On Reviewing Frostbite Falls

Seldom a ratings superstar,m but it’s longevity speaks volumes. From the originals to reruns to syndication to remakes to movies and more, Rocky, Bullwinkle, and their friends are legends.

Based on The Frostbite Falls Review, a proposal that never aired

Premiered on November 1959 as Rocky & His Friends on ABC for airing on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Original series in black and white

Moved to NBC (1961) in a Sunday night timeslot

After moving the series into different timeslots, the last show aired June 27, 1964

5 seasons provided 163 episodes

Created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott

Produced by Jay Ward Productions

Voices by Bill Scott, June Foray, Paul Frees, Walter Tetley, Daws Butler, Charlie Ruggles, Hans Conried, William Conrad, and Edward Everett Horton

Previously-Honored Characters –  Visit as many as you want … Which did you visit?

Closing Credits

44 thoughts on “On Reviewing Frostbite Falls

    • Auileana,
      Rekindling those memories is one of the things I try to do with this series … and as the sidebar shows, there are many past posts in this collection. So I’ll ask … which of the classic cartoons are your favorites?


  1. Rocky and Bullwinkle is a true classic, breaking the cartoon mold with clever dialogue that included puns, big words and allusions that appealed to adults as well as kids. Never mind that the imagery was crude, it was the creative writing that made it great. This was also true of other classics of early television: Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, The Bob Newhart Show Mary Tyler Moore. TV Land lives!


  2. Seems I must have missed out in life lol… Can not say I remember these Frank.. But maybe they are US hero’s 🙂 Not destined for the UK viewing .. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.. I am looking forward to Strictly Dancing this evening 🙂 Sad that I am. 🙂 lol .. Getting out the knitting needles too…. Another project on going LOL 🙂


    • Sue,
      This show is an American classic. The animations weren’t the best, but the characters and the writing were outstanding.

      An evening of Strictly Dancing and the knitting needles doesn’t sound bad … and we’ve had a busy Saturday!


  3. So funny to see the “specs” on this cartoon series – cartoons are now apparently in decline – Frank, you keep us going! I love this; anything Rocky/Bullwinkle or Fractured Fairytales (oh, the irony!) is fine by me.


    • Lame,
      I’m right with you on the writing as they had a way to please all ages. Because I’ve done all the main characters, I had to salute the show .. besides, pickings to honor are getting slim.


      • I am aware that you’ve covered almost every big-name Saturday morning cartoon character but there’s tons of other animation you could cover. If you’re inclined to branch out on this monster of your own creation, would you consider focusing on different specific animators like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, or maybe a guy like Bill Melendez who did the animation for the Peanuts specials back in the day? You could also focus on key voiceover artists like Mel Blanc and June Foray (who is still alive at 97) … Just a thought.


  4. Rocky & Bullwinkle were my absolute favorites! And I loved Fractured Fairy Tales and Boris and Natasha. I still watch them from time to time and get something new from episodes every
    time. I continue to think it is just amazingly clever! Hope you have a good week, Frank.


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