On a Flashback Monday

Another weekend is in the books, so how was yours? Come on now, tell us something.

Ours included an evening of ballroom dancing, a trip to GoettaFest (which was a disappointment, thus the better GoettaFest is in August), various errands, a visit to venue featuring local artists, took my father-in-law to a Sunday brunch, and some things around the house.

My favorite golf tournament was this past weekend, The US Open (which I watched when I could). For me, the course wasn’t my favorite layout. Nonetheless, congratulations to Martin Kaymer (Germany) for the well-earned win.  Erik Compton tied for second place. Interestingly, I wrote a special-interest post about him in March 2009.

My eye condition remains, but Saturday included several short episodes when it worsened. On the plus side, the overall condition is relatively stable, and I see my primary physician in a few days.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Hermit Week, Knit and Crotchet in Public Week, Animal Rights Awareness Week, Meet a Mate Week, Father’s Week, Old-Time Fiddlers Week, Hug Holiday Week, Forgiveness Week, Grasslands Week, Roller Coaster Week, Physical Therapy Week, Take Your Pet to Work Week, Amateur Radio Week, Tennis Week, Men’s Health Week
  • (Mon) Fudge Day, Ladies Baseball Day (especially for Elyse), Ride to Work on a Motorcycle Day
  • (Tues) Apple Strudel Day, Stewart’s Root Beer Day, Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • Wed) Cherry Tart Day, Sushi Day
  • (Thurs) Martini Day, Garfield the Cat Day, Juneteenth, Recess at Work Day, Sickle Cell Day, Sauntering Day, Dump the Pump Day

Given recent 20th anniversary of OJ Simpson and the white bronco, here’s an old clip from Jay Leno that is fitting to start your week. Have a bountiful week ahead.