Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 229

On Politics
Interesting how members of Congress are quick to criticize President Obama’s funding request for the Central American children at the border, yet providing zero funding solutions.

Boo to Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledging Nincompoop’s call for impeachment

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) represents a district just northwest of Cincinnati, so we much news about him. This week he had a guest column in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Not only did I not read it, I did not link it here.

Although partisan, I enjoyed this piece regarding the race for governor in Kansas, in which a current poll shows the Democratic challenger leading by 6% in a very Republican state.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Beard husks on sidewalk indicates start of hipster molting season
Man needs verbal assurance that hand stamp will get him back in
Study finds humans only animals capable of recognizing former self in mirror
Giant 6-year old devastates local ant community
Deadly super rainbow tears through West Coast
Putting ice cream in bowl momentarily considered

Interesting Reads
Columnist Dana Milbank on ADD politics
A disconnect between job requirements and worker skills
Brain Codes
General Patton motivational posters
Rise and fall of WW II’s Desert Fox
Cold Comfort: Granita

On Potpourri
Cheers to everyone for excellent participation in Life: The Musical – Act 7 (School). I hope to stage the next act in two weeks.

Friday is Nelson Mandela International Day, so I hope you watch this short tribute.

The Faraday Institute gives one-minute video to stimulate thought

I have a graduate school degree from the University of Cincinnati. A recent alumni magazine provided two sets of images readers to enjoy.

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Fri) Caviar Day, Nelson Mandela International Day, Stick Out Your Tongue Day, Cow Appreciation Day, Sidewalk Frying Day
  • (Sat) Celebration of the Horse Day, Toss Away the Could-Haves and Should-Haves Day, Hot Dog Day, Ugly Truck Day, Woodie Wagon Day, Ride a Motorcycle to Work Day
  • (Sun) Lake Superior Day, Moon Day, Ice Cream Day, Lollipop Day, Space Exploration Day, Hammock Day, Jump Day, Vanilla Ice Cream Day, Ice Cream Sundae Day, Ice Cream Soda Day, Daiquiri Day, Fortune Cookie Day, Nap Day

Another Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons is ready for Saturday!

To send you into the weekend, I’m following the theme of the latest act of Life: The Musical. Enjoy 38 Special’s Teacher, Teacher. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

35 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 229

  1. The children at the border is such a heart-breaking issue, isn’t it? Then again, so much in the news is heart-breaking. I haven’t listened to too much of it this past week nor read the paper. That’s probably just as well.


  2. Thanks for the reminder about Mandela International Day and that great tribute video. The Faraday video was provocative as well. But I think my greatest thanks this week go to your not listing of the link to Boehner’s guest column! Have a good weekend.


  3. I’m torn as to which I like better Baldwin Hall or the Van Wormer Hall glass dome. The dark wood in Baldwin, and the glass dome are just gorgeous.

    May I ask what your graduate degree is in? Have a lovely weekend Frank.


  4. Interesting article on the ADD media (they primarily blame the politicians themselves… chicken or the egg, really). It actually gives me some hope — perhaps we can move into a cycle where there is a brief spotlight of hyper-attention, then as the spotlight moves away people can actually move in and fix the issue in the common-sense fashion so incongruent with media attention.


  5. Politics %(&*$%^$&^^(*)_&*&$@$!
    Nice tribute video to Nelson Mandela.
    May he continue to rest in peace.
    And – may more people than not follow his lead.


  6. Of the Onions I can see how this could strike terror in the population of in California, “Deadly super rainbow tears through West Coast”.
    Btw, Stick out your tongue it’s caviar day??? How approproate.


      • No longer are there those who will find common ground and do what’s best for country. Congress is now a life long career choice and way to make tons of money…so they must please everyone/lobby group, so no one is pleased and nothing of substance is done
        But you know this. Sigh.
        On a cheerier note, we really appreciate all your efforts to find reasons/days to celebrate – and music to play along – might as well smile


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