Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 228

Announcing a new header – an image from the Herschel Space Observatory of a huge dust and gas cloud called NGC 7538.

On Politics
The political climate is not only saturated with hyperpartisanship, it is also ripe for overreach … thus why I worry about 2016 election results producing a one-party majority.

Here’s an opinion poll regarding both parties …. and since it supports many my disgruntled nature, I say, Throw them all out … every damn one of them …. and then repeat the action with their replacements.

Embed from Getty Images

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Area man pushes self to point of effort
Bored scientists now just sticking random things into large Hadron collider
Few more items knocked off list of desirable traits in partner as women turn year older
45 million gallons of crude blood lost in Red Cross pipeline rupture
Area woman finds strength in Bible or whatever else is around

Interesting Reads
Lincoln’s adversaries: The ex-presidents
US oil production
Octopi caught in the act … of???
Financial literacy of American teens
Chile and World War I
Enjoy this beautiful slideshow of Iceland

On Potpourri
Summer is a special time for ice cream, so the Huffington Post recently listed “The 13 Best Ice Cream Flavors for Summer 2014” …. the fact that Graeter’s made it gives the list credibility. 🙂

I imagine there may be someone reading this who has various positive thoughts about actor George Clooney. Well, he’s from Cincinnati, thus we have privy to numerous photos from his early years. Scroll through the photo gallery at the end of this article, which includes one of a very young George with his parents and sister.

Don Cheadle (a George Clooney buddy) is in town directing and acting (with Ewan McGregor) in a movie about jazz great Miles Davis titled Miles Ahead.

After hearing some of your interest in the Indiana Roof Ballroom, I found this promo video about the facility on YouTube …. just click here.

Next week is shaping up to host the next act of Life: The Musical, so my plan is to announce the act’s theme on the next Monday Morning Entertainment.

I meet with the ophthalmologist on Friday, thus will report on Monday.

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) World Future 2014 Days
  • (Fri) Cheer Up the Lonely Day, Rainier Cherries Day, Slurpee Day, World Population Day, Convenience Store Day, Pet Photo Day, Town Criers Day, Blueberry Muffin Day
  • (Sat) Bald is In Day, Collector Car Appreciation Day, Grange Day, Simplicity Day, Wayne Chicken Day, Pecan Pie Day, Eat Your Jello Day, Paper Bag Day
  • (Sun) Embrace Your Geekness Day, Gruntled Workers Day, French Fries Day, Puzzle Day, Barn Day

Unbelievable news … no kidding … Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons returns this Saturday!

To send you into the weekend, here’s a 1985 hit … Enjoy the Eurythmics with Would I Lie to You. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

66 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 228

  1. ‘Throw them all out’ won’t solve our problems. There are some I think should stay.
    You should look into this effort. https://mayday.us/ Lessig has good ideas.
    Ice cream? I am making some tomorrow.
    Area man here went to ER with 2 knife wounds to back. They removed it from #2 stab.
    Area woman was not responsible for area man being stabbed.
    Try a squirrel in the Large Hadron Collider.
    I’ve embraced my geekitude.

    May your opthamldfsfgigst appt go well tomorrow.


  2. Friday is also my colleague Godsend’s birthday, Frank! She turns 26. She’s been stuck working with me since age 21. Plus, Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons are coming back. Things are looking up! (And I hope the same can soon be said about your vision situation; good luck tomorrow.)


  3. “World Population Day,” what is one meant to do on that day.?? Do your best to contribute.??
    “Bald is In Day” this day I like…
    “French Fries Day” sounds like another good day to me…
    and the video sure got my day off with a bounce in my step….


  4. A couple of the reads really interest me, Frank. I enjoy seeing what you regularly offer. And the ice cream flavors are interesting, too. I haven’t heard of more than half the brands, but we must be on the short side of having good ice cream out here. My favorites didn’t make the list. 🙂 I hope tomorrow goes well for you and you begin to get some answers to your concerns. See you on Monday!


    • Debra,
      There must be many regional/local ice cream flavors. Don’t forget to get some Graeter’s at Ralph’s for the girls! Thanks for the best wishes … but reminder … cartoons return … and you may be able to see them Friday night.


    • Me too on the reads, Three. I followed a couple of links on “US Oil Production” and found some charts with this sobering summary (emphasis mine) about coal, which as we all know is central to the global warming problem:

      China’s coal industry – both consumption and production – is now close to matching that of the entire remainder of the world, according to figures released this week by the Energy Information Administration.

      The two graphs tells the whole story. On coal production (right), at 4 billion tons per year, China accounts for 46 percent of the world’s output. China’s production has doubled since 2003, accounting for 69 percent of the world’s increase. The country in second place – the United States – produces only 12 percent of the world total.

      On consumption (left) the numbers are equally stunning. China burns almost exactly what it produces, 4 billion tons a year, accounting for 49 percent of the world total. This figure has doubled since 2005, making up for 83 percent of the world’s increase. The country in second place – once again the United States – consumes slightly less than 1 billion tons a year, only 11 percent of the world total.

      While coal consumption in the rest of the world has flattened, China’s is still racing ahead. Within a few years, the story of what happens with world coal consumption is largely going to be what happens in China.

      Little wonder that people in Beijing go around wearing masks, eh?


      • Jim,
        Good catch in the coal article regarding China & the US stats. Very telling … and the air quality in China is off the charts … what a shame … but maybe they will be like us, thus learning the hard way.


  5. Just having a quick read through a few blogs with limited time, I knew I only had time to click on one of your many tempting links there, I’m afraid it was no contest, the icecream! I think I’ll pick the Coffee and Donuts one, no wait the Blueberry Pie…no….no! I can’t pick! I want to try them all!

    Hope your appointment goes well.


  6. Nice new look. You lost me at the top ice cream list….oh yum! And then you put my all time favorite band in the mix! Well played. (Grin) good luck today, Frank.


  7. The new header is lovely and thanks for the pictures of George Clooney, though I must say he is far better looking now than when he was younger. There is just something about men and grey hair.


  8. George Clooney, George Clooney, George Clooney. Come out, come out wherever you are. I came across a Clooney look-a-like just last week at a Farmers Market; go figure.

    Am sure there is a list out there of thee Top Rock and Roll Vocalists of All Time. Not sure where they would be on that list, but Annie and Freddie Mercury would share a position. Vocally they are the male / female equivalent of the other.


    • Hudson,
      Annie and Freddie are great rock voices …. Roger Daltrey may be another. Meanwhile … George is news wherever he’s at … and being a local, he gets a lot of news here!


  9. Good job on your new header! The points of light in dust and gas cloud NGC 7538 represent the new ideas I get from reading your blog.

    Correct that the THE AP-GfK POLL suggests your worry about the 2016 election results producing a one-party majority is a toss-up as to which party?

    I vow not to get buzzed next week!

    All the best at your appointment today.


  10. Proceeding down the list of “reads”, I was blown away by Chile and WW I. If I ever read about the history of nitrates and the role they played in world history, it didn’t stick with me. Many years ago I read naval history and I now vaguely recall puzzling over why WW I naval battles happened near Chile, such a remote and seemingly unimportant place. The story of Chile and nitrates, fraught with irony and filled by both human triumph and tragedy, is enough to make any historian giddy. Thanks for this insight, Frank.


  11. I am a great fan of Miles Davis and look forward to seeing the film on him.
    The Eurythmics are not bad either – the song brings back many good memories of me and my teenage friends 🙂


  12. Good luck today Frank, I will be thinking of you.

    Loved the Octopus! The article on Lincoln was also quite interesting. Okay, the Ice Cream, I think I gained 10 lbs just looking at the pictures, Blackberry and Ginger from Snoqualmie, gad I have had both of those and can attest to their greatness.


  13. I love the new header! About the Bored scientists… I think it may be true!!! 😉
    Can’t wait for two things: Good news from the ophthalmologist and cartoon Saturday!!!!!!! 🙂
    Happy weekend, my friend! 🙂


  14. I love your thoughts on politics, since it’s so in keeping with my latest post. I truly believe there is a cosmic alliance to be had in the blogosphere. And I love Clooney. He plays himself in most every flick he’s in, and I keep watching ’em up. That’s what celebrity charm and talent means. Take note: Reality show wannabes.


    • Cayman,
      George is a star …. and definitely has a presence. On the other hand, he seems to keep himself in control … although he’s been associated with beautiful women, gotta wonder why he can’t keep one. Meanwhile, thanks for the political props … and I’m be over soon.


  15. AH, the Eurythmics. Never one of my faves, but I remember an older neighbor – she was my friend’s Sicilian grandmother, Noni. Man, did she groove to “Sweet Dreams (are made of this)”


  16. Interesting poll — especially interesting that apparently everyone is growing gradually more favorable of all parties (even the Tea Party) as the year progresses. Maybe everyone’s just in a little bit of a better mood in the summer?


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