Opinions in the Short: Vol. 233

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On Politics
Cheers to Congress for not doing something stupid this week … so not being in session is helpful.

As an independent with a small streak of Libertarianism, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has the knack of getting my attention … then causing me to shake my head after he keeps talking.

Because Cincinnati borders Kentucky, we (in Ohio) get our share of news about Kentucky, including political ads for their contested Senate race. My anti-McConnell readers will appreciate this TV ad.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Police satisfied after drunk man assures them there’s no problem
7.1 billion demonstrate in favor of global warming
Teacher who learns more from her students than she teaches them fired
Johnson & Johnson hoping brand won’t be tarnished if they dip into lethal injection game
Too late now to switch from checkout lane with talkative cashier
NASA administrator resigns after leak of offensive anti-moon email

Interesting Reads
Why bitter makes food better
Germany’s renewable energy investment
An interactive: 100 legacies from World War I that continue to shape our lives today
George Schultz’s perspective about progress in America
Porcupine sex

On Potpourri
Our local pro football team (Cincinnati Bengals) made national news in early September when they kept a player who should have been cut. The player, Devon Still, had more important things on his mind as his 4-year-old daughter is battling stage 4 cancer … and by keeping the player on the roster, the family receives medical insurance. The Bengals also started a fund-raising effort by donating 100% of the sales of his jersey (#75) to a children’s cancer fund. To date, people across the country have bought over 1,000 jerseys … and at $100 each, that’s over $1 million dollars raised so far. By the way, the young girl had surgery on Thursday (yesterday), the same day Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles released the Truly Brave video to raise money for the fight against pediatric cancer .. and yes, the young Miss Still is in the video.


Here’s an interesting graph, which is in the article above about Germany.

From the US Dept of Energy as published in the Wall Street Journal

From the US Dept of Energy as published in the Wall Street Journal

I’m bummed because Sharna’s partner was booted from Dancing with the Stars this week.

For golf fans, it’s Ryder Cup weekend! Wow … the Europeans are very strong.

Hooray … the last day of the regular baseball regular season ends Sunday, thus no more misery for Reds fans

There will be a Saturday Morning Cartoon post for your Saturday!

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Fri) Hug a Vegetarian Day, Love Note Day, Shamu the Whale Day, Save the Koala Day, Native American Day, Pancake Day, Johnny Appleseed Day
  • (Sat) Goose Day, Ancestor Appreciation Day, Rabbit Day, Family Health & Fitness Day, Fish Amnesty Day, Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Kids Day, Hunting & Fishing Day, Museum Day, Public Lands Day, Tourism Day, Sport Purple for Platelets Day, Rabies Awareness Day, Crush a Can Day, Chocolate Milk Day, Corned Beef Hash Day
  • (Sun) Fish Tank Floorshow Night, Drink Beer Day, Good Neighbor Day, Right to Know Day, World Heart Day, Gone-ta-Pott Day, Ask a Stupid Question Day, Marshmallow Twisters Day, Strawberry Cream Pie Day

To send you into the weekend, here’s a hit from 1971 by a Canadian band. Enjoy One Fine Morning by Lighthouse, and I hope this weekend brings you three fine mornings. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Short: Vol. 233

  1. Good for the Bengals. I’m not a big sports fan (as you know) but it is nice to see them in the news for something uplifting!

    And I have a question, Frank.

    Since Saturday is both Rabbit Day AND Hunting and Fishing Day, does that mean we all need to hunt wabbits.


  2. In honour of Drink Beer Day, I’ll be sure to pop an Innis Gunn. Thanks for Lighthouse, your honourary Canadian Citizenship has been upgraded to one of ‘Distinction’. The song still gets radio play on my regional radio station, along with another band from circa seventies club circuit, ‘Major Hoople’s Boarding House’. I also know a certain 12 year old who tried to learn the drums by playing Lighthouse’s ‘Sunny Days’ over and over and over and over.


  3. I didn’t catch DWTS this week. Not enough hours in the day. Sigh.

    As for politics, I’m really not ready for the onslaught of political ads and signs. The signs themselves aren’t so bad, but when one yard or field has sign after sign for the same candidate, it gets a bit ridiculous. Like we didn’t see it the first time.


  4. Chocolate Milk Day, Corned Beef Hash Day ——– you know what days I’m going to enjoy…
    Why must children get cancer…?? why can’t it be confined to us old farts who have at least experienced life…?? Linda’s last visit to the oncologist had her talking peace to a woman that had just been given the news, the terrible words of “Sorry there is nothing more we can do” can you imagine a set of parents getting that news.?? I thank the Good Lord everyday that for the last 20 years Linda has battled on and beaten the dreaded C to receive that news “You’re in remission” what wonderful words to hear for a cancer patient…


    • Bulldog,
      Saturday is your big day for your anticipated culinary treats!

      Thanks for sharing a bit of Linda’s story regarding cancer … and the oh-my different ends of the emotional spectrum. Cheers to Linda’s outreach to the woman who received the bad news.


  5. I always get the cashier who’s going through a divorce or something and wants to tell me every juicy bit. Makes me uncomfortable. I have one of those faces that says “tell me your woes.”


  6. Yay, some good news–and I’m definitely praying for young Miss Still. Porcupine Sex–must give new meaning to “Not tonight, I have a headache”. Nice mention about koalas too–since I have a “guard koala”, Kiki (see blog). See you next time–


    • Stupid iPad. Worst ever when you’re trapped In the checkout lane with the chatty cashier? Torture.
      End. The. Season. Already. Ugh.
      I’m going to have blueberry walnut pancakes or maybe chocolate chip with peanut butter pancakes today. Mmmm


      • Audra,
        Interestingly, I encountered a chatty cashier yesterday … but with the person in front of me. Meanwhile, my Reds gotta win one to guarantee staying out of last … and gotta love Jeter’s ending! … Enjoy those pancakes!


  7. I couldn’t resist reading the “porcupine sex” article……..quite fascinating and amusing too. 🙂 I can think of a few people who would qualify for the “ask a stupid question” day. The ‘Truly Brave’ video is very moving. I wish little Miss Stills all the best. 🙂


  8. Since a Trader Joe’s opened a few years ago three blocks away from my reliably hostile go-to market, Fairway, Fairway’s cashiers are now forced to acknowledge the customers with a completely disinterested, “How are you?” Chit-chat ain’t the New York way. Why I fit in real well over here.

    Nice NFL story about the kid.


  9. It’s about time a positive story came out of the NFL, even if from a situation that no parent should have to face. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. In addition to Vanessa, I recognize some other common blog friends among your commenters.


    • JM,
      Welcome first-time commenter & glad we connected through Vanessa … and cheers to us having some common company!

      I know what you mean about the NFL. Of course news is usually bad, thus all the good guys with good stories don’t make everyday headlines.


  10. The energy revolution graph is fascinating, Frank. I wasn’t exactly shocked, but it’s interesting to see it in print! We have a long way to go. And the video from the children’s hospital is so amazing. I hadn’t seen this before and I’m so glad I did! Hope you have a great week…and that DWtS doesn’t continue to disappoint you. 🙂


    • Debra,
      The video of the children’s hospital is very recent, and cheers to the worthy cause its promoting. Meanwhile, this DWTS cast has some definite characters, which makes it fun. Not sure how long they will last … but we remain faithful to the show.


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