On a Chasing Monday

Wow! We had fabulous weather for an extended holiday weekend. How was your weekend weather and what did you do?

Given the great weather, we took advantage of it for some fun activities. Whew … we stayed busy, but we also had some downtime!

  • Hosted a few dance friends for dinner and dance
  • Attended an outdoor concert of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (which is one of the better Pops groups in the US) … and they featured opera soprano Jacqueline Echols and a unique string trio named Time for Three (here’s their opening song)
  • Walked to town (about 2 miles, 3.2 km) for lunch and a shaved ice treat, and of course the return uphill walk
  • Attended a neighborhood party featuring the host’s just-completed beer
  • Took a long night walk in a lightning bug sanctuary (wow … a lot of blinking bugs!) … Impressive!!!!!
  • Worked on the lawn
  • Attended a small dinner/cookout at the invitation of good friends

Celebrations for the week

  • (Week) Music for Life Week, Laughter Week, Laundry Workers Week, Take Charge of Change Week, Therapeutic Recreation Week, Freedom Week, Be Nice to New Jersey Week, Farriers Week, Creative Maladjustment Week, Rude Recreation Week
  • (Mon) Chocolate Day, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, Forgiveness Day, Tell the Truth Day, Strawberry Sundae Day, Macaroni Day, Ice Cream Cone Day
  • (Tues) Math 2.0 Day, Savor the Comic Day, Unplug the Drama Day, Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day, Town Crier Day, Don’t Put All Your Eggs on One Omelet Day
  • (Wed) Martyrdom of the Bab, Sugar Cookie Day
  • (Thurs) Don’t Step on a Bee Day, Hot Dog Night, Pina Colada Day, Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day, Coke – the Real Thing Day

Those who know Elyse probably realize she has a new puppy … Duncan … and I imagine the odds are good that he will like to chase a ball. Have a good week!

73 thoughts on “On a Chasing Monday

  1. As usual, your busy weekend puts my leisurely weekend to shame. I read a lot, cooked–which I do not do very often, connected with friends. It was a good weekend. I especially liked seeing the engineer’s dog play ball–very cute!

  2. The weather was terrific in the Big Apple, too, Frank — on Saturday and Sunday. I wish all of summer could be like it’s been these past two days, warm with low humidity. It’s been bliss. I hung out with my friends and walked around a lot. I will do what I can to partake in Laughter Week and will spread the word tomorrow that it’s Chocolate Day.

    • Lame,
      Weather bliss is always good … but I’ve got the feeling it was the lull before the blast furnace arrives. I know you’ll make the best of Laughter Week!!!

  3. It was hot in the west this weekend, but we made the best of it with a trip to Badlands National Park in South Dakota, as well as Custer State Park in the Black Hills and Devil’s Tower. It was a fabulous road trip and I got lots of great photos! Stay tuned… And I LOVED the video. What a way to create self-entertainment for that dog! I wonder how long it took them to train it? Glad your weather was nice and that you had such a productive weekend, Frank.

  4. Soave to be nice to New Jersey, Framk? I’m from Connecticut!

    Thanks for the shout out and the video. Construction will begin just as soon as I switch husbands! Don’t hold your breath, I like this one!

  5. We spent the weekend in Indianapolis. I’ve never been there before. They have a lovely downtown. Really fun to explore the different stores and restaurants.

    Tomorrow is “Chocolate Day”?! Oh, I’m so there…

    • Carrie,
      Indy is a little more than 2 hours away, and we have yet to explore it …. although we have heard numerous positive thoughts. After our trip to the ballroom (a week ago) … we may move up our plans for a visit. Enjoy Chocolate Day!

  6. Boy, you had a great holiday weekend. We had fabulous weather too. I hate to say it. I shopped on the computer. I read a great deal of Travels with Charley. Ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream. We had planned to go to Atlanta. Then, changed our minds thinking the weather would be bad. The next holiday isn’t until Labor Day. We have the weekends though and plenty more sunny, hot weather. Will probably do something this weekend to cover our regret for not doing anything this past weekend.

    • Topaz,
      Welcome first-time commenter, and many thanks for sharing your weekend that brought smiles. Given the storm off the east coast, not going east was a good idea. After all, there will be other travel opportunities throughout the summer.

  7. The norm Frank, you are having exciting times! I spent time with house guests and family, house cleaning and a little bit of shopping.

    Loved the video, with many engineers in my family I stole and distributed. That should be good for a few good giggles.

  8. this is amazing dog and of course amazing dog owner :) I loved this video! Your weekend seems was so nice… Mine! Not bad but tired so much :) there is always something to do in this village home, you can’t take a rest :) But I am not complaining, I love to be here. Thank you dear Frank, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  9. Sounds like a most excellent weekend, Frank! I would have liked to see the glowing bugs. I went to beautiful Lake Tahoe for the Fourth. The fireworks were impressive, but my kids could care less. They prefer the ones on the street in the neighborhood! Oh, I have chocolate and pina coladas to look forward to this week. Oh, goody!

    • Amy,
      Thanks for sharing your weekend. Well … the kids probably like the neighborhood fireworks better because they are involved with them. Too bad they couldn’t appreciate fireworks over Tahoe, (which would seem wonderful)!!!!

      Does California have fireflies (lightning bugs)?

  10. Today just seems a good day…. Monday..Chocolate Day, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, Forgiveness Day, Tell the Truth Day, Strawberry Sundae Day, Macaroni Day, Ice Cream Cone Day

  11. I love walking around town, you find neat little places you wouldn’t find if driving around, plus walking is so much more healthier for you. We too, had a lovely weekend and had company for dinner on Sunday. My Twitter/blogger friend Sarah and her family were in the area, so came over for dinner on Sunday. All I can say is, I best get some grandchildren soon or I may have to have another. Her 2 children were beyond adorable and so well behaved for four year olds.
    For our dinner I baked bread on the barbecue and simmered the chili. It was all around a great day, though I paid for all my work by the end of the I sadly could barely move. C’est la vie.

    • Catherine,
      Ever since moving, we’ve wanted to walk to town … so with the good weather, we did it … and will do it again on a nice day.

      Cheers to you hosting a friend … and the bread is most intriguing. Meanwhile, take it easy today so you can regain your strength … and work on your plan of getting grandkids.

  12. Be Nice to New Jersey Week! LOL! I’m originally from New Jersey, and find this hilarious. They probably deserve a little kindness and a holiday of this sort.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Frank. We had a nice weekend, too. The weather was great (cooler than it had been during the week), and it was filled with a good mix of work, rest, and play.

    • Robin,
      A good mix of work, rest, and play is a wonderful example of not only for any weekend, but for life! Meanwhile, because my weather comes your way, the gentle weather is on the way out. :( …. and glad you appreciate Be Nice to New Jersey Week!

  13. Lightening bugs! How I miss those.
    Glad you had a great holiday. We welcomed the clouds and a bit of rain off and on – keeps it cooler and the plants happy. Cleared enough for the local fireworks (but rain kept the amateurs silent – which is good for pets and roofs)
    Nothing says summer more than outdoor concerts! We love those.
    Enjoy the week!

    • Mouse,
      The night was perfect for the outdoor concert …. and the Ohio River is directly behind the main stage … thus a good setting.

      I know what you mean about the amateurs regarding fireworks … which I we think was worse in our prior neighborhood. :)

      I was wondering about the range of lightning bugs. Seems you don’t have them there … but are they in other parts of Texas?

      • Lightening bugs lived all over TX when I was little. We’d temporarily catch them in jars on summer nights. Pretty rare around this populated now – suspect it’s because of change in pesticide use starting around the 70’s. They backed off night time arial spraying for a few years – but the mosquito borne diseases ( 4 now I think) ramped up way too much. So with restraint there is targeted fogging and spay. Not much choice.
        When we lived in WIlliamsburg, there were Sunday night plays and concerts with the James River as a backdrop – wonderful setting

  14. What a weekend, Frank … what a weekend!!!!! :-)
    I’m so happy you got your batteries all charged up again!
    That video made my day!!
    Happy Monday and new week, my friend! :-)

    • Aquileana,
      We don’t live life in the fast land, but we enjoy ourselves …. and glad this post cheered you up because starting the new week with a smile is my goal each week.

  15. No rain on our holiday parade & other activities.
    Ok – We didn’t go to the parade. But – we did get in some fun happenings in during the weekend).
    It sounds like you had a great weekend too!
    Lots of great stuff to celebrate this week. I love music! I celebrate music for life every week of the year!

  16. I can definitely support “Don’t step on a bee day!” I’ll observe that all week. :-) Do you know that I have never seen a lightning bug! I think I need to put that on my bucket list!

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