On a Flashing Monday

Hot and muggy occupied Cincinnati this weekend … so, how was your weather? Did you get a chance to enjoy the weekend?

Although our Sunday was low-key, our weekend included two nights on the ballroom floor, looking at tiles for a back-splash, a trip to our new town’s historical society, and some errands. Not being a soccer fan, but interestingly, I only saw the last 90 seconds of the USA-Portugal match.

Looking ahead to this week, two items of note. First, the next edition of Satire Bits is the 100th in the series. Following that post, Life: The Musical continues with Act 6: Teens, which will feature songs with teen(s), teenager(s), teenage, or any teenage year in the song title. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Camping Week, Deaf & Blindness Awareness Week
  • (Mon) Public Service Day, Widow’s Day, Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Day, Baby Boomer Recognition Day, Let It Go Day, Pecan Sandy Day
  • (Tues) Celebration of the Senses, Fairy Day, Columnists Day, Creamy Praline Day
  • (Wed) Color TV Day, Beatles Day, Catfish Day, Day of the Seafarer, Strawberry Parfait Day
  • (Thurs) Hand Shake Day, Canoe Day, Chocolate Pudding Day

Not that long ago, your week started with a scene from The Carol Burnett Show. Because readers responded so positively, here is an outtake from the same show. Enjoy and have a good week.

78 thoughts on “On a Flashing Monday

  1. Two nights on the ballroom floor–that’s wonderful. My husband and I really need to take a ballroom dance class some day. Maybe when the kids are gone. They’d mock us too much if we did it while they still lived at home. Then again, they mock us all the time anyway… 😉


  2. Quiet weekend. We did go to the Democratic headquarters today for their open house. Got to see our U.S. congressman again. He is such a terrific person. And, he remembers us and our son.


  3. That was a hilarious bit from Ms. Burnett, but I have to admit that when she first turned around, I was totally scandalized. Then I realized that this was some authentic-looking fakery going on. Thanks for the laugh, Frank.


    • Kathy,
      You well know what this area is like with heat and humidity … although it doesn’t compare to the southeastern US. Cheers to your magnificent weather. I assume low humidity at that altitude. 😀


  4. Sounds like you danced your way through the weekend.
    We’re waiting rain this afternoon and will probably be camped out indoors most of the week – but not complaining as it keeps the lawn watered. If the weather guy is right, people may need canoes on Thurs – how appropriate is that?
    Carol B is always a crowd pleaser. True entertainers! Thanks for the giggles


    • Mouse,
      Oh no … enough rain for canoes. Then again, your area holds a lot of moisture in the air! Stay dry! … and yes, “true entertainers” is a great description of the CB cast.


  5. An exhausting but fun weekend. Saturday middle child had a birthday party with her friends, on Sunday it was her family birthday party and graduation party. Monday is spent recuperating, because on Tuesday we drive up north to visit the college she will be attending in September. Oh to have nothing on the agenda would be lovely.


  6. I don’t recall ever seeing this particular Carol Burnett clip! How funny! Do you think they actually showed that on television or was that an outtake? It seems unlikely, doesn’t it! We traveled this weekend back to Morro Bay and our yearly family reunion, so it was a particularly lovely weekend. It would seem yours was a nice weekend, too, Frank. I’ll look forward to our musical date on Wednesday evening. 🙂


    • Debra,
      I think that clip was an outtake .. but very funny! Cheers to your Morro Bay gathering … which means Zenna got to romp on the beach and Darwin did what he does when you are away. See you on Wednesday.


  7. Can you blame him for cracking up? 🙂
    Errand weekend and Monday is already gone… hopefully Tuesday will …last longer! We’ve been having nice weather with short breaks of rain [yes, you heard that right!], so we’re keeping cool still.
    Happy new week, my friend. 🙂


  8. Stuff (nothing exciting) on Saturday & low-key on Sunday here too. That was nice as low-key any days are hard to come by here.
    LMAO on the CB vid. OH MY! 😆


  9. I simply love Carol Burnett, no one can keep a straight face through that. 100 in a series Frank, that is simply awesome. Low Key? Really, but you made two nights on the ballroom floor. I envy you, such a wonderful time you have with your low key.


    • Val,
      Two nights of ballroom on a weekend happens every now and then … and one of the best parts of time with good people. … To me, one of the best parts of the CB Show was the cast trying to hold back their laughter.


  10. Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Day – any excuse to celebrate. My God!!! The Carol Burnett Show was shown over here too … brilliantly funny show. Never seen this before.


  11. Thanks for refeaturing the Carol Burnett clip. I roared! Love that woman.

    Looks like your eye issue hasn’t affected your happy feet. Too cool for school! 🙂


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