On a Comic Tune for Monday

Brrrrr … after a beautiful day on Friday to lead us into the week, Saturday slapped us with a dose of cold – thus not a great day to attend an outdoor wedding reception in the evening … but hey … it was a wonderful event for an outstanding family. The rest of the weekend was filled with numerous errands and (of course) time on the ballroom floor. How was your weekend? Is the weather changing in your area?

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Character Counts Week, Chemistry Week, Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Bullying Bystanders Unite Week, Infection Prevention Week, Mediation Week, Forest Products Week, Friends of Libraries Week, Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, Massage Therapy Week, Respiratory Care Week, Pastoral Week, Save for Retirement Week, Ally Week, Freedom of Speech Week, Disarmament Week, Health Education Week, Nuclear Science Week, School Bus Safety Week, Radon Action Week, Wildlife Week, Rainforest Week, Hepatitis Awareness Week, Dystonia Awareness Week, Adult Immunization Awareness Week, Consumers Week, Business Women’s Week
  • (Mon) Brandied Fruit Day, Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day, Lung Health Day, Miss American Rose Day
  • (Tues) Reptile Awareness Day, Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, Babbling Day, Celebration of the Mind Day, Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day, Apple Day
  • (Wed) Nut Day, Mother-in-Law Day, Cap Locks Day, Stuttering Awareness Day, Smart is Cool Day, Make a Difference Day
  • (Thurs) Mole Day (as in chemistry), Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day, iPod Day, TV Talk Show Host Day, Boston Creme Pie Day

To send you into the week, here’s comic Tom Shillue version of Trololo, although I can’t recall you guided me to him (for some reason, Cynthia comes to mind.) Nonetheless, thanks to whomever … and cheers to a good week ahead.

40 thoughts on “On a Comic Tune for Monday

  1. The closest we have had to a weather change is cooler nights. The days are still hot. But breezy and nice. My honey has been OOT for the past four weekends in a row trying to get the boat ready to sell. :/ He has to go next weekend also. I may go too this time.


  2. Happy Sunday (or Monday) Frank. An outdoor wedding in October? Brave souls!

    My weekend was pleasant. Nice weather, a few great hikes, lots of chores (not finished, natch …)


  3. That video could serve double duty as a public service message about why some people take forever in public bathrooms, Frank. Yes, the weather is so much cooler here in the Big Apple that the heat came up in my building today, for the first time since April. So bring on the Brandied Fruit tomorrow!


    • Lame,
      Can you imagine hearing that song in an bathroom with an echo! … But I admit, I’ve never heard anyone singing this anywhere besides on YouTube. Cheers to Brandied Fruit Day … which would be interesting even without the fruit.


  4. None of those celebrations appeal to me this week…think I’ll just go with Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi…..yep, I think it was I who put you onto Tom Shillue…a nice, funny guy who started out in my neck of the woods and can now be found on Comedy Central, as well as singing with the (gasp) Ragtime Gals……


    • Cynthia,
      I must say that celebratory selections for the week are a bit scant compared to other weeks, but hey …. who can’t get into CAP LOCKS DAY. … and hooray for my memory of remembering you were the one who introduced me to Tom Shillue … and thanks again!


  5. It WAS a bit nippy on Saturday. Luckily, my son’s football game was away. Which meant I didn’t have to sit outside in the rainy cold. 😉

    I spent the weekend editing. Editing, editing, editing.


  6. Thanks for sending me the Wall Street Journal article, “Cronyism vs. the Constitution,” by Allan H. Meltzer. I plan to read it today after I make myself celebrate “Clean Up Your Virtual Desktop Day.”


  7. Brrrrr cold already? We celebrated the weekend in low 80’s filled with sun which was just delightful. I’ll be celebrating Apple Day with a wonderful Honey Crisp!


  8. (WInter already there?) The wedding was kept warm by joy and happiness, no doubt – is it time to start tossing dry shoes and warm coats in the car again just in case?
    We are mid 80’s with nice fresh north wind and low humidity. Dog walks are much longer and at faster speed now. (and squirrels are romping and not watching traffic!)
    Bob is thrilled with a special reptile week…or we assume…he’s a bit hard to read, you know
    Thanks for the giggles – stay warm and enjoy the fall weather!


    • Mouse,
      Friday was unbelievably great … then Saturday was definitely different … but still not winter!

      Dogs got to be loving the fact that the summer heat and humidity is gone! … and cheers to Bob for his week.

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  9. If it were possible to give you a “double like” on this post, I would! I LOVE the video and I need to keep that close for any time I’m feeling in need of a little happy. This was just the best! And I’m trying to think of any stretch of the imagination as to why someone would designate Cap Locks Day. Maybe we just yell at everyone all day. Your cooler, stormy weather sounds like I would expect for fall. We are having a large family birthday party at our house next Saturday—guess what’s predicted? More 90 degree temperatures. I’d like to have a little conversation with the legislators you previously referenced that don’t think we have a climate change issue. Despite it all…have a great week, Frank. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Because you enjoyed this video so much, I have it on as I type this response. As far as Cap Locks Day, I see that it’s Wednesday … now my wheels are turning!

      We have a possible warming trend the rest of the week … and by the weekend, it should be fabulous, which means you should consider moving the party to Cincinnati for the low 70s.


  10. In honor of Massage Therapy week I booked a hot stone massage. Ahhhh .. can’t wait for Thursday.
    Lucky me out weather is changing but it’s glorious. Low 80”s during the day high 60’s at night. Aaahh .. Life is good. 😀😀😃


  11. I’m sure the newly weds didn’t even feel the cold, Frank. Florida still has hot days, but as sknicholls, already told you, our nights are pleasantly cooler. Tom Shillue was certainly having as much fun as one can have in the bathroom, when fully clothed. 🙂 “Make a difference day” sounds good to me.


  12. Shillue is remarkable. I watched carefully and never once did he glance at the camera! I find that amazing – I couldn’t do it. What does that say about a person’s ability to dissemble? Do the more able (not necessarily better) politicians have that ability? I know from House of Cards that Kevin Spacey has it.

    After the clip, I watched one of Shillue’s monologue performances and it confirmed his talent. He can make everyone in a large audience feel like they are in a personal, candid conversation with him.


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