On Satire Bits: Vol. 103

It’s mid-week, so it’s time to check on everyone, so I hope all is well.

The weather front passing through brought us significant rain and a drastic change in weather … it’s no sunny, pleasantly warm with a touch of coolness in the breeze … amazingly, very uncharacteristic of July! … and this is true for much of the eastern half of the USA.

Lousy golf today, then again … after a good streak, I was due to have my worst round in several months. That’s OK because as I told the other three after the last hole …. lousy golf but great company.

Life: The Musical is the next post with “School” being the Act 7 theme. I expanded the word list, so song titles with the following words are acceptable: School, Teacher, Student, College, compound words beginning with school, a specific grade level (be careful). The performance starts Wednesday, 9: 30 PM (Eastern US).

The recent super moonΒ sparked an idea for your midweek satire as I dived into The Onion’s archives searching for headlines. Any favorites? Enjoy and have a good rest of the week.

Kim Jong-Un announces plan to bring Moon to North Korea

Colorado wildfire spreads to Moon

Area mooning goes unnoticed

Footage of Neil Armstrong playing saxophone on Moon clearly a fake

Moon finally hatches

Pope announces plan to build Moon Vatican

NASA acquires Moon for Kennedy Space Center exhibit

Majority of Americans believe US already has a Moon base

North Korea celebrates as Kim Jong-Un becomes first man to walk on the Moon

Neptune uses Uranus to moon Jupiter …. Β (but not from The Onion)


48 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 103

  1. Very cool here tonight. Maybe a record will be set for the date of about 50˚. Tomorrow afternoon I play golf. It will be a nearly perfect day. I hope my game is perfect, too.

    I have an awesome song for the musical tomorrow. Be sure to listen to the whole thing.


  2. Rain? I don’t know the concept. You may have to explain it to me sometime. πŸ™‚ But I did enjoy the Supermoon, and thought these Onion titles were just great! “North Korea celebrates as Kim Jong-Un becomes first man to walk on the Moon.” This one is just priceless! See you tomorrow night…my wheels are already turning!


    • Debra,
      Rain may be difficult to explain, but our current weather may be better than San Diego! … then again, it will only be for several days. The North Korean leader’s achievement should be applauded by all.


  3. I saw weather forecasts blaming polar vortex for the cool weather. Yes, the same polar vortex that visited us this winter. If it keeps returning as often, we should stop worrying about the global warming.


  4. Ha! I like the last one not from the Onion. Is that one yours? I also like North Korea celebrates as Kim Jong-Un becomes first man to walk on the Moon. Sure, why not. It’s been so so hot here, Frank. Miserable. 110 yesterday, 106…ooh, a cool down! Cheers. At least your weather is probably nice golfing weather, no?


    • Amy,
      The abnormal weather here is outstanding golf weather … plus the AC is off, thus the windows open. Meanwhile, you are not alone in your admiration of Kim Jong-Un’s outstanding feat! …. Stay cool!!!!


  5. Raining here too… in JULY!!!!!
    Each and every headline is brilliant I wouldn’t know which one to choose! πŸ˜†
    Happy Wednesday, my dear friend and as you say it’s the company that matters [about golf].


    • Marina,
      Seems your rain isn’t normal, but I’ve got the feeling it is welcomed! Glad you enjoyed the headline collection … and good company made the bad golf more than tolerable.


  6. We are having a cooling off period and rain this week that is so unusual, it feels like we’re in the Northeast. Sorry to read about your golf game, here is to wonderful friendships.


  7. I like, “moon finally hatches”. hmmm, I’ll be thinking about songs for the musical, and being careful about specific grade levels? It’s been incredibly wet here in the South. Guess I’m going to have to retrieve the soggy laundry from the clothes line, and run ’em trough the spin cycle. Maybe one day the sun will shine again. πŸ˜€ This weather also caused great disappointment in not being able to see the super moon, at all!!


  8. So much moooooning. Great fun. Glad you’ve got cooler weather – send some this way, please. Thanks for the “approved expanded list of words” for the musical..hmmmm (must beat others to that post). Cooler weather is bound to get you back in the swing of golf, meanwhile enjoy the outing and friends


    • Mouse,
      The current weather is unreal … and I think the cool pattern has dipped into some part of Texas … but I can’t imagine it reached Galveston. Actually the bad round happened during the first cool day … down went the temps, down went my game … and I don’t care for hot temps and high humidity!


  9. Your “. . . lousy golf but great company” yesterday, suggests that you understand the two most important rules of golf (1) laugh a lot and (2) keep up with the group in front of you.


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