On Celebrating 1500


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are. From the New World to the Old World, from all the continents, welcome to my 1500th post … and this post is about celebrating the occasion!

For the entire weekend, please take the time to comment, state where you are from, say something about your blog, interact with my guests here and on my sidebar, listen to music, and enjoy the food and beverages. Entertainment will appear throughout the celebration, so comeback often … and bring a friend!

By the way, the theme for the next act of Life: The Musical will be Play – so I will give more information on the next Monday Morning Entertainment. After all, Play is good to follow Act 9’s Work.

Some Factoids about 1500
Only 14 players have ever played 1,500 games in the National Hockey League (NHL)

We could discuss the year 1500 AD, but other than the year starting on a Wednesday, I don’t think many of my readers would be interested in the Second Battle of Lepanto

On the other hand, the Polynesians settled Fiji in 1500 BC … and many of my readers would love to take an all-expense paid trip to Fiji

Many radio stations occupy 1500 on the AM dial

1500 meters is a common event in Olympic swimming, speed skating, running, and walking

1500 Ocean is a restaurant at the wonderful Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA

Some say fifteen hundred, but other say one thousand five hundred

1500 equivalent to 15 centuries, but all but one of the 1500s was in the 16th century

1500 is a grand and a half but 1500 dollars, 1500 Euros, 1500 Pesos, 1500 Pounds, 1500 Krona, 1500 Rubles, 1500 Yen, and 1500 Turkish Lira are not equal … but they are exchangeable into another currencies.

1500 Broadway is at Times Square in New York City

Besides being an Australian film, 1500 Steps refers to the number of ice steps on the Chilkoot Pass (Alaska) and the number of steps on a portion of the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu

On a 24-hour time system, 1500 is 3:00 PM

Songs to start the party

199 thoughts on “On Celebrating 1500

  1. Aloha. Dreaming of a better climate right now. It’s cold here in the Midwest (Iowa). went from the 70s/80s to mid to lower 40s over night. supposed to freeze tonight. (I hope not) anyhoo, my blog is mostly fiction with a little fact sprinkled in for good measure. book reviews, music reviews, music reviews, and a lone film review; articles, narration on life, and-oh yes- stories. Philosophy, belief, contrasts, etc. all rolled up into a nice little package. Come join the fun.


    • Jay,
      Welcome first-timer … and congrats on being the first to arrive … thus you caught me by surprise. There are a couple of writers who stop by here, so check the sidebar for Amy Reese & Carrie Rubin for starters … Rich (@Brainsnorts) focuses on creative writing … so tell those folks I sent you. Many thanks for stopping by … I’ll be over when I get a chance ..

      OH … I almost forgot .. .see Jim in Iowa … he’s in your state, but focuses on science and hiking.


    • X,
      Hey hey hey … the man of lists arrived during my overnight hours … in what part of the country are you?

      There’s quality and there’s quantity … and they aren’t the same. You are one of those quality writers, thus why your posts are so good. So hey everyone … List of X is a great site for commentary and humor … or humorous commentary … or humor with a twist of commentary … I hope one of these is right.

      Here’s one of my favs for you … and their singer has great pipes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=316HQ3769-s … Enjoy! … What do you think?


  2. Happy 1500th! Yesterday was my sixth anniversary so I’m in a celebratory mood. I am a fifty-(almost)-four year old woman and I have an everything blog where I talk about, well, everything, writing, my novels, my grandmother, my youth and my old age. I’m in Orlando, FL, but cam from small town GA. I didn’t much care for the city when I first arrived, but I love the convenience now. My family has owned a nudist resort here for fifty years. It’s here if you want to check it out 🙂 http://www.cypresscoveresort.com/ That’s all I can tell you about me.


    • SK,
      Good Morning, Orlando!!!! … I think you are the first Floridian to arrive. Thanks for the wonderful description of yourself. Interestingly, the first to arrive (Jay) is also a writer, so check his blog. Do you know Carrie Rubin? How about TB Markinson? … They are other novels who visit her … so visit with them as well.

      About that nudist resort …. hmmm … something I’ve never done, but I’m not against them. I watched the video on the resort’s site … interesting to get a wide variety of positive perspectives.

      Nonetheless .. .many thanks for coming … and I’m behind greeting visitors!

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    • Joe,
      Cheers to the arrive of Mr. Positive! 🙂 With all the crazy news in the world we encounter, one benefit of positive attitudes is to get us through the muck. Have you met Dreamwalker Sue from the UK? She hasn’t arrived yet, but you can find her blog in my sidebar. … Many thanks for the congrats and for stopping by. Hope you take time to enjoy the music.


  3. Hello, hello! I’ve been sipping on my wine and listening to the music – and got a bit sidetracked listening to other tracks that popped up from the Moody Blues …… Congratulations Frank on 1500 – that is a lot of wriiiiiiiiiiitting! I’ve only been blogging for 18 months or so and at about 120 posts in I’m pretty erratic. I spend too much time reading other blogs and having great conversations in the comments sections 😉 My guess was waaaay off track I’m sorry to say – so much for my new career as a psychic, I’ll just have to stay in retirement.


  4. Ooooh, what great fun!! And you have fireworks, my fave thing in all the world, Frank!!!! Congrats on 1500 posts–that’s phenomenal; I didn’t keep track on my first, longest-term blog, but I probably didn’t get to 1500. So, now I have something to shoot for–thanks! I used to host parties on that blog too, so I know how much fun these are. I’ll probably come back for more of the fireworks–keeps me from thinking about the buffet table….Congrats again!


  5. Dedicated to the one….with dedication. I’m impressed, Frank, but then I always am, here.

    I’m the grumpy old dude from South-Western Ontario who’s been at this almost three years, as a retirement project. I’m closing in on 400 posts. I rant about everything from poor parking to poor English usage, from educational deterioration to social, religious and political failings. I publish some humor/comedy, and recently began posting 100-word Flash Fictions. I also do a few book reviews, but not as you’ve ever seen them done. A few posts are about ‘old’ objects I/we possess, and some are ‘remember when’ stories of growing up in a small town, 60-70 years ago. I’m an acquired taste, but I’d like to acquire more readers, so all are welcome. 😀


  6. Amazing amount of posts! You always have such fun facts and information for us. Kudos, Frank. I,for one, am very glad Lame Adventures sent me over here so many moons ago. She has superb taste!


  7. Wow, you have been creative and busy … I haven’t reached 1000 yet. Once again an magnificent post about a number – and what bunch of fantastic music. Congratulation, Frank – you’re one brilliant and creative author. And a fantastic researcher. My favorite is “Mission Impossible”. No surprise there.
    http://youtu.be/3GwjfUFyY6M – I enjoy being around you!


      • Frank, thank you for the amazing dance … what a video – never heard about the band … or the track. And thank you for bring all the lovely colors into my evening .. and enjoyment. Now i have to go to Itune. *smile – have to do a post with this video. Just amazing. I wish I could dance tango like that.

        My treat must be a … a princess cake – full with cream and goodness as marsipan … and load of calories. http://wp.me/p293Pw-3nW


        • Until seeing the video, I didn’t know the song either … but the video is awesome … and I had a feeling you would enjoy it! … and thanks for the very tasty treat … but I didn’t detect any calories.


        • So glad that the calories … didn’t show up. *smile
          Have made a post with the video now … it’s truly awesome.
          Thank you for bringing me the joy, dance and colors. Bring on music and colors to the world.

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  8. Congratulations, Frank! 1500 posts and like this one, always so interesting. 45 and drizzly this morning in New Hampshire. My blog is about good food and discoveries along the back roads. This morning anyone on the back road by my home will certainly want to stop into my barn sale to see if they can find a treasure. Must go…the early birds will be here any moment.


  9. Happy 1500 Frank! Nice celebration and glad I could make it to the party. Nice fall day here in Newfoundland, so Mags and Hubby and I are going for a drive to do the stereotypical Canadian thing and go to Tim’s for coffee. Have a great day and weekend! I’ll stop by again next week to see how it all went!


  10. I’m now in the “fifteen hundred” club. It’s much easier to fit on a rent check! ( pretty much resigned to renting forever here in L.A. …)


    • Debra,
      Good Morning, LA! … wow … you are up early .. then again, I ‘m guessing someone decided to get you up early this morning against your wishes. … One of my long-time visitors and your nameskae is in LA … but a Debra, … see her at Breathe Lighter in the sidebar. Thanks for taking the time out of your demanding life for the congrats!


  11. Hi Frank! Congratulations on 1500 (Fifteen hundred) — you are way ahead of me at FiftyFourAndAHalf.com. I think I’m closing in on 400 (Four hundred 😉 ) posts about whatever the heck I feel like writing about whenever I feel like writing about them. I’m a humor writer, a political writer, fake medical expert, and general wise ass. That’s why me and you, Frank are buddies!

    I am so enjoying torturing my husband with Asleep at the Wheel!


    • Elyse!!!!
      Hold everyone as I have to bow first to the Queen…. meanwhile, she writes a wonderful blog about life and politics … which means its a twist of humor and feisty. … best of all, she’s a class act and a long-timer here. … plus a dog lover! So cheers to you Elyse … and here’s another Asleep at the Wheel for the wonderful couple in Northern Virginia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BJt5tJ_rQE&spfreload=1 … and a pat on the head to Duncan for me.


      • Ooh, I love them! I saw them in concert in Cambridge in 1976 with Jerry Jeff Walker. They were such fun — they were the opener.

        Now I’m going to have to explore them. Maybe a Pandora station … because I am lazy.

        You know, Frank, I can’t recall exactly why you and John (where IS he?) started raised my stature to Queen…

        I’ll be back later. I need to take the Pup to the Park!


        • Gotta love the Moody Blues … and I think I’ve seen them 3 times! Awesome concerts … here’s another way to open a concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXHMTuoK060

          In terms of the queen, I’m not sure, but is it possible that I started it, then you told John and he kept it up from the in-person end?

          BTW … we have a radio personality in Cincy named Jerry Jeff Walker.


  12. Oops. I forgot where. I’m a Connecticut Yankee somehow teleported down here to Dixie — Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. These Rebs are very different from us mild mannered New Englanders!

    But forgetting has its advantages, now I am playing the Moody Blues! (Great selection, Frank!)


  13. Dear Frank., though I haven’t known of you and your blog for very long….

    I’m writing this limerick for you
    With kudos for all that you do
    To bemuse and beguile
    And make people smile–
    Congrats, and merci beaucoup!


    • Cynthia,
      Good morning to you up there in Maine. Hey everyone, it you like poetry, visit her!

      Oh my my … I touched with the perfect gift from you .. actually a bit at a loss for words.

      Let me introduce you to a few poets: Audra (amac) @ Unchucking Words is in CT and writes poetry … Ponder (from Wash state) is at Paradise Waits .. enjoy … and here’s Dean Martin classic for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q-RNwtIMVM … Thanks again for the limmerick!!!!


  14. Wow! What a grand celebration Frank. Hope you are going to get a little dancing in this weekend to celebrate 🙂

    As you know I am a South African currently living in Toronto. I blog about whatever comes to mind (books, teaching, family, personal experiences); I try my hand at free writing exercises; and I share some of my amateur photos.
    A little something for you Frank in celebration (enjoy the dancing):


    • Colline,
      Good morning to one of my Canadian contingent … and thanks introducing yourself to others. Hey everyone … bottom line is she’s a good lady, good writer, and has a very respectful blog … so if that’s what you want, visit her!

      For those that don’t know, ballroom dancing is something we have in common … love that one … but if I did those pivots (which I can’t do) .. but if I could, I would need to wear a barf bag! interestingly, while you gave me this one .. here’s one of your favorites from me to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic4PQ-tnwJw … Enjoy!


      • My favourite dance! And the film – I think I need to watch it again this weekend 🙂
        PS: I have discovered many interesting blogs today as a result of your post. Fabulous idea Frank.


        • Cheers to me as I remembered that tango is your favorite dance! … and glad you discovered some other wonderful blogs because that’s one of the things I want to do today.


    • Carrie,
      Glad it worked out where you could drop in. Several other writers popped in, and of course I tried to sound important by mentioning your name. They were early .. .Jay and SK … check them out … and thanks for stopping by.


      • Haha, important, that’s me. NOT. 🙂 I follow SK’s blog. She always has great insights when it comes to writing.

        Have a great weekend! I’m heading to my son’s football game today. It’s going to be 50 degrees (if we’re lucky) and rainy. Good times, good times.


  15. Good morning and Happy 1500 to you, Frank! You always throw the best parties. 🙂

    I’m enjoying the Moody Blues as I sip my morning tea. Just got back from a walk to check out the high tide which is currently flooding the woods (we have coastal flooding going on here this morning). I waded through for a bit, but it was too high for my boots. I might borrow M’s hip boots later and try again. No worries about the house. We’re above flood level. That means I can go out and enjoy it when we get super high tides combined with enough wind to bring the water to shore. What always surprises me is the number of fish (and sometimes crabs) swimming around on the Woodland Path when the water comes in that high.

    Have a great celebration, Frank! I’ll try to stop by again later in the weekend. We’re headed to the beach for a bit and then to a cèilidh at a Celtic Festival. Should be a full day.


    • Hey everyone .. it’s Robin … a wonderful blogger in Maryland. Looking for a place with peace and serenity, Breezes at Dawn is it!!!

      I have no doubt that you enjoyed your morning walk because no matter the conditions, you appreciate what’s offered.

      Glad you enjoyed the Moody Blues. I have some links to other tunes in comments to Elyse, but here’s one for you .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3QLFFVFpp0 … Gotta love Gemini Dream.

      Celtic music was wonderful … so enjoy the festival … and here’s a pop Celtic treat for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faKFcfytlxU … Have fun today.


    • Hi Robin – your comment to Frank at his party caught my attention and I wandered over to your blog …… I love your photos and the way you think too. I live in New Zealand and have recently retired after a life time of teaching and life coaching. Now I have time to pursue my mixed media art and play in my craft room and contemplate the wonders of life. I love nature and especially the sea but am living in the city – an unforeseen twist in my life I did not expect! I love that you get to borrow some hip-high boots and go out wading in the high tide – that’s my kind of Sunday morning!


  16. Wow Frank what an accomplishment – congratulations and as we celebrate I’m looking forward to 1500 more posts! Takes a lot of dedication and time commitment – thank you, you’ve enriched my experience.


    • Mary,
      Many thanks .. but it took 6 plus years to get here … so wow … that means sometime in 2020-2021!, 🙂 … but I will give it a shot.

      For those out there that enjoy painting, Mary is an artist that you will find at Oil Pastels on my sidebar … and being that she resides in Texas, I think of this song … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_eq0IyAaZ0 .. Thanks for stopping by and delivering best wishes!


  17. Congratulations on your milestone Frank. Your site is like a variety show blog to me, it’s always packed with so much and thankfully, it’s not a painful or dull read. That alone is a monumental achievement on the blogosphere. I can’t stick around. I have to hook up with Milton soon. We’re still deep in New York Film Festival going. First world problems!


    • Lame,
      Many thanks for the kind words, and receiving praise from an outstanding writer of humor and life is an honor. I know you are in the midst of the NYC Film Festival … which is another one of your enjoyable Fs … so thanks for taking the time to pop in … but given your joy for plays, Broadway, and music, I give you this treat that I know you will enjoy ,,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmYIo7bcUw … Hi to Milton!


  18. I cannot think on anything that haven’t being said already.
    I’ll echo Lame’s words. Not a dull moment in here, I like that on a blog.
    I’ve told you before, you are one of the best bloggers I know, I’m glad I got to meet you. If I’m not mistaken was thanks to Le Clown right?
    Anyhow, nice to be part of this.
    Here’s to another 1,500 posts.
    Have a nice weekend Frank!


  19. Frank.. congratulations upon your 1500 post.. I guess I am nearly half way there!.. 🙂 Sooo Lets get into the party Mood as the Music is just to my taste and the fireworks are cracklingly good 🙂
    Here in the still United Kingdom. I hopped over from Dreamwalker’s a Sanctuary where I share my day in poems and thoughts.. Along with a few hobbies of mine.. I am just about to stretch my legs and go out now the Sun has come out from the constant rain we have had all day…
    So Enjoy your party Frank.. and later I will be tuned into the BBC for the Strictly Dancing Show.. 🙂 One two three … Keeeeeeeeep………..Waltzing!!!! ..

    Enjoy your weekend Frank..


    • Sue … all the way from the UK … and probably strolled in from working outside in her garden!

      People who want a positive message need to visit your blog. I’ve mentioned you to a few people … Ponder @ Paradise Waits and Joe Bradshaw @http://iamforchange.wordpress.com/ … think about Robin @ Breezes at Dawn … you’ll love her blog!

      Glad you are enjoying yourself .. .meanwhile, I’m racing around … but the title of this Michael Buble song says a lot … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMXQo3q7NaQ … Enjoy!


  20. Congratulations, 1500 is a very log of blogs.

    Did you know there were cannibals in Fiji up until quite recently? It’s a nice place to visit now, in the past not so much. Early missionaries were likely to be welcome for dinner with the natives – as the main course.


  21. ⭐ From the streets of Toronto, Canada where at least 1500 pieces of Graffiti and Murals celebrate art every day ⭐ CONGRATULATIONS on your 1500th post, Frank! ⭐
    You really know how to throw a fab party! ⭐ The music is great, and it did not slip by me that 3 of the acts are Canadian! ⭐
    Many Happy Returns!!! _Resa xo


    • Hooray .. .Resa has arrived! … Now you’re the only one here focusing on urban graffiti, so I hope others find out … come on art lovers .. visit her!

      Canadians are very good at spotting there stars while letting others know! … and yes, I knew those. 🙂

      Many thanks for the kind words .. There’s a lot of entertainment through the comments, so check it out .. but for you .. .a street art video from Cincinnati … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTi7L-UE-ZQ … Enjoy.


  22. I’m just getting the hang of this blog party thing by reading other people’s comments. Was I supposed to bring something? I haven’t got any music for you, so how about a treat instead? I have the recipe for Carnival Cruise’s very popular Chocolate Melting Cake – a great treat for a party and really easy to make (there’s also a gluten free version on my blog.) http://mycruisestories.com/2011/11/12/carnival-cruises-chocolate-melting-cake/


    • Fasab is in the house! … so cheers to the arrival of another from the Sunshine State.

      For all the attendees, this blogger touches a wide swath of topics, but some of his standbys include worthless information … which is probably the reason I like it … Monday’s provides a knowledge quiz to get your brain going for the week … Tuesday is a collection of facts about whatever. On the other hand, Thursday is for pun lovers … which is why I appear at times to bring revenge.

      I was recalling the 1000 milestone, thus your MilAward … nope … I’m not asking for an award! Meanwhile, let’s keep reeling them in … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7V5-O8Zk2k … Enjoy!


    • Amy

      Happy Birthday!!!! … and we pulled this together without any planning! 😉 So hey .. many thanks to you for working a little time to stop by on your special day!

      This place is a little out of control, but there some writers around here that you may want to meet … I know you know some, but maybe not all. not sure about SKNicholls and Jay (the first to comment) … so check them out … and of course I’ve given you a plug in various comments.

      Nonetheless, here’s a song for you … so hope you enjoy Robert Palmer … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfAraUEgDJk … Happy Birthday!!!!


  23. Congrats on the 1500! I’m currently at 58 posts over the past 3 years, because I put SUCH a value on high-quality content! 😉 Just kidding, it’s because I’m somewhat lazy and undedicated. My blog is an extension of the more interesting part of my brain that likes to look at the world from a different perspective than it generally gets.

    I am a long-time fan of your blog, and happy to see it keeping on! It’s a rainy day here in the NYC area, but I would still count it as a beautiful fall day. Glad I could drop by!


    • Alisha … you made it!!!!

      Everyone needs to know that your posts aren’t about fluff, so thinking is required, but hey … there a group of us who like that!!!

      Lame Adventures is my most-frequent visitor from NYC …. she’s a wonderful humorist. El Guapo is also there, but he hasn’t been very active of late. Although not in your area, you may enjoy Archon’s twisted mind.

      We go back in time, so many thanks for your longevity here .. besides, your OITS appreciation sparked the idea for the Testimonials page. Meanwhile, here’s a throwback in time song for you … all the way back to ZZ Top .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wRHBLwpASw … Enjoy.


      • …How did I not realize you had a testimonials page? Anyway, many thanks! You were extremely instrumental in making me feel welcome to the Blogosphere, and it tickles my feet (or whatever people say) to see that you are giving many others the same warm welcome! This ‘social’ was a great idea.


  24. Wow nice “party” here and congrats! I’m an italian girl writing from the cold Canada (cold is not even the right word for this country). Today I’m gonna post my 18th article so as you can see I’m about to catch you in 45/50 years 😉
    Big kiss for you


  25. Wow Frank, this is a great party and you are a FABULOUS host! I have met some interesting and clever folk and visited with some already. I was hoping to meet up with Hudson Howls, but no sign as yet! [We often seemed to comment on previous posts in tandem] Colline came by and I love her blog – so we are new friends 🙂

    I agree with you that blogging proves the world is full of really good, well intentioned people. The Trolls inhabit elsewhere, here the light is too bright for them 🙂 I’m enjoying this chance to circulate amongst your friends.

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    • Pauline,
      The fact that you have made some connections caused a big smile .. so thanks for letting me know. Colline, like Robin, is a classy lady … and you may also enjoy Sue @ Dreamwalker. Thanks again for letting me know.


  26. SUPER FUN !!!!! I’ve been hooting and howling – no Halloween pun intended – while rocking to the beats. Cool way to celebrate 1500. Hubby is calling me for dinner – Bless his Heart ( that’s a Southern term) – he was hugely sweet and cooked so I could post some of my photos – he’s a keeper. What the hell … 50 years next year. Why fix something that ain’t broke???!!! LOLOL 😍
    Coming back with hubby and a glass of wine to frolic and dance some more.
    The fireworks video – priceless. 😃
    CONGRATS … can’t way to come back and listen to more. You have topped my bloggers. You’ve risen to the # 1 spot with this post. 😁


    • Isadora … another Floridian … and if I recall, Marina is our link.

      Not only am I glad that you are here, I’m thrilled that you are having so much fun. Hey … there’s a lot of entertainment embedded in the comments!

      The fireworks are a small portion from a Cincinnati tradition … and I provided a link (to someone) of the entire 30-minute show that is choreographed to music. If you want to see but can’t find it, let me know.

      Wow … 50 years upcoming in 2015!!!! Amazing … and for the joint effort of both of you, here’s a music gift for each to enjoy together … one of my favorite songs … Come Away with Me (Norah Jones) …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtm9jfUqHXY … and a clink of the glass to you!

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      • Hey Frank … I’m back …. 😇

        WOW … early celebrations !!! Maybe, I should start now. It’s next August but I can do a whole year of FUN !!! 😃

        I’m back to continue with the festivities. I love a GREAT party. This one is rocking. How about a little Cha – Cha from Santana featuring Juanes. As a former dancer – jazz, tap and ballet – social dances – cha cha, salsa, ballroom, even square dancing – I have to say that I cannot sit when I hear a good song. This one is a get up and dance song even if you don’t know the steps. Throw your hands up in the air and and have FUN !!!!

        Party Hardy … it’s Sayurday night and Frank has accomplished a milestone …
        Glad to have met you and hope to have many more great blog interactions.😆


  27. Congrats, dear Frank! THAT’S an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

    SO—–I’ve been gone a long time. I know! But we moved. It’s Ecuador. And we just got our internet TWO days ago! LONGGGGGGGG story!

    I’ve missed you, my friend! Thanks for your patience!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Kathy!!!!! OMG …. it’s really you!!!!

      I knew you moved, thus figured someone threw a wrench into the plans, but hey … good to have you back.

      Just to let others know, Kathy (from the US) has lived in a variety of place, including Haiti … but is now residing in Ecuador. She also has an interesting family story around her youth. … plus she’s very good with refurbishing and creating art from used items.

      Thanks for checking in … hi to Sara … and I hope all is well! … and here’s a Latin beat of Danza Kuduro … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abaYGaKxnGk … so get moving!


  28. Hi Frank! Congratulations on your 1500 post. Cathy here from Fort Collins, Colorado. Great party. My blog is a platform where I share my passion for photography and you are a gracious host here as well as a gracious visitor whose comments are always deeply appreciated. I love your blog and love the fact that I always learn something here (and I like your taste in music!)



    • Cathy,
      Wow … you made it even with a busy schedule … I’m touched … and thanks for the kind words.

      Those who enjoy photography will be delighted with Cathy’s blog. She doesn’t swamp readers with a ton of images, but high quality with a few words to promoting thinking. … and hey … she lives in a mountainous area that has plenty of red rocks … plus she photographs underwater!

      For you, here’s a classic Baby It’s Cold Outside (Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting) … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJRrzFCFPfo … besides, I imagine you have a fireplace.


  29. ✨Hi Frank –
    Although still not really back on the WP- I had to make my way to your 1500 partay. 🎉
    How could I miss such a great milestone?
    Yesterday we went to a concert to catch Los Lobos kick off their 40th anniversary celebration.
    I had a blast!
    Here’s one of the songs that they played: http://youtu.be/4-wtJuqyKko
    Enjoy! 💃
    {Hugs} from the chchchilly Midwest


  30. Holy jumping beans, Blog-man! That’s a lot of posts! I love the 1500 steps. Reminds me of Hitchcock, who was a great one for counting and coincidences. 🙂 I love that BTO song, taking care of business. Took me back. 🙂 Congrats you, my friend, and hope your party is non-stop FUN!


  31. 1500 posts, Frank, is just amazing to me. I don’t know my number off hand but it’s nowhere close! What a great way to celebrate! I always love your music selections and I credit you with introducing me to the Piano Guys. I’m also a big Moody Blues fan…and I should know Shania would be invited to the party! It was 100 degrees today here in Los Angeles, and at 10:00 PM I’m sitting here with the French doors wide open and my phone tells me it’s 75 degrees. Is that crazy or what? This was a lovely party and a great way for me to end my evening. Thanks for being such a good host, Frank!


    • Hooray Debra … Los Angeles’ own who knows how to Breathe Lighter and mom to Darwin and Zena! Cheers to you for being another one of my frequent visitors who squeezed me into a hectic schedule … plus, I see you did some interacting. Now, that makes me very happy!

      To my readers, Debra is a wonderful tour guide of many things Los Angeles and Caifornia … thus another of the very positive role models for bloggers throughout the world. Debra, I have to recommend Cynthia (Little Old Lady Who) & Viveka’s Guilty Pleasures for you to visit. The earliest you will see this comment will be in your morning, so it’s my turn to make you breathe lighter, so enjoy Cavatina from The Deer Hunter … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7SvBtJuh3Y …. and special thanks for being one of my long-time loyal visitors … and stay cool!


  32. Congratulations, Frank, and here’s to 1,500 more! My favorite part of your posts is your section on “good reads”. You have a knack for picking interesting and thoughtful material. 🙂


    • Look who is here … all the way from Missouri … hey everyone, its Jim Wheeler.

      Jim doesn’t post on a regular schedule, but he likes to provoke thinking! … He’s da’ man!

      Thanks for the kind words about the Interesting Reads that I provide in the weekly OITS. Knowing that people like yourself (and others) find something from them is what gives me a good feeling.

      I think you are a class act … so in that theme, here’s a treat for you … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfZVflJdp0 … Enjoy a John Williams you may not know.


  33. CONGRATS FRANK!!!!!! Wow! You throw a heck of a party! I have eaten 1500 M&M’s in your honor…don’t worry, I brought my own.
    I’m just going to sit over here in the corner wearing a lampshade and wait until I turn into Shania…
    By the way, you did invite Tweetie Bird didn’t you?


  34. Well! Is that coffee pot humming, or what? Any left for me? Cream, no sugar, please.
    What a hoot of a party! Even though I’ve arrived at the crack of dawn, I see you already have a balcony packed with guests. I’ll just help The Mrs. collect empty mugs…but not before I set the carrot cake down…next to the vase of roses I’ve brought.
    Cheers to you, Frank.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    There…I’ve said it all…..


  35. Congratulations Frank on your 1500 post, I can only hope I can continue my blog for that long and still remain interesting as yours is. My blog is a humorous look on my life.

    I must say you have a wonderful taste in music, especially the Canadian content.


    • Hey hey … .it Catherine … Another one of my regulars who had a busy weekend, yet found time to visit … of course I wonder if she;s live from the loo 😉

      Hey everyone … Catherine is about life, many times about encounters with one or more of brood of three … but I can say that she loves to play with their minds (which I think is a plus) … so give her a visit @ Always a Redhead.

      Catherine … I know you enjoy interacting with other Canadians, so just letting you know that Resa, Hudson Howl, Kayjai, Archon, and Colline all qualify.

      Plus here’s a Canadian artist for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOOs-MqDOI0 … Enjoy the flashback.


  36. Thank you very much for the compliment. I will always find time to visit unless of course I’m on the loo in Algonquin. 🙂 I keep asking for a Shewee for Christmas as a stocking stuffer, but hubby feels uncomfortable buying one, so I will have to go to the nearest camping store. I will let you Google Shewee, the original.

    I am following Kayjai and Hudson Howl; I will check out the other Canadians. Gordon Lightfoot, sorry not a favourite of mine at all.


  37. Apologies on getting here so late, but it was an all work weekend that just got busy with some shade at like . . oh, about an hour ago. I remembered you had a party going on though, and I have a song for the occasion.
    1,500? Strong. Keep it coming, and keep it shaking.


    • Cayman!!! Glad you made it!!!

      The 1500th has worn me out … whew … a lot of work. But hey … one must do what one does! Love the song .;.. thanks … and the video was a hoot!

      Meanwhile, even though the Bengals embarrassed themselves Sunday night … but that happens … for whatever reason this local song from the 80s popped into my head for me to give you … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsFTi1DuZ8U … Enjoy The Raisins!


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  39. Oh, well done, Frank! That is a real achievement which shows your dedication and organisation skills. I think your success must be due, in part at least, to your generosity in visiting others’ blogs. Thank you for that.
    I am working my way through your musical offereings.


  40. Aloha! I can’t believe you planned this party while I was on a cruise in Hawaii. I almost missed it! Good thing I always check back to see what I’ve missed from you. Congratulations! I can’t even imagine reaching 1500 posts. You always brighten my day and give me food for thought. All the best!


  41. Pingback: 700… an even number, but an odd feeling… | The Photographic Journey of bulldog.

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