On a Monday Laugh In

Although not in my normal posting time slot, Happy Monday to all. I’m late this week because we returned home later than initially anticipated. Besides, I still haven’t replied to comments from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

We drove cross state to Cleveland on Friday for a variety of events – primarily for my wife’s high school reunion and attending one-day of the Bridgestone Invitational Golf Tournament at the famed Firestone Country Club, which has annually hosted professional golf since 1954 … and in 1974, three tournaments!

We initially planned to attend on Saturday, but the times were changed in anticipation of horrible afternoon weather … so we attended Sunday – which included an hour rain delay. My mother-in-law’s favorite golfer was Phil Michelson, so since she passed away last December, my wife wanted to follow him … and she claims her mother’s karma was with Phil has he whipped off 10 birdies in route the tournament’s second best round. He was fun to watch … and cheers to Rory McIlroy for winning … but because of the 3+ hour drive home, we didn’t stay until the end.

Outside of National Historic Places, Ohioans don’t think of their state was having a national park … but it does – Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Given we had about two hours before we had to be at my sister-in-laws, we went to the park’s Visitor’s Center before going to Brandywine Falls (Google pics) and one of the intact locks in the Erie Canal. Then I joined our brother-in-law for a round of golf while my wife went to her reunion. Because of the change in the Saturday’s golf tournament schedule, we returned for a Saturday morning walk on the canal’s towpath, then spent the rest of the day relaxing at my sister-in-laws.

Enough of my weekend, how was yours? Come on now … tell us something!

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Tree Climbing Days, Clown Week, Simplify Your Life Week, Breastfeeding Week, Assistance Day Week, Exercise With Your Child Week, Farmers’ Market Week, Fraud Awareness Week, Old Fiddler’s Week, Stop on Red Week, Exhibitor Appreciation week, Rock for Life week, Bargain Hunting Week, Psychic Week
  • (Mon) Chocolate Chip Day, Champagne Day, Assistance Dog Day, Nut Monday, Picnic Day, Youth Day, Coast Guard Day
  • (Tues) National Night Out, Oyster Day, Underwear Day, International Beer Day
  • (Wed) Play Day, Wiggle Your Toes Day, Root Beer Float Day, Fresh Breath Day, Hiroshima Day
  • (Thurs) Lighthouse Day, Particularly Preposterous Packing Day, Purple Heart Day, Raspberries & Cream Day, Sea Serpent Day

To help you start your week, here’s a clip of the zaniness from a comedy variety show from way back when (well, yesterday for some of us) – the Rowan & Martin Laugh In. Have a good week ahead!

54 thoughts on “On a Monday Laugh In

  1. Sounds like it was an extremely busy weekend for you guys, Frank! I love those canal towpaths. The one in D.C. is very cool! I had a nice relaxing weekend to catch up on some reading and rest. Quite unusual for me – nice!

    • Cathy,
      This national park is intertwined with the Cleveland Metro Parks system, so there are many miles for biking/running! The weekend was full, but all worked as we were able to adjust the schedules.

  2. The national park near Cleveland and Akron is beautiful. One can bike on the trail from one city to the other and even beyond. I haven’t done that, but it’s nice to know I could were I so inclined. :)

    • Carrie,
      I know we probably were within a few miles of each other at one point … but probably early Sunday morning while driving in the light rain going south on I-77. We saw a number of bikers and walkers … and what a great deal for bikers on the train!

  3. What do you mean “…comedy variety show from way back when…”? It was just yesterday! Wasn’t it….?
    Weekend: finished painting the upstairs master bedroom and loo which is bigger than a country with ceilings. Then…took a 1.5 hour nap.

    • Raye,
      I’ve done an edit regarding when the show appeared .. .thanks for the suggestion! ;) …. I’ve go the feeling you have been a painting machine … but because you are commenting, I’ve got another feeling that the end is in sight! Cheers to your effort!!!!

      • Painting machine…excellent descriptor, aFA. Only the basement is left…but waiting for body paint spots and bruises to go away before I tackle that final area. Looking forward to a visit from you/Mrs aFA sometime in the future. Coffee is always on…and we even have a golf course (or two) for you to take a swing on….R.

        • I’ve been to your wonderful city twice … and we came once together for a long weekend. Back in the day when Cincinnati was Delta’s #2 hub, we used to get great weekend deals … so we came to the Rose City over a 3-day weekend … great time, including a trip to the wine area and a jet boat ride on the river toward the falls.

  4. We could use a return of “Laugh-in” on TV!
    We were so lucky this weekend with autumn like weather….at least in the mornings – everyone was outside enjoying it – the dog even ran after the ball rather than just looking at it with “Run?You’ve got to be kidding”….back to roasting this week.
    I’ve always wanted to see those canals since we studied them in elementary school. (Of course waterfalls are an added attraction)

  5. I’ve been thinking about LaughIn lately, Frank. There is a mailbox not far from here that reads:


    It cracks me up every time I go by!

  6. I ushered a mediocre play, but there was a prolonged lesbian sex scene and the cast was very attractive so I survived watching that show nicely. Today is chocolate chip day, Frank! This calls for cookies!

  7. Sounds like you had a grand weekend!

    My weekend summary:
    Friday with friends
    Saturday – Cleaned house & stuff – out for dinner to a new Thai restaurant in the area –
    Movie night with the fam – watched Frozen
    Sunday – Went shopping for school supplies. The price on post-its is ridiculous!
    I ended up going to the dollar store for them. I hope they will actual stick. LOL

  8. It’s Tuesday here already as I am running behind in everything – and the weekend is long forgotten – which could be busy-ness or just plain old age catching up :-) I had forgotten how frenetic Rowan and Martin were – I believe it was the 70’s when we were enjoying their company? Have a great week Frank!

    • Pauline,
      No problem on being Tuesday, after all, I posted this later than I normally do …. at least 10 hours or more. Meanwhile, it seems Rowan and Martin had 140 episodes between January 22, 1968, to March 12, 1973.

  9. Glad you had a good weekend, albeit lots of driving. My weekend as usual was rather calm. I have been reading a lot and enjoying dinner with friends. I am so glad you included the clip from Laugh-In–I was hoping for something like that from your title! Your posts are always, “Verrrry Interesting.” Thanks.

    • Patti,
      About 3 1/2 hours each way of driving .. and mainly interstate and only one city to pass through … so not too bad … Glad you enjoyed Laugh In …. They had quite the energy level!

  10. Found out this evening at work, that I missed you…Work has been crazy since my recent promotion to Sous Chef…very sad I missed getting to chat with you….Glad to see Northeast Ohio was good to you!

    • Beeze,
      Just decided to stroll over on a whim, so thanks to the person I talked to who took my note. Nice guy. Meanwhile, maybe another day. Congrats on Sous Chef …. and hope your Indians don’t batter around my punchless Reds too much the next few days. I say the Indians win at least 3 of 4.

  11. I might have missed chocolate chip day, but I’m all ready for Root Beer Float Day!! Sounds like you guys had a great time at the golf tournament, don’t you love the roar of the crowds!

    • Mary,
      Roars from the golf crowds is awesome. Attendees what to see great shots by whomever …. Player A has a great shot … ROAR … Player B follows with another great shot … ROAR (maybe louder). Cheers to your love for Root Bear Floats!!!

  12. Hi Frank thank you so much for your visit, and so pleased you both had a lovely weekend.. Now what have I been up to this fine Monday.. Well Got the ironing out of the way before having a leisurely breakfast.. Then Defrosted the Freezer, after moving all things to second Freezer.. We have 3 .. LOL well all those veggies have to last us through the winter ;-) .. Then I settled back here to catch up… I think it will take me a week or more lol… by which time it will be catch up time all over again!… Many thanks for your continued support Frank.. I very much appreciate you.. :-)

  13. I just returned from our neighborhood National Night Out, Frank. It’s been a very busy time lately and in some ways I’ll be glad that summer concludes and we fold into perhaps a slightly slower pace. Your weekend sounded really busy but with some really nice reasons to be active. I think it’s very sweet that your wife is following her mother’s favorite golfer. And the reunion must have been a nice event, too. :-)

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