On Satire Bits: Vol. 102

How’s your week going? I’ve been dealing with a set of run-around tasks, but I made progress.

We were supposed to get a good dose of rain today, but who knows what happened. On the plus side, golf league went on as scheduled. It was a fun night scramble in between the end of the first half and the start of the second. We finished second, which was good considering we beat teams with more talent.

It seems I got the notifications issue corrected by clearing a box that mysteriously got checked.

Courtesy of The Onion’s archives, last week’s satire featured headlines about parenting. During my wandering through the depths of the archives, I found other interesting collections around the same theme. The first one is the graphic below, but for more, see the linking below the graphic. Do any of these readings capture your attention?


Image from The Onion


Bonuses from The Onion – Any favorites in these lists?

Have a good rest of the week!

58 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 102

  1. Ha – if that book is real – it would make for a great first time parent gift!

    And – for the record – if you came in second – it’s because YOU ARE THAT GOOOOD! 😉


  2. Frank, it sounds like you’re doing OK — but no word on the eye problem!

    The most confusing piece of parenting advice I ever got was: If your child is rotten around you but behaves with other people, you’re a great parent. Ummmmmmmmm….


  3. pretty good placing 2nd in the golf game, Frank. Yay! rain? yes, it would be nice to have some rainfall but not too much at one time. 😛


  4. These parenting items from the Onion are just hilarious, Frank. I laughed so hard at the two slideshows. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. They are all fantastically bizarre! I think parenting tips may be my favorite Onion lists yet! 🙂


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