On Satire Bits: Vol. 96

How’s your week going so far? The long weekend helped put my blogging endeavors behind schedule. Then there is the continually challenges at the new address. Oh well … stuff happens.

After a delightful weekend, high humidity has arrived. YUK! I hate it … but it’s still better than this past winter. Meanwhile, my golf game is steady, plus  handbell season ends in two weeks.

Dive into the extra challenge by using the words in the headlines below to form your own original headline. ‘My Combo” is at the end. Have a good rest of the week.

Embed from Getty Images

Brutally honest new Revlon campaign reminds customers you can’t change who you are

Music in bar could stand to be louder, worse

Tiger always checked-out at local zoo

NASA discovers that Earth might be what its been searching for all along

Deeply held conviction dropped after friend half-heartedly disagrees

James Cameron says future of movies will be watching them from his lap

Woman a leading authority on what shouldn’t be in poor people’s grocery cart

Report: Average American has just about 28% of what it takes

Bus rider acting like fight not happening four feet away

Wedding DJ assures anxious man he hasn’t forgotten “Build Me Up Buttercup” request

My Combo: At local bar with loud music, brutally honest James Cameron requests “Build Me Up Buttercup” and half-heartedly checked-out leading woman for his movies from his lap

48 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 96

  1. How can this be beaten.?? “NASA discovers that Earth might be what its been searching for all along”…
    “Revlon campaign reminds customers it shouldn’t be in poor people’s grocery cart.”
    “NASA discovers that woman in bar might be what its been searching for all along”


  2. I love this weather and hopes it continues into the weekend since we have booked a backcountry camping trip in Algonquin Provincial Park. We will canoe, portage, canoe, then hopefully avoid three more portages by canoeing up three streams.

    Revlon campaign dropped after anxious man checked-out at local zoo.


  3. I just spent five minutes trying to come up with a funny combination but couldn’t. Guess I’m too stressed about my upcoming massage to be creative (it’s in an hour). This might just be an introvert’s worst nightmare.


  4. Deeply held conviction dropped after reminding customers it could be worse.
    (played with it a bit)

    Ah Frank, look at humidity this way, it is good for the skin. Humidity keeps you young!


    • Val,
      Your headline reminds me of former boss who loved to say, “It’s worse elsewhere.” …. It is muggy … not Houston muggy … but muggy … thus we are expecting some afternoon storms today.


  5. I’ll suffer through this humidity too before having to deal with our long nasty winter.

    My fave: Bus rider acting like fight not happening four feet away
    My combo: NASA discovers tiger in poor people’s grocery cart.


  6. “Music in bar could stand to be louder, worse” might be worth a serious study.

    Hearing that “your golf game is steady” opens possibilities.


  7. In here, the weather everyday gets more warmer than yesterday! And yes high humidity too! I hate… I love Spring time… but without living a nice spring days we always find ourselve in hot summer days!!!!!!! Someone stolen our spring 🙂 You know dear Frank, starting last Friday till yesterday I was so happy with my dear Viveka and her friends 🙂 Yesterday they flew to back their home. Silence now… and too many things to do at home but I am lazy now… Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia


    • Nia,
      Glad to know that you were a wonderful host and had a great time with them. (neither is a surprise to me). I not like high humidity, but given the cold of this past winter, maybe that will help me tolerate it. Good luck with your chores.


  8. For me the NASA one is the star of the day.
    Here’s my effort,
    anxious man discovers he shouldn’t be at Wedding, acting like its not happening four feet away


  9. I didn’t want to discourage you but the new address challenges keep coming for a while and while you’re in the hyper energy in the first days of the move [thus getting things done almost on auto pilot] after a while fatigue hits and everything starts moving in slow motion! Patience!
    And here’s my rather complicated contribution: “Brutally honest tiger, a leading authority in NASA, says James Cameron dropped poor people’s grocery cart four feet away from his lap, anxious he might be forgotten.”


    • It’s been two months and it doesn’t want to end, thus the length of time has surprised me … but I also know the end will come … well, sometime. 🙂

      James Cameron seems to be popular in this post … so much so that NASA is investigating him! … and cheers to you for incorporating so much!


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