On Satire Bits: Vol. 101

How’s your week going? We in the US have a national holiday approaching (July 4th), so it’s a short work week for many. Any exciting plans ahead?

Hot and muggy summer weather has a grip on Cincinnati. It’s getting ready to storm, thus my Thursday, the weather is supposed to be fantastic! … so I hope your weather is good.

Last Sunday we drove to Indianapolis (a little over 2 hours) for a ballroom dance event. The venue, the Indiana Roof Ballroom, is quite unique, so I invite you to see the Google images search here. It’s an indoor venue that appears to be on a rooftop at night … and the dance floor is round!

The first half of golf season is over, and I think my partner and I finished in the middle of the pack. Blah … but thanks to my strong play the past 3 weeks, hooray to me for winning one of the individual honors.

In late week’s centennial edition of Satire Bits, I received several suggestions for theme-oriented collections of satire. I searched depths of The Onion’s archives about child rearing and parents. (Thank you Patty @ Learn More Everyday) … Have a good rest of the week. Any favorites?

Proud parents watch as baby form first brand loyalties

New parents desperately seeking other new parents for socializing

Nails, hair cared for better than child

Report: 47% of satellites currently monitoring celebrity parenting

Tiger Woods putts baby into diaper

Mariana Trench once again named worst place to raise children

Smug, new mom going to start blog

Parents urge son to invest in improv comedy education

Area woman says, “Now there’s a stranger who could use some of my child-rearing advice”

Baby put on phone told parents hate her

6-year old stares down bottomless abyss of formal schooling

Increasing number of parents opting to have children school-homed

Man raised by parents struggling to adjust to human society

Parents urged to suck infant’s pacifier to prevent allergies

Area boy states, “I have earned the right to not call shotgun”

Study: Men with small gonads are better dads

Parents at graduation celebrate child’s last accomplishment