On a Break Time

A partial list of a blogger’s struggles:

  • Lack of writing time
  • Inability to keep up with reading others
  • Slow responding to comments
  • Throwing together a post

Yep … that’s me at the moment. I don’t need recharging time, I simply need to get take care of matters at hand. Therefore, I’m taking a break from regular posting … but hopefully not from visiting and keeping in touch. I don’t know how long, but I do know this is the right thing to do. Then again, I just may sneak something in.

I can’t leave you without some of the week’s best from The Onion.

  • Study finds “Blame” now fastest human reflex
  • Seventh grader only has two weeks left to acquire cool identity by first day of school
  • Sex toy discreetly shipped in plain dildo-shaped box
  • Date’s flaws coming at woman faster than she can rationalize them
  • Report:Average American spends 27% of lifetime in the way
  • Exxon-Mobil and Chevron locked in bidding war to acquire senator

I also know you want some reasons to celebrate this weekend.

  • (Weekend) Kool Aid Days, Hobo Days
  • (Fri) The Date to Create Day, Happiness Happens Day, Cat Day, Oldie Day, Sneak some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night, Art Day, Frozen Custard Day
  • (Sat) Bowling Day, Garage Sale Day, Veep Day, Indigenous People Day, Send an Email Day, Rice Pudding Day, Hold Hands Day
  • (Sun) Duran Duran Day, Skyscraper Appreciation Day, Smithsonian Day, S’Mores Day, Paul Bunyan Day, Lazy Day, Family Day, Spoil Your Dog Day, Lion Day

But let’s break with a sing-a-long song … and one that wasn’t part of the last Life: The Musical, but it is a classic. So, until next time, belly up to the bar and clean your pipes to sing along … plus, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

99 thoughts on “On a Break Time

  1. I have always been amazed that you post as much as you do, Frank. I can certainly understand your need to take a break. Take it easy with some handbells, red wine and a few pints of Graeters.

  2. Think of your break as a summer vacation. Btw…the world will continue to turn, congress will continue to be as productive as ever, and most of us will still be here when you peek in.

  3. Enjoy your break. Sometimes a timeout/ time off is needed. I have been writing but struggling to read my reader. Too much going on with the kids, summer….life gets in the way…..;)

  4. I’ve been rather sluggish myself, barely able to maintain. Consider that many of my former blogging friends no longer blog at all, we are all entitled to a break. Enjoy , Frank!

  5. Respect Frank! It is always good to set our own boundaries and you have quite a full blogging schedule! I shall miss your posts as I usually read and enjoy them even when I don’t comment. But life can get quite demanding sometimes and must be paid due attention as required – I myself am long overdue for a post but have been way too busy to write one. Nobody seems to mind :-) I shall look forward to another post from you when you are able to return

  6. I’m always wowed by how often you are able to post, and that you’ve been doing it for so long! I always worry when bloggers take a break that they won’t come back because we’ve all seen that happen haven’t we, I know when I’ve had a couple of weeks where I haven’t posted or haven’t visited other blogs, the whole blogging world feels so distant from me, and it can seem hard to break back in (it actually isn’t, but it can seem it!). Anyway, I know you’ll be back, hope you have a good break :)

  7. I certainly do understand what you’re saying here, Frank. I’m really stretched more and more for time and then when I actually have a little, I’m almost too tired to care. But I still enjoy staying in touch and will continue to do so as I can. And I hope you will too…when you can. Sometimes people disappear for a while and I just feel really glad to see them when they resurface. :-)

    • Debra,
      Stretching has a place … well, as long as it’s not a regular portion of one’s schedule. ;) … I know you’ve been at a higher-than-normal frazzle pace yourself, so hang in there!

  8. I know exactly what you mean, Frank! Enjoy the break -even if it’s just for taking care of things. A little addition to your celebrations for this week: Sunday is also World Lion Day! ;-)

    • Catherine,
      I agree about summer … but hey …stuff happens. I hope to break from posting, but use my blogging time to catch up with others … plus get some nonblogging things done.

  9. When I was posting more often myself it seemed a bit like one of those old Ed Sullivan skits where a juggler would balance spinning ceramic plates atop wobbling tall poles, running from one to the other just in time to keep each from falling and breaking. My inspirations are less frequent these days and I’m reluctant to be repetitious, so I can relate. August seems like a good time for a break. Even Rachel Maddow got exhausted and is vacationing.

    I very much enjoyed the Billy Joel clip. :smile:

  10. Yes – keeping up with blogging & blogs can get a bit overwhelming. It’s good to take breaks & breathers every now & again.

    My fave: Report:Average American spends 27% of lifetime in the way

    Lots of wonderful celebrations this weekend! :)

  11. Frank, enjoy the break time. I’ve been there twice this year and just getting back on track. Thanks for ‘Piano Man’ – this was one of my favorite songs, sung it hundreds (maybe thousands) if times when I was a working musician. I’ve played my share of piano bars :-)

    • Sue,
      Thanks for the support. Today, a friend ask me if I was tired of blogging … and I said NO … but just not enough time to do what I want to do … so I shall return. It’s been fun getting back to visiting blogs.

  12. I love that song! So glad you included it.
    Also struggling with blog writing schedule (that’s probably about to be cut back), blog reading (as you may have guessed), and assorted chaos. Life is to be lived – and most of it isn’t in front of a screen or keyboard.
    You know, there will be plenty of time ahead to sit still and write…but if there’s stuff to do and people there calling “come on” best to hop into the convertible and travel. Life hands out invitations but doesn’t wait for RSVPs! (You’ll just be storing up ideas to spill out later.)
    Enjoy the spins on the dance floor, ring all the bells, and take care of those eyes!

    • Mouse,
      Balance in life is important, but prioritizing is important … so right now I know what has to give. So far, a good decision, but I’ve got a blog anniversary this month, so I will have to do something for that (which I’ve started).

  13. When it’s time for a break..it’s time for a break…I’ve probably hung on longer than I should with my posting…Wedding…health issues…writers block…lack of chocolate..
    Recharge those batteries my friend…be happy in all that you do..soak up the good stuff!!

  14. Frank, those have got to be the best Onion headlines I’ve read yet. Doesn’t seem to be satirical, however. Enjoy your summer bolgcation; it’s good to see you visiting. I swear, reading other blogs is my number one cause for not posting as often as I’d like to (or ‘think’ I should). I’ll be skipping along now. :-)

  15. i came over to hold hands since today is the day…or is that next Saturday? well, we can make it any time – who will know. enjoy life…blog when you can…visit when you can…write when you can…that is how i think it should flow. i mean if it is not fun and becomes work, ugh. who wants to do that? okay, go outside and play now. see you when you’re done. :)

  16. Take all the time you need to recharge your blogging batteries. We’ll be there when you return!

    Also let me know if hooking balls into trees, 4-putting, and skulling bunker shots into ponds at Stonelick Hills GC would relax and refresh during your break?

  17. You took the time to respond to my last post; that’s enough for me.
    Whatever you do to recharge your batteries, don’t grab an extension cord after you have cut it halfway through with your electrical trimmers. (I speak from experience.)

    • Mudge,
      I’ve enjoyed concentrating on visiting with so little maintaining at my end. Odd that I was wondering about you (because you hadn’t posted in some time), and then here comes the notification! … btw … I too have cut the extension cord with the trimmers!

  18. Wouldn’t you know it, Frank? We take off 2 months to finish our book & when we decide to take some free time to visit our blogging buddies, six of them are off on breaks. lol ;) You take that break our friend & have some downtime & relaxation!!! We’re almost done with our book, so we’ll get back to our regular visits & can’t wait. We’ve missed ya Frank!! ;) xoxo <3

  19. I am in the same space Frank, as you might have noticed. Holding on till we go on vacation next month. You enjoy your break. And thanks for the lovely song and the chuckles :-)

  20. Frank, blogging can be so stressful – breaks are necessary – to get the inspiration back.
    Blogging is heavy going and we have to relax about it – we can’t visit everybody that we follow – a visit now and then, is what we have to commit ourselves to instead. To keep the friendship going. Blogging shouldn’t be about MUSTS!
    Enjoy your break … when the motivation is back … we will be all here waiting for you. *smile
    Keep on singing and dancing.

    • Viveka,
      I’ve been on break longer than I thought I would be, but I have been keeping up with comments and enjoying concentrating on visits. Meanwhile, you see that I posted today, and noted that I’m posting on September 1st .. .but I foresee a mid-September return.

      • Frank, I think it’s very important to answer comments – but to visit everybody that post every day … is far too much. I think we put to much pressure on ourselves as blogger. You enjoy .. your break and I will be back from Chicago and Las Vegas in the middle of September. Leaving on Tuesday …

        • I absolutely agree … and yes, answering comments take top priority. Getting away from posting has been good … as has been visiting … but I will also be breaking away from all soon before returning.

          Chicago and Las Vegas? Wow!!! Just remember … what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. ;)

        • Frank, I like your healthy thinking about blogging *smile
          You know me … I have to tell everything – or most of it.
          So you will be sick and tired over my posting and images from the trip.
          Have a lovely weekend, Handsome.

  21. I hear you. I’ve completely slipped off the blogging planet. We’ll all still be around, (probably) when you get back to it. I’ve got too many irons in the fire right now, myself. But I’m not ready to give any of them yet.

    Take care.

    • Christine,
      Things were just coming to a head when I made suddenly made the decision for the break. So far, I’ve taken advantage of it by visiting without the pressure of maintaining. Even how some posts in the almost ready stage. You can see I posted today because of a special circumstance … and will again on Sept 1, but will remain a few steps away … well, at least for now.

  22. I think you said it before Frank.. Blogging breaks are GOOD.. We become Free spirits again so to speak.. I too felt I was never off the PC… and I needed time out to re-connect back into Mother Earth and her Garden… :-) I have so enjoyed my reconnection.. and painting, cooking, freezing, jam making and making the decision to take retirement early.. Its took some sorting out in my head.. but settled the inner turmoil now..
    Good to have caught up with you today… as I did several others I have neglected too long.. Have a wonderful week..
    Take care and Keeeeep Dancing is soon back.. in Strictly Come Dancing, so my Saturdays will be all the more happier as I dance with the stars lol..
    Sue xox

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