On a Monday After Stuffed Figs

Wow! We had a full weekend, so how was yours? Come on now … tell us about.

Friday’s key event was the handbell choir playing for the Southern Ohio Lutherans at the convention’s service. Weaver Chapel at Wittenberg University served as a wonderful setting (but in an acoustic sense, it’s a tough place for bell choirs. Nonetheless, we played well and many strangers stopped by to say their appreciation for our effort.

Although Wittenberg is a 90-minute drive time away, we were able to return to the dance studio for the receptionist’s final day … so we got a little dance time.

Last week I cleaned my grandmother’s sewing machine … the kind with the foot pedal to move the needle. It’s been in various basements and storage sheds for the past 30 years, and we received it from my sister last year. It was an easy restoration, and we replaced the damaged lid with a piece of granite that come on Saturday … it’s now a beautiful small corner table. Hopefully I’ll share a pic before the end of the week.

Saturday night we hosted our dinner group … actually the first non-family event at the new address. With “Fruit” as the theme, the evening was filled with good food, good people, and good wine. (I figs were my favorite.)

  • (Course 1) Toasted Olive and Cheese Bread, Grilled Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Agave Nectar, Sparkling White Sangria
  • (Course 2) Chilled Strawberry Soup and Pineapple & Almond Bread
  • (Course 3) Roasted Pork Loin Stuffed with Mango and Rhubarb and Topped with a Bourbon-Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce, Pasta (Gemelli) Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette
  • (Course 4) Strawberry Jello Cheesecake


  • (Week) Clothesline Week, Body Piercing Week, Flag Week, Men’s Health Week, Automotive Service Professionals Week, Graffiti Week, Clay Week, Pet Appreciation Week, Fraternal Week, Nursing Assistants Week, Meet a Man Week
  • (Mon) Donald Duck Day, Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) Day, Abused Women and Children’s Awareness, Strawberry Rhubarb Day
  • (Tues) Ball Point Pen Day, Iced Tea Day, Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day, Pet Memorial Day,  Black Cow Day
  • (Wed) Corn on the Cob Day, Nachos Day, German Chocolate Day
  • (Thurs) Crowded Best Awareness Day, Loving Day, Jerky Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day, Nurse Assistants Day, Day Against Child Labor

Life: The Musical returns this week. With the previous acts of Life, Born, Name, and Youth, Act 5 focuses on dreams. So start looking for your song titles that include dream(s), dreamers, dreaming, and compound words beginning with dream. Curtain time for Act 5 will be Wednesday, 9:30 PM (Eastern USA).

My unknown eye condition remained stable over the weekend. Although last week’s test were negative, the condition is now persistent … so I’ll be contacting the doctor Monday morning.

The Carol Burnett Show from 1967-1978 was highly successful. Although comedian Tim Convoy was famous for making actors laugh when they weren’t supposed to, the role is reversed in this clip. Enjoy and have a great week.


57 thoughts on “On a Monday After Stuffed Figs

  1. What a wonderful banquet – figs and all! Loved the Carol Burnett Show – I wish they still made shows like that! My weekend was entirely focused on cat and dog needs. Hopefully next weekend will actually involve some people!! Have a great week and good wishes for that eye Frank!


    • Pauline,
      When our group gets together, we eat and drink well! The Carol Burnett Show was a classic … and I recall that it was still a top show when it went off the air. Cheers to your pets!


  2. The Carol Burnett show was fabulous, sad there is nothing like that today. My weekend was filled with the usual groceries and laundry. Our teenage boy finally found a summer job so he is a happy camper knowing he can pay rent for his apartment in Quebec. He is a dishwasher at a very nice restaurant and comes home with hilarious tales. I do miss his stories when he is away at school so I savor every minute of them.


  3. That Carol Burnett clip was beyond hilarious, just the way those two were spun laughing while the straight guy kept going… I love the thought of laughter being irrepressible. Thank you for this, Frank.


  4. I read about your eye problem while on the golf course, sorry to hear it persists.

    White Sangria, Bourbon -I doubt it was my post that made you dizzy.


  5. Good luck getting the eye problem addressed–sorry it is still persisting. But great to hear you otherwise had a great weekend, as usual. I loved the Carol Burnett bit–anytime Tim Conway is laughing rather than causing the laughter is a hoot to see. Looking forward to all the musical entries for your fifth act. My weekend included a nephew’s wedding–very nice!–and not too bad traffic on the drive back and forth.


  6. It’s fun to laugh at people laughing. The clip was great. I love the Carol Burnett show. That takes me back. I used to watch her show with my mom. Sounds like a yummy banquet! I’ve spent hours at the pool deck today. About 9 hours in the heat! 100 degree heat.


  7. Carol Burnett was one of the comedy greats. Thanks for reminding me. I’m celebrating Clothesline Week today. Just about to peg out the laundry. 🙂 Your banquet sounds so delicious. I’ve never had stuffed figs. Each course must have been a sheer delight for the taste buds. 🙂


  8. I remember playing with my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. Show us a picture asap.

    We have a Democratic Party organizer staying with us for the week while she finds permanent housing and learns the ropes in the area. Hardly ever see her as she is very busy.

    I dug out a dead shrub that didn’t survive the harsh winter. Two more to go.

    Dream should be an easy word to find in song titles.


    • Jim,
      Political organizers have quite the job … and doing it by moving around can’t be an easy life.

      I can’t imagine how many shrubs didn’t survive the winter. … and digging them at (depending on the species) can be difficult. …. Meanwhile, I’ll have to work on those pictures.


  9. You two are Way Cool in what you do on the weekends!
    I like figgy puddings.
    I’ll be dreamin’ this Wed. at 9:30 pm.
    Hold off digging up those shrubs! Our horticulturist neighbor showed us how to save them.
    I plan to celebrate Crowded “NEST” Awareness Day this Thursday.


  10. I hope your eye problem can be resolved soon….Thanks for the morning laugh….I wish that we had comedians today that were half as good as these guys were…sigh…


  11. Can I have the entire menu (with recipes) for your dinner party please. Gad, I was salivating just reading it.

    Should I assume the Loving Day on Thursday is to honor the Loving’s of Loving v. State of Virginia?

    Your weekend sounds just fabulous.


    • Val,
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing our menu. Because this group has been together since 1999, we’ve often stated too bad we didn’t compile the recipes because we do eat well!!!

      Loving v Virginia’s decision is celebrated June 12th, so good catch!!!!


  12. What a fun filled weekend, Frank! [with one exception which I hope has started behaving… the disobedient eye I mean]
    I wonder if anyone could possibly hold their laughter when he said ‘Oh? – I suppose our contract means nothing to you’!!! with this rather unnatural tone!!!
    Wishing you a great week, my friend! [I hope the eye is listening!] 🙂


    • Marina,
      It was a fun weekend with a variety. The disobedient eye is still troublesome … I made it to the doc today, and it’s off to a retina specialist tomorrow (Tuesday). Glad you enjoyed the clip!!!


    • Java,
      I’ve had stuffed dates as appetizers … very good … but this figs were spectacular. This weekend’s weather was very pleasant, but rain is on the way for the next two days .. .but time will tell if that’s so. Keep smiling!


  13. I rescued a treadle sewing machine – it’s in the kitchen with a nice chunk of specially purchased exotic wood. I used it in college (with a different top) as a desk – that rocking pedal was a nice stress reliever.
    The Sat. dinner sounds tasty!
    Glad you are keeping an eye on that annoying condition…maybe German Chocolate cake on Wed will fix you up? Worth a try…I’ll go with that as preventative medicine


    • Mouse,
      This weekend’s dinner was wonderful as everything was quite tasty. I can see how the sewing machine served as a stress reliever … and I will show mine in the next post (going up in about an hour) … along with an other eye update.


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  15. Frank, I’ve been at the beach for a while (celebrating our anniversary and my b-day). I just got caught up on all your blogs that I missed and was horrified to read about your eye situation. Wow! Definitely adding you to my prayers and so sorry to hear about all this. Don’t you hate getting older? I wake up with something new that is broken on my body every month.

    Loved your dinner party menu centered around fruit. I read it to WW–he loved it. We are into throwing the multi-course dinner parties but have never done one around fruits. Loved how creative and very inventive the courses were.

    Take care of yourself, my friend. I’ll be praying. . .


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