On Sleeping Dogs

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. What did you do? Did the weather cooperated by providing a chance to see the Super Moon? We had hot and muggy, and late afternoon Sunday delivered storms and needed rain … which also means a few days ahead will be uncharacteristic fall-like conditions.

My wife went away for the weekend with her sister and dad to visit our niece, who is doing an internship in Michigan. Correct, I was never invited. Nonetheless, I stayed busy with an evening of ballroom (it’s good to dance with others), many hours with hoses and watering, hosted a friend for dinner before we went to my brewer neighbor, attended a British car show, watched baseball, and even prepared the next Saturday Morning Cartoon post.

The majority of cars at the British car show were vintage … that is from the 1970s and earlier. You know the names: MG, Rolls Royce, Austin Heeley, Jaguar, Triumph, Mini Cooper, Morgan, Sunbeam, Lotus, and a few others. Plus, attending was a good way to support two friends in that club.

Thanks for the many inquiries about my eye. Although the problem still exists, the retina specialist saw vast improvement – that is, the differences he sees in my eye over 4-5 weeks usually takes 2-3 months … so we will continue doing what we’ve been doing  – nothing.  I visit my primary physician on Monday for additional consultation.

Life: The Musical returns this week. Act 7 features songs with any of the following words in the title: school, student, or teacher. The curtain goes up on Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US). Hopefully we can improve from the numerous rejections in Act 6. ;)

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Ventriloquism Week, Baby Food Week, Rabbit Week, Sports Cliche Week
  • (Mon) Nude Day, Shark Awareness Day, Grand Marnier Day, Pick Blueberries Day, Tape Measure Day, Corkboard Day
  • (Tues) Be a Dork Day, Gummi Worm Day, Woodie Wagon Day
  • (Wed) Ride to Work Day, Corn Fritters Day, Ice Cream Sundae Day, Fresh Spinach Day, Hot Dog Day, Juggling Day
  • (Thurs) Yellow Pig Day, Wrong-Way Corrigan Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day, Get Out of the Doghouse Day, Peach Ice Cream Day

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, let’s use the archives of Stupid Pet Tricks from the Late Show with David Letterman. Enjoy and have a good week!

79 thoughts on “On Sleeping Dogs

  1. Great to hear your body is busy healing itself Frank – wonderful what we can do for ourselves :-) I missed this super moon due to thick cloud and rain, though two days before full I woke at 2 am to almost daylight and guessed it was the moon – but was too snuggly to get up and go look. When next I woke the moon had obviously set. I’ll have to wait for the next one.

  2. Glad to hear your eye has made improvement. I’ve been away dealing with a surgical complication of a loved one. It’s been intense. Nice to read your post for a bit of a respite. :)

  3. I loved that Bailey video, Frank! Glad to hear that your eye is slowly improving. My weekend started off well, but then it went downhill when I purchased a new TV. I long for the old days when I could just plug in a set and turn it on. Instead I got a smart one, or should I say a smart ass TV.

  4. Loved the video. The car show sounds fun, I have always liked vintage cars and especially those. We had a bit of cloud cover but got a glimpse of the super moon. Me? I visited with my second son and his fiance, always lovely if sometimes slightly strange. So glad your body is healing itself Frank.

    • Val,
      I saw a couple brands I had never known, such as a Standard Vanguard and Morgan. I enjoyed it and it was good to support friends … then again, I had the time to do so. Meanwhile, lovely but strange gatherings sound intriguing.

    • Colline,
      Very true as I wonder how many times we don’t give it a chance to do so. Nonetheless, it seems the doc sees more improvement than I notice … so that’s good.

  5. We had a nice relaxing weekend – unusual for us in the past several weeks. Watched the Tour de France and the World Cup Final game on Sunday!

    I ‘m glad your visual challenges are resolving, Frank! And thanks for the video of Bailey. I had seen that one before but it had been a long time! Love it.

    • Cathy,
      That video is timeless, thus why you were able to enjoy it. Low-key weekend for you as I know you usually have more on your plate. So hey … glad you had a chance to sit back and enjoy those events.

  6. Good to read that your eye is healing on its own. Sounds like you had a good weekend keeping busy and enjoying others company. Ours was rewarded with very warm temps, no rain, but this week will offer a much needed relief for cooler temps and rain (can’t wait).

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming “Life: the Musical” act; I’ve done my research and am ready! Glad you are making progress on the healing. I had a mellow weekend of rambling through the garden and taking photos, then processing them while watching the Tour de France.

    • Lynn,
      If you had a weekend of gardening, pictures, and the Tour de France, I know you had a good one! Mentioning Life: The Musical reminds me that I have to pick the opening act!

  8. Good to hear that your eye is getting better. Our weekend was good, we celebrated our eldest daughter’s 25th birthday. Oh where does the time go. Plus my daughter took pictures of me so I could send them into the http://longawkwardpause.com/2014/07/14/laps-staff-contest-winner-pictures/ (I hope you don’t mind the blatant self promotion here). I won a contest and they sent me a shirt, with instructions that I had to take pictures of me wearing them. lol.

  9. Glad you had a good weekend — solo. Because it’s important to have some downtime in a marriage

    I’m also glad your eyes are progressing in a good way, Frank!
    Lastly, thanks for Bailey — hilarious. I wonder if I can get Duncan to do that for an hour or so …

  10. Even a little improvement in your eye is great news Frank.
    I had a lovely weekend gorging on ice cream with the grandkids……will likely pay for it dearly later. Thanks for the funny video :-)

  11. Yay, on your eye getting better! The dog’s trick was excellent, and do I have to wait for a different post to say I vote for “Rock & Roll High School” (Ramones)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4P4ln781D0

  12. I can only wish that the eye gets healed as quickly [and mysteriously] as it decided to create a problem! We don’t always have to know everything, do we? If something heals on its own, well, I’m happy and don’t question why! ;-) I just go on and thank it for making such a wise decision and we both go our ways peacefully!
    Of course, I’m sure that videos like the one you posted today are extremely beneficial to our health!
    Happy new week, my friend and happy healing. :-)

    • Marina,
      I’m with you, that is not worrying about the how it’s happening … so he wants to see me again in September. I did ask his best guess of the cause, and he shared a possibility, but we’ll never know. Nonetheless, I’ve stayed positive and not focused on worrying during the entire ordeal. Thanks for the continual positive vibes.

  13. LOL on not being invited.
    But – good to see that you kept busy doing some fun stuff.

    LMAO on Bailey playing dead!
    I saw that on tv when it came out.

    Will have to skip Ride to Work Day on Wed as I’m working from home this week. :D

  14. What a great Stupid Pet Trick, Frank. I loved that. And your weekend was incredibly full despite the lack of invitation to participate in a family gathering. :-) So funny! Glad to hear about your eyes, as we’ve all been very concerned. What excellent improvement. I think I’ll look forward to your Life the Musical on Wednesday and then celebrate Peach Ice Cream Day on Thursday. What a good week! :-)

  15. Yay! for the slight improvement in your eye condition, Frank. It sounds like you had a lot of fun as a bachelor over the weekend. :) Any day with ice cream is a good one for me, although the weather here has has turned a bit chilly of late. I actually had to fish out my furry slippers. 8O

  16. Frank, I tried to see the moon but the clouds and trees obscured it. Loved the Letterman clip–it really made me laugh. Also glad to hear your eye is healing. I have to get a minor procedure in a month on my right eye (signs of aging) and as the doctor said “could cause detached retina” problems, I started hyper-ventilating. This is nothing compared to what you are going through, but I must admit that anything to do with one’s eyes is scary stuff. All the best.

    • Mouse,
      It was interesting. I’m not a car buff, so I didn’t have the urge or the need to talk withe the owners, but they were fun to see …. plus it was an opportunity to supports my friends. Thanks for the eye cheers!

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