On Bringing Back Sexy

Fall weather has definitely arrived in Ohio, which also means the southern hemisphere is welcoming spring!

How was your weekend? Come on now … I’m sure you did something worth noting, so tell us about it.

We started the weekend with an evening on the ballroom room. We also attended a fabulous retirement seminar that was well presented and provided good things to stimulate thinking, then ended the evening with the church’s wine tasting group for wine and picnic food.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Farm Animal Awareness Week, Deaf Dog Awareness Week, Sea Otter Awareness Week, Farm Safety & Health Week, Banned Books Week, Build a Better Image Week, Deaf Awareness Week, Clean Hands Week, Indoor Plant Week, Rehabilitation Week, Singles Week, Dog Week, Historically Black Colleges & Universities Week, Keep Kids Creative Week, Tolkien Week, Reflexology Week, Interpreters & Translators Week
  • (Mon) Equinox Day, Car-Free Day, Dear Diary Day, Elephant Appreciation Day, Family Day, Hobbit Day, Rhino Day, Day of Radiant Peace, Ice Cream Cone Day, Centenarian’s Day, Rock n’ Roll Dog Day, White Chocolate Day, Woman Road Warrior Day, Band Aid Celebration Day
  • (Tues) Chocolate Day, Innergize Day, Restless Legs Awareness Day, Dogs in Politics Day, Fish Amnesty Day
  • (Wed) Women’s Health & Fitness Day, Banned Websites Awareness Day, Bluebird of Happiness Day, Kiss Day, Eat Dinner with Your Family Day, Gall Bladder Good Health Day, Cherries Jubilee Day
  • (Thurs) Ataxia Awareness Day, Math Story Telling Day, One-Hit Wonder Day, Pharmacists Day, Teach Agriculture Day, Psychotherapy Day, World Maritime Day, Comic Book Day, Crab Newberg Day

Because of the many positive comments from readers about last week’s Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s an encore from The Ragtime Gals. Have a great week.

70 thoughts on “On Bringing Back Sexy

  1. In a round about way, my weekend was all about, ‘Bringing Back Sexy’ in connection with my 200,75th sundown. Some Peking Duck and shtufffs. And I was gifted tickets to Jan Arden. To top off the weekend; tonight, a double rainbow.

    Have a good week Frank.


  2. Tolkien Week: I will share that with my colleague, Godsend. She’s a big fan. I went to the farmer’s market where I bought apples and pears on Saturday and ushered a play called “Bootycandy” on Sunday — while 310,000 other New Yorkers participated in the climate change march. I also drank a vegan chocolate milkshake. How’s that for dull?

    I loved the video, Frank, but those jackets make me think of Juicy Fruit gum wrapper colors.


  3. I’m a fan of Tom Shillue (Comedy Central, RedEye on Fox) and was delighted to discover what a talented singer he is, when I first became aware of this singing group. Love a capella close harmony…but the name..”Ragtime Gals?” Doesn’t anyone discern what that meant in the olden golden days, before tampons?


    • Cynthia,
      Well now … not only glad you enjoyed this one, but thanks for introducing me to Tom Shillue … It appears he could appear in a future Monday Morning Entertainment. … and thanks for the laugh regarding the nomenclature.


  4. Farm Animal Awareness Week, I like that.
    I love farm animals, my dream is to own a donkey and 2 sheep. I think that’s what I’ll do when I retire.
    Have a nice week Frank.


  5. What did I do this weekend? Well, let’s see . . for starters on Fri. morning I, like an idiot, aggravated my already stiff lower back playing golf with my wife’s cousin (who beat me on the back nine with a 43 to my 44), then in the afternoon I worked with the guys we hired to re-stain our deck, then on Sat. I hunted for the animal that my wife claimed was running around in our attic at night (never found it), then Sat. evening I watched the PBS Ken Burns documentary, “The Roosevelts,” then on Sun. I went to church followed by a two hour church choir rehearsal in the afternoon that re-aggravated my stiff back, then last night I re-read the article, “Democrats Now Have a Seventy-Per-Cent Chance of Retaining Control of the Senate,” in hopes of coming up with an intelligent answer to your question related to my response to your “Opinions in the Shorts” post last Friday.


  6. Oh you cannot go wrong with Jimmy Fallon, though the suits do not say sexy in any shape or form.

    What did I do this weekend? We had a visit from middle child. I ripped out the plants in my garden that have finished bearing fruit. I’m waiting for the first frost so I may pick my brussel sprouts.


  7. Happy Equinox Frank – so glad to read that you had a lovely and busy weekend. In celebration of Tuesday being “Chocolate Day” I’ll begin my day with Chocolate Toasted Crunch! Have a beautiful week!


    • Mouse,
      I think Checkers (President Nixon’s dog) got the Dogs in Politics Day going .. but I’m not sure … yet cheers to the electing real dogs over human dogs!

      Hooray for the stopping of the rain … although we could use some here. DTWS is on as I type.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. It seems you have gad a joyful weekend… So autumn up there and spring below here !!!… I am happy to have already seen flowers in blossom!!!. But, isn’t Fall a marvelous, poetic season too?. Enjoy it. Best wishes to you, Aquileana 😛


  9. I think I will celebrate “Bluebird of Happiness Day” tomorrow, but I’m not sure how I will take my gall bladder into consideration. I presume its healthy, so that’s worth celebrating, too, I think. 🙂 Great video. I love Jimmy Fallon!


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