On June’s First Monday

Another weekend leads to another Monday … so how was your weekend?

Mine was a blend of activity and some work around the new residence, but the active side included time in the ballroom, a neighborhood golf outing, and going out to dinner. My wife also volunteered at a local art show that attracts many regional artists … Summerfair is a great event – especially when the weather cooperates.

This weekend also welcomed a new month. For those who missed it, this recent post informs you of June’s month-long celebrations.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Fishing Week, Step-Parents Week, Teacher Thank You Week, Hug Holiday Week, Brain Tumor Awareness Week, Headache Awareness Week, Volunteer Week, Safe Boating Week, Fragrance Week, America the Beautiful Week
  • (Mon) Leave the Office Early Day, Yell ‘Fudge’ at the Cobras in North America Day, Dare Day, TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday, Chocolate Macaroon Day
  • (Tues) Repeat Day, Rocky Road Ice Cream Day, Itch Day, Chimborazo Day, Repeat Day
  • (Wed) Audacity to Hope day, Tailors Day, Old Maid’s Day, Frozen Yogurt Day, International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  • (Thurs) Apple II Day, Hot Air Balloon Day, Moonshine Day, Running Day, Environment Day, Festival of Popular Delusions Day, Gingerbread Day

A trip to the beach is a common summer vacation, so on your next trip to the sandy shores, keep this scene from Mr. Bean in mind. For many of my southern hemisphere readers, think of your beach times from the summer. Have a good week!

52 thoughts on “On June’s First Monday

  1. Your weekends always sound longer than mine! I ran errands, have finished letters of welcome and such for an online class I am teaching that starts Monday at 12:01 am, and am figuring out how to best share some of the photos from my recent trip. I also slept a lot and re-read Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” She is such a good writer! I always appreciate the reminders about what weekly and daily celebrations to keep in mind. Dare Day and Thank Teacher Week are my favorites. Thanks!


  2. It’s ‘Queen’s Birthday’ today [Monday] so we have enjoyed another long weekend. As I adopted a puppy on Saturday morning my weekend has been a bit of a shock to the system! I am so tired I thought you wrote ‘the active side included time in the bathroom’ I thought, poor Frank, I hope he’s okay – before realising I had misread ‘ballroom’ πŸ™‚


    • Pauline,
      OMG … Now that’s funny, so thanks for telling about your ballroom-bathroom jumble. Your new puppy kept you busy, so hang in there! Name? Kind? Enjoy the long weekend!


  3. At the end of the week we went to an old river town north of us, McGregor, IA. In the 1860-70s it was a bigger population and trading center than Chicago. Then, the railroads came and it all disappeared.

    The place we stayed was an old hotel from 1856. Our suite was the former saloon. Upstairs, Mark Twain stayed in a couple of rooms for a visit back in his day.

    We had some great hikes in the area.


  4. Hi Frank! How are you? I’ve been in and out since my computer is dead. I really can’t use it. So, I’m doing my best. Still here! Rocky Road has its own day! Who knew?


  5. “Yell β€˜Fudge’ at the Cobras in North America Day,”??? Where do you find these things??
    “Festival of Popular Delusions Day,” Now that one I must remember… thanks Frank for these that fascinate me every time you share them…


    • Bulldog,
      Those two that you mentioned are very note worthy. I imagine zoos throughout North America will post “No Yelling” signs at the cobra exhibits. Let’s us not forget that it’s Accordion Month!

      I have two key sources for these celebrations, and getting the list together for the month is an enjoyable task


  6. I love that Mr Bean clip. He’s so hilarious and perfect for a Monday morning when I’m slaving away doing the housework. I think I’ll celebrate Gingerbread Day this week. Have a good one, Frank. πŸ™‚


  7. I plan to celebrate: “Teacher Thank You Week,” “Volunteer Week,” and “Environment Day.”

    I’m considering celebrating: “Apple II Day” and “Festival of Popular Delusions Day.”

    I won’t be celebrating: “Moonshine Day” or “Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.”


    • Tim,
      No Rocky Road Ice Cream? How can this be? … thus I hope to be stopping by a local UDF with Lactaid pills in hand.

      Played a scramble at Hickory Woods yesterday … and my 3-wood from the rough on the last hole had the eyes of my partners wide open.


      • I hope your partners’ eyes weren’t wide open yesterday for the same reason as those of the neighbors who own the house on the property outside the Muirfield Village Golf Course in Dublin, Ohio (after Bubba Watson hit his OB drive that cost him the Memorial Golf Tournament).


  8. Good morning Frank πŸ™‚

    I’m visiting with family in Mississippi, and we spent the entire weekend being rained it. In fact we’ve been ‘rained in’ for about 5 days now, with more on the way today. Good thing today starts ‘Safe Boating Week’! If it continues to rain, we may need it!


      • Good guess Frank, it was a combination day for me.

        Audacity of Hope combined with International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.

        I think the two work together, I think if we push them together we might begin to see light, don’t you?


  9. Safe boating week is always popular here…the guys out handing out tickets for violation like no wearing PFD. IT always amazes me how many will go out on water – often in overloaded boats – when they don’t know how to swim and don’t wear life jackets ( it’t the law here like seat belts) Now they are trying to get boat drivers to remember to clip the leash between them and the motor’s kill switch (or really an anti-kill switch). People falling off and the boat continues to circle around slicing them up until it runs out of gas every year – two boats last weekend. So great for publicizing that one. (The music festival had one sunny day this weekend – had to close a bit Sat for lightning) Have a great week, Frank. Sounds like you are getting the house in shape and have time for more fun adventures


    • Mouse,
      Thanks for sharing the interesting tidbits about boating safety in your area. Several years ago I was in wild & wonderful Dubuque, Iowa. While having dinner at a restaurant along the river, I recall a small motor going by while making a tight circle. Eerie. Meanwhile, we try to enjoy ourselves on the weekends while I’m left with the house stuff through the week,


    • Cathy,
      “Woo hoo” on the first art show … and a good sale to boot! You can’t do a second one until the first one … so good luck with the next one. Cheers to your gardening success.


  10. What a way to kick start a week!!! Atkinson that is… Somehow whenever I see him I can’t help but remember various scenes from Blackadder and burst into laughter! πŸ˜‰
    Happy Monday, Frank!


  11. I simply must celebrate Festival of Popular Delusions Day! Who would want to miss that? πŸ™‚ And Mr. Bean…oh I love Mr. Bean. I hope you’re having a very nice week, Frank. By mid-week I start aiming towards the weekend again, and since you have such nice ones, I hope you’re making your plans, too!


    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoy Mr. Bean … and who know, he may appear again. After the storms go through, a few less humid and dry days are ahead leading into and for the weekend! Meanwhile, we host our dinner group this coming weekend.


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