Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 225

On Politics
The Republican response to this week’s news about the capture of the alleged mastermind of the Benghazi attack is a perfect example of the question I asked several week’s ago: If Republicans asked President Obama to fart, and he did, would they complain?

Glenn Beck has said his share of stupid things, but I this may be his best: He warned the American people that President Obama is about to snap, thus react by sending conservatives to internment camps … .and sorry to say, yes, people actually listen to this man.

In the NRA Lobby

In the NRA Lobby

Seeing this inscribed at the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters is not surprising. Because the Second Amendment is not lengthy, it is interesting to discover that they left off the beginning: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,

Earlier this week the US Supreme Court set the stage for overturning Ohio’s Truth in Campaign Ads law – something that President Obama agrees with doing. What a shame on both counts!

I appreciated this quote by a local resident in his published editorial: The moneyed interests (from outside the state) have no interest in Ohio as a state, or the people, thus just want that voting seat to further their agenda, even if it is harmful to the people of Ohio. (John Apanites, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 15, 2014)

I like this statement from conservative columnist George Will. Here is a question for Republican presidential aspirants: Given the absence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and given that we now know how little we know about “nation-building” and about the promotion of democracy in nations that need to be “built,” and given that Saddam Hussein’s horrific tyranny at least controlled Iraq’s sectarian furies, and given that Iraq under him was Iran’s adversary, and given that 10-year wars make Americans indiscriminately averse to military undertakings — given all this, if you could rewind history to March 2003, would you favor invading Iraq?

To House Republicans. You continually point the finger at the Senate for not acting on all the legislation you sent them. A word of caution – Purposely sending legislation that won’t get acted upon is at least just as pathetic – and maybe more so.

This image is appropriate in many ways.

Embed from Getty Images

To lead you into The Onion’s headlines of the week, this one is fitting: Resigning House Leader Reflects on All the Accomplishments He Thwarted

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
New PS4 feature allows user to close eye and imagine really fun game
Study: More men opting to be in room when wife conceives baby
Employee executes daring 3:30 pm escape from the office
Aunt enters ninth year of raving about Wicked
More corporations using tag-and-release programs to study American consumers

Bonus Onions Regarding the World Cup
Teams to Watch
Players to Watch

Interesting Reads
Columnist David Ignatius look at the Middle East through a historical lens 
10 to-knows-about Brazil while watching the World Cup
An immigration infographic
SR-71: The Blackbird spy plane
The mystery of hiccups
The Bird-Poop Spider

Embed from Getty Images

On Potpourri
The recent 20th anniversary of OJ and the white Ford Bronco brought forth many “where are they now” reports. But the most compelling question NBC answers: What happened to the white Ford Bronco? 

Two tidbits about next week: 1) The next Satire Bits will be the 100th in the series, and 2) the next act of Life: The Musical may be next week (thus announced Monday).

My less-than-a-year old phone suddenly died, thus I cringe of losing all the dance videos of steps.

My beloved Graeter’s ice cream will be advertising on Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

I’m getting closer to the return of Saturday Morning Cartoons – but not yet.

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Fri) Flip-Flop Day, Vanilla Milkshake Day, Midsummer (in Finland & Sweden), American Eagle Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day. Productivity Day, Refugee Day, Ugliest Dog Day, Flitch of Bacon Day
  • (Sat) Peaches & Cream Day, Hollerin’ Contest Day (contest at Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina), Go Skateboarding Day, Daylight Appreciation Day, Polar Bear Swim Day, Handshake Day, Global Orgasm Day for World Peace (Southern Hemisphere), Cuckoo Warning Day, Pet Fire Safety Day
  • (Sun) Chocolate Eclair Day, Smurfs Day, Stupid Guy Thing Day

To send you into the weekend, here’s a hit from 1970 – and one with a distinct bass line. Enjoy Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

38 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 225

  1. You do such fine job of compartmentalizing all the shtufffs zinging about.

    YOu’d think, now that summer has arrived, finally after a long winter and extended greyish spring. Politics and world events would have the decency to take summer off. Think I will just stick my fingers in my ears till fall, then see what the world is up too.

    The most memorable bass in rock history. I shared a bedroom with my brother who was 10 years old. Every night, he’d load up the record player with 45’s, I think he must have had 10 copies of Green Eyed Lady, one would play, then another would drop.


    • Hudson,
      Great idea about the politicians taking the summer off! Besides, those on this side of the border aren’t getting much done, so I second your motion!

      Glad Green-Eyed Lady rekindled a fond memory … and thanks for sharing!


      • By the way, Frank…..just wanted to say I think Fireworks Friday by the Cincinnati Reds a great promotional idea. I saw the televised game last night and our local coverage showed the fireworks afterwards. Regardless of the out come of the game, attendees and the city riverfront still get a ‘bang’ -who knew, I didn’t.


        • Hudson,
          That promo helps we small-market teams as Fridays are well attended. Meanwhile, quite an interesting game. I fretted Saturday when the 8-0 score reappeared. Nonetheless, I’m happy with 2 of 3 … plus the fact that the Reds offense is finally showing some spark.


  2. Frank, you tease. I thought that spider cleaned up bird poop. Now I (1) don’t know what to do with the spiders I ordered, and (2) now know what is on my list for the weekend.


  3. Flip Flop day! That one I can celebrate with ease. Isn’t that Johnny Depp’s old squeeze? Great video! The whole Iraqi mess is pretty bad and scary. It happened so quickly, people seem to be in some kind of shock and the only way they are dealing with it is to play the blame game, which is pointless.


    • Amy,
      The Blame Game is what our leaders do … thus why I appreciate George Will’s statement. I’m not sure if the green-eyed lady was associated with Mr. Depp, but cheers to you enjoying Flip-Flop Day.


  4. …and Happy Summer Solstice tomorrow, Frank!!! Officially summer! 21st of June marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere [and forebodes the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere]. [pet with me at work! ;-)]
    Enjoy a great weekend! 🙂


  5. Your Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 224 got everything right! I rank it as my all-time favorite and look forward to explaining, point by point, why.


  6. Love the David Ignatius perspective on the current situation in Iraq — of all the two-cents I’ve heard across the spectrum, his seems to be the most reasonable one I’ve heard so far.

    I have to mention though — the very presence of your OiTS makes it hard to celebrate Productivity Day 😉


    • Twixt,
      David Ignatius is a wonderful columnist … and one who seems to be level headed … and opposed to the blindly partisan, which are either cranks or excuse makers. Meanwhile, Productive Day will survive!


  7. Dressed for Flipflop Day! We need some light footed fun this week. Always enjoy your finds.
    Bubbling fountains on high to drown out the politicians.
    Looks like the rest of the country is stuck on a few old notes. Meanwhile here near the border, we’re concerned with all these unaccompanied kids (some as young as 5) streaming across the border. It’s deadly hot. Why isn’t the media covering the dangerous situation? Not about immigration – it’s about dying.
    Perhaps the US should stop worrying about places far away and work to ease violence in nearby Central America. (Mr President – Mr. Kerry, this wave of desperate people are not from Mexico – and you know it. And please don’t start with the middle east oil interest – anyone in the industry knows we import very little of our oil from there now.)
    Sorry Frank. Turning up Bubbling fountains. Have a great weekend!


  8. How surprising that men want to be in the room when their wife conceives! 😕 I think that aunt needs to go and see a new musical.
    It’s Flip-Flop Day, every day for me, so I’ll opt for G.O.D for World Peace Day. 😯 Have a great weekend, Frank. 🙂


  9. The overturning of Ohio’s Truth in Campaign Ads law is such a shame, isn’t it? To think people can disseminate falsehoods about a candidate and get away with it is disheartening to say the least.


  10. I have no issues with reasonable gun ownership, for example when you are hunting, but an individual does NOT need any type of assault weapon to go hunting or to even protect themselves. We have government to protect us and our rights as individuals.. I do think there should be a longer waiting period if someone wants to buy a gun, plus a mandatory safety course

    Canadians have quite a different view of gun ownership than Americans, and a lower gun crime rate. I think the NRA should stay out of politics, they are far too much power.


  11. I am working my way through all that I am behind. I wanted you to know I have been here, read through and continue to be your loyal fan. Your On Politics was On Point! Loved the image you used to go with it.

    Loved the video also, hadn’t ever heard this version.


    • Val,
      Many thanks. Even with short tidbits, there was a lot of items to touch this week. Meanwhile, that’s the original version of Green-Eyed Lady. Thanks for checking in as I’ve been on the run, too!


  12. I am now back in your country, Frank. Loving the Utah landscape. I think every day is Take Your Dog to Work day in this hotel. There is a puppy who sits with his ‘owner’ in a windowless room doing the accounts. An older dog seems to hang out with the cleaners. It’s a lovely addition to the hotel environment.


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