reads section has developed into a wide-ranging list of readings over a wide-variety of topics.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective about candidates and the game they play. I recall a David Brooks column some time ago about someone we don’t know … probably waiting in the shadows as the people wait for someone worthy to do what is best for all.


  6. On Politics:
    1. Same.
    2. Correct.
    3. Correct.
    4. Informative.
    5. Why?

    1. Ice Witch

    1. Brainpickings/Life Mag./Meaning of Life

    1. 9/11 Dedication/Amazing Grace

    1. Armed Forces Day/Sat./ http://www.defense.gov/afd/history.aspx

    1. Wooly Bully BB Pep Band No. 3 (No. 2 – Louie, Louie, No. 1 -Hang On Sloopy)


  7. There’s just another reason why I don’t watch Fox news, no need to even explain further.

    It’s a long weekend for us up here in Canada, May two-four, otherwise known as the beginning of camping season for many of us, the planting of our vegetable gardens, annuals and perennials . Officially it is Victoria Day, where we celebrate the Queen’s birthday with fireworks, or a weekend of beer drinking. Have a great weekend Frank.


  8. Wooly Bully! Ah, the classics.
    Who are all those people making laws and sitting spending money as well as half truths in DC? They don’t seem to represent most of the country’s thoughts or want to do what’s best for the country instead of what fills their pockets, buys them elections, and keeps them in power. Worrisome is that if any “new” group from either political side attempts to get a seat at the table – people are quick with personal attacks and demonization. (Sigh. More bubbling fountains on order…)
    I’m glad the kidnapping is getting press. (We have a big Nigerian population) But more than that people need to see it’s not just girls. Human trafficking and slavery does still exist and people need to take a stand to stop it. You probably don’t have flyers posted in most drug stores and places with 800 numbers, places to seek help, safe houses if “you are being held/forced to work against your will” The young victims get quickly moved to places where they don’t speak the language and are terrified and isolate. Houston is a point of entry for human trafficking and a stop before they are moved across the country/world. Slavery exists – not just girls. Please open eyes!
    Probably last weekend for yard work without oppressive heat here – so won’t be around much, but wanted to stop by and wish you a great weekend! (Beer fest -another Greek Festival – and vintage Splash Days in Galveston…must get yard work done! Hasta later)


    • Mouse,
      Sounds like you have a full weekend ahead … so I hope all went well!!!

      Love both of your takes on US politicians and human trafficking. In terms of the latter, humans haven’t ever progressed.


  9. This is great!: Budget woes force Heaven to reduce eternal life to 500 billion years
    There are a few Friday celebrations I’ll be celebrating. But I’m particularly fond of Sunday’s No Dirty Dishes Day!! Frank, thanks for starting my weekend off right…. except for the politics. At one time, nothing could ruin my day, or get me to go from zero to rant in .02 seconds, faster than anything having to do with politics. Now, it’s going to the grocery store, and politics just give me major depression. When I first saw the line about Jeb Bush I almost got upset, and then I remembered a meme I saw not long ago: “If you think a different occupant in the White House is going to make (any) difference, you don’t understand the problem.”

    Looking forward to the next episode of Life:The Musical, Act 4. It’s one of my favorites. Did we do one with “eyes” yet? (That popped into my mind the other day.)
    Have a super wonderful weekend, my friend.

    Boots O’Dragon


    • Victoria,
      At the time of this comment, I’ll be announcing Act 4’s theme in about 15 minutes … so I hope you check it out!

      It’s easy to allow politics to get under your skin … so don’t let it! Good point about whomever the president!


  10. You have really provided a full-spectrum potpourri this week, Frank. I think you and I share some of the same questions regarding political spin. And I think there are new “lows” coming down the pike! And I agree about Charlie and DWTS. I was sorry to see him go! I’m looking forward to your “musical” post this week, Frank. Wooly Bully!


  11. It seems to me that the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls is much more than sad. And that it is a test of just how much democratic countries can take responsibility for things happening outside of their domain. It is worthy of serious study and social discussion.


    • Shimon,
      Thanks for the dose of wisdom. There so much to learn about any event because all events are much deeper than the 60 secs of a news report. It’s sad to know that humans still exhibit slavery and exploitation behaviors.


  12. You’re scratching my itch on this post. I was just ranting on how our news cycle is spun beyond recognition of the original story last night. I woke up this morning and wrote a post bashing cable news and their never ending carnival.
    Great stuff, Frank.


  13. Hello Frank. It’s good to be back – and to such a wide-ranging and hard-hitting post. I had fun with the Onion links. Those very still women in the video are a bit eerie. Unfortunately, the climat video won’t download fully for me but I presume it ends by showing the exponential rise in CO2 since the Industrial Revolution. Cheers.


    • Cuttlefish,
      I like doing this series … after all, this is the 220th time. 😉

      The Onion has funny stuff, and you aren’t the only one who noticed the ladies in the video! … You are correct about the video, but this one was very well done.


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