On Resuming the Play Button

Image from 123vectors.com

Image from 123vectors.com

Blogging breaks are good! … and now for the rest of an assortment of thoughts as I resume the Play button.

There’s no doubt in my mind that readers are much more forgiving and patient than writers … and it’s not even close.

There’s nothing wrong with using blogging breaks to concentrate on visiting others … as a matter of fact, I recommend it!

I visited many at the beginning of my break, and I found this surprise … the number of bloggers who visit(ed) here have either not post in some time or have actually taken down their blogs.

Given the previous note, no wonder my stats are down …. so if stats are important, one must continue to build a network.

Don’t forget … blogging breaks are good.

Some Personal Notes

Handbell season has started, but after a double-digit number of years, I didn’t return to the choir. The leaders were a bit shocked, but I need more time to determine if I want to continue ringing. My line is that I will return sometime between this coming January and never … so time will tell. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing and hearing the group from the audience (starting this Sunday)…. and yes, I continue to support them – after all, my wife remains in the group.

Image from gerber.com

Image from gerber.com

My wife brought me a piece of cake from work one day. Some of the icing was a very rich blue color. Not only did it make my tongue look like a Smurf, the next day my stools was as green as baby-food peas.

Best joke punchline. A surgeon’s explanation why politicians are the easiest patients: There are no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, and there are only two moving parts – the mouth and the asshole – and they are interchangeable. Thank you, Viveka!

This travel segment from Crumudgeon-at-Large is a worthy read for a chuckle. Enjoy … and tell Mudge that I sent you.

This is probably the most intriguing headline I saw during my blog break: Do farts carry germs? Well, it depends on whether you are wearing pants. For those who doubt the headline or want to know more, here’s the link, which also contains an interesting video.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around the past week plus. The reason is simple, we took our first road-trip vacation in some time … so after 9 days and 800-900 miles (1280-1450 km), I’m working my way back into my blogging routine. I hope to return to with the next Monday Morning Entertainment, on which I will announce the next act of Life: The Musical.

Below is an assortment of pics of our trip. Although multiple pics exist of some of the spots, this collection represents locations we visited. (Some have 2 pics). Rollover each for hints. Any ideas where we went? (I know my non-US audience may not know) … and Oh … and before I forget … blogging breaks are good!

98 thoughts on “On Resuming the Play Button

    • Renee,
      Hello there down there in Virginia. Blogging break was longer than I anticipated (many weeks), but the road-trip was only part of it … nonetheless, we had a good time. Each day was warmer than anticipated, thus a two shower day … but that’s better than rain!


  1. Could it be Idaho, Shoshone Falls? Love your photos! Very happy to see you have made the most of your break – indeed they are absolutely necessary!!! WELCOME BACK, my friend.
    PS about the handbell – I’m hoping it’ll be closer to January than the latter!


  2. I prefer small intimate gatherings, you know, where you get to know those you’ve been thrown in with. So, for moi, stats are not important. Nor is frequency of posting. But am not a blogger in the true sense of the definition -I just toss my junk on the table, not expecting anyone to buy it. And is really a break when you simply stop to live. Blogging is what people do when they need a break from their lives.

    Enjoyed the pics, as I’ve visited most. We probably did the same route. Though I hope you didn’t meet the same state trooper I did.

    By the way, in Canada there is only one train song. Care to hazard a guess?

    Welcome back from parts unknown Frank.


    • Hudson,
      You’ve given a wonderful description of the spirits of blogs … and rationale of what pulls us away from that … so many thanks for the reminder.

      In terms of the trip .. I’ve got the feeling we took the exact same trip … but I missed the state trooper.

      Meanwhile, here’s my guess on the Canadian train song …


  3. This sounds like a day trip for us, lol. I’m glad you took a break and enjoyed yourself with your wife. Breaks are important especially for relationships. I am not as familiar with American images, so I have no idea where you went. The pictures are lovely.


  4. I’m guessing Pennsylvania, Frank. And perhaps, Gettysburg and is that Fallingwaters? Glad to see you back and being clear about your time constraints. Breaks are good, whether from blogging or handbells!


    • Cathy,
      Good recognition by your eyes … love the way you put the breaks regarding blogs and handbells … after all, I hadn’t thought of it that way! Thanks.

      BTW … this trip was loaded with photo ops!!!


  5. Great to see you back again, Frank. Hubby and I had a hearty chuckle at Viveka’s joke. 😆 What a picturesque road trip you had. The pics are stunning. Thanks so much for the interesting article and video farts. Far too much information, but so happy to know that they’re friendly. 😀 Have a great weekend.


  6. Glad you’re back, Frank. Because where else would I learn about farts?

    I’m guessing Chicago (Museum of Science and Industry?) via Pennsylvania and Gettysburg. With a stop at a Frank Lloyd Wright house. The others??? IDK!~


  7. Welcome back, Frank. I agree with Cathy that you and Mrs. AFA were in Pennsylvania. I think that breaks for blogging are indeed healthy. I have also noticed that several bloggers I have followed have either stopped or cut back on posting. That used to surprise me, but I’ve come to realize that that’s normal. What’s truly surprising are bloggers like us who continue to blog for years. When I started writing my site, I didn’t put any thought into how long I would write it, but as I inch closer to five years, I do think, “How the hell did that happen?”


  8. Glad you had a reenergizing break. You’re right–it seems many bloggers are no longer posting. But as you point out, the plus of that is we get to follow some new people.

    I’m not sure where you went. I look forward to finding out where it was. 🙂


    • Oh, related to the fart carrying germs article (hilarious video!), I had a funny lunch conversation with friends yesterday about Le Petomane, who was a professional musical farter – “flautist” – in France – here’s a link about him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Pétomane. Perhaps the name is familiar – Mel Brooks’ character in “Blazing Saddles” was Governor William J. Lepetomane, a quiet reference to the many fart scenes in the movie and a politician full of hot air. So there you have it – farts with a musical and a political connection! Enjoy your day with a laugh 🙂


  9. Welcome back and thank you for visiting my blog while you were on a break. Love your photographs, is the last one a Frank Lloyd Wright home? Looks like one of his designs. Handbell Ringing – taking a break is nice to gain a new perspective, but hope you don’t totally leave the group. Have a lovely weekend.


  10. Those pics are beautiful! Since returning to work, I’ve found just enough time t post but barely any to read. I’m just starting to get back into reading. I will undoubtedly ever keep up again, but will enjoy what I can. 🙂


  11. YAY for the play button being back on your blog.
    Yes – breaks can be nice – sometimes simply necessary for sanity sake.
    So HAPPY to have you back on the WP.

    On handbells – Even if not part of the hb choir – feel free to share handbell solos with us 🙂
    On the effects of blue cake icing…TMI – but LMAO! 😆
    On the medical political humor – sounds about right!
    On farts – now we know.

    Glad you had a chance to take a trip. Looks like you enjoyed a nice breath of fresh air.


  12. Glad you’ve enjoyed your break, and your vacation looks like it was really wonderful. I recognize Gettysburg, but that’s about it for me! I’ve been there, but I don’t think I have been to the other places. I hope you’ll share more about them. I also really commend you for taking a break from the choir. It sounds like you’ve been thinking about just making a little more space in your life, something I heartily endorse! Looking forward to Life, the Musical! Welcome back to the blogging community. You are definitely missed when you are on your well-needed break. 🙂


    • Debra,
      We stopped in Gettysburg … and some of the other places other commenters got them right … but all the correct answers come in the next post (along with the next Life: The Musical act … and I imagine I’ll write more about them … after all, I have plenty of pictures. 😉


  13. hiya, Frank! so today is Sunday. how did you do as part of the Handbell audience member? 🙂 you’re trying all kinds of new things to break the ol’ routine. feels great, i bet. glad you’re home again…nice and safe. 🙂 have a great week!


    • Sun,
      I did fine as an audience member … and it didn’t cause me to waiver on or reconsider my decision. The roadtrip was fun … and if you go back to the previous post, I had some pics without descriptions, thus allowing readers to guess where we went. … Interestingly, not all the locations were identified … but that’s ok … so I invite you to go back to see them (if you haven’t) … although you know the answers.

      Liked by 1 person

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  15. Nope sorry not a clue as to the where-abouts of your trip Frank.. but I enjoyed the pictures.. and I bet that ‘bottle’ now home has been cracked open!.. Yes Blogging breaks are VERY good.. having taken them myself often… I don’t worry too much now about Stats.. I find our true WP followers will usually turn up when they are around.. And its good to catch up with others… In fact often I am so busy catching up I don’t always blog.. But then I never have been a blog a day person.. I loved the chuckles about the icing .. With me its beetroot smoothies, you should try them.. I have one every morning while the beets are thriving in the garden… That can look a little scary! 😉 hehe..
    Loved the pictures..


  16. Welcome back. As you know, I’ve decide that time out is not only good, it’s NECESSARY! I’ve been to Fallingwater twice. In the past few years they’ve had to shore up the cantilevered platforms because they were sagging.


  17. Ha ha so it’s finally the surgeon who finds out the virtues of a politician ;). Oh yes blogging breaks just happen for me but I do have fun visiting my blogger friends.
    And wish you speedy improvement for the eye problem Frank.


    • Dilip,
      The eye issue has been going on since late May … stable … doc says it’s improving, yet I still see the issue … but it’s not bad enough to stop golfing! …. and glad you enjoyed the surgeon description!!!


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