On a Laughing Monday

Our weather this weekend in Cincinnati was hot and muggy with a chance of pop-up storms … definitely not my favorite weather pattern. Nonetheless, how’s your weather? Did it interfere with your weekend? What did you do?

With my sister-in-law visiting this weekend, we spent a lot of time with her and my father-in-law, but we still got some dancing in.

A WordPress-related question to ask. I haven’t been receiving email notifications regarding your new posts. Are any of you having a similar problem?

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Great Circus Parade Week, Take Charge of Change Week, Freedom Week, Canned Lunchmeat Week, Prevention of Eye Injury Awareness Week, Freedom Week, Be Nice to Jersey Week
  • (Mon) Descendants Day, Leap Second Time Adjustment Day, Please Take My Children to Work Day, Ice Cream Soda Day (surprise, Graeter’s has outstanding sodas)
  • (Tues) Second Half of the Year Day, Postage Stamp Day, Zip Code Day, Canada Day, Build a Scarecrow Day, Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, Gingersnap Day
  • (Wed) I Forgot Day, UFO Day, Chicken Wing Day, Anisette Day
  • (Thurs) Superman Day, Compliment Your Mirror Day, Plastic Bag Free Day, Stay out of the Sun Day, Chocolate Wafer Day, Eat Beans Day

My recent use of clips from the Carol Burnett Show have been well received, so hey – here’s another one to start your week. One of the trademarks of the show was how the cast got other cast members to laugh … and if they did, they wouldn’t let up. Enjoy Vicki Lawrence laying it on Carol Burnett. Have a good week

47 thoughts on “On a Laughing Monday

  1. Always fun to hear from you. I think i am still getting all my email notifications, but cannot be 100% sure. Yours seems to be coming through just fine. My weather here in CA was hot (around 100) but dry–mugginess makes everything worse. Thanks for the CB outtake–I loved that show as a kid and still do today.


  2. We are enjoying unseasonably warm weather – almost like the summer we didn’t have. I am walking the pup in bright sunshine and coming home to enjoy some time in the garden. I am currently receiving all notifications I think, but have in the past had all kinds of issues from no email notifications for some or all I follow and having some drop off my reader altogether.

    I love the carol Burnett clips 🙂 Have a great week Frank


  3. Wow, Frank, what an interesting set of days here! I Forgot Day! That one I’m familiar with. I think I’ve been getting emails. Personally, I haven’t been posting very much. I need to get back. Have a great week!


  4. I’m receiving WordPress updates.

    I spent Saturday with the eldest daughter and her boyfriend, we went to an Air Show in Waterloo, Ontario. It was fabulous, the Canadian Snowbirds were just unbelievable. If you ever have the chance to see them, I highly recommend it. The downside to Saturday, we baked like chickens, it was so so hot, Lots of sun block and no burn for this redhead. I’m looking forward to the week of heat. We were finally able to put the 5ft deep pool up, when Matt the husband did, so I am looking forward to the heat to warm up the water, since it is currently at 60. Ugh, too cold for me.


  5. Weather sirens woke me at midnight about an approaching severe thunderstorm. Turned out it was not as bad as expected. Because I am a trained spotter, I called the NWS office to report the conditions. They like to know how the radar conditions compare to ground observers.

    Celebrated my sister’s 50th wedding anniv. It was a nice open house party.

    Radon mitigator man is coming tomorrow to do his thing. $$$ 😦


  6. Based on my contention that all other comic book and movie action heroes pale in comparison to Superman, many thanks for reminding me to spend Thursday watching my Superman DVD collection.

    Also wondering if you’re ready to issue a mid-season reassessment of the Cincinnati Reds chances of making the playoffs?


  7. And a Laughing Monday it is, though like you, amidst stifling humidity. At least it now feels like summertime, O’ joy.

    Thank you, for the vid, Thank you for just being Frank. ….. Canned Lunch Meat week -SPAM should be banned. I see it in on the shelf while shopping, instant gag reflex. God awful shtufffs.

    Speaking of spam. First thought, check thy spam cache. I bypassed Akismet (wp default) almost a year ago in favour of WP-SpamFree during a dosD attack from the Ukraine. So am not sure how it is behaving with new versions of WP and other add-ons.


    • Hudson,
      Oh how Monty Python did such a wonderful skit about Spam. Have you seen it?

      Thanks for the tips on the notifications … thus I will look into it! Stay cool up there.


      • Python’s spam skit, yep seen it Frank. This concoction of meat by-products, of parts that have fallen on the floor, that don’t have a name attached, seems to live for reasons I cannot grasp.

        Today, Canada Day, the weather forecasters are predicting, due to high humidity, stormy weather -nature’s way of providing some bang to the celebrations. Fingers crossed that no one gets zapped.


  8. What a great clip – nice way to start the week.

    If you aren’t getting notification of posts in your reader, un-follow the blog and then re-follow. For some reason this restarts and you’ll start getting notification of new posts.


  9. Happy new week, Frank! 🙂
    It has happened to me in the past but after checking my reader it ‘miraculously’ went back to normal.
    Those Carol Burnett videos are great!
    Our weather went from a scorching heatwave, to strong cold winds and in some places hail and now it is back to hot [not too hot though]. We’ve escaped for a few days to our country house for a bit of swimming before it gets too crowded. Back by the end of the week.


    • Marina,
      Cheers to having a country getaway! I imagine cool winds aren’t common for you this time of year … meanwhile, the heat will return! Thanks for the tip using the reader!!!


      • We do have strong winds during summer, especially August, and they are called ‘Meltemia’. Their characteristic is that they are strong [not cold] during daytime and by sundown they subside. However this was quite different and made a great contrast with the heatwave. Yes, the heat has returned! 🙄


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