On Satire Bits: Vol. 114

How’s your week going?

YIKES … winter’s first strike is approaching Cincinnati. Cold temps are one thing, but forecasts are saying 10-14 days of the stuff. Hey … it’s early November!

Tuesday was a work holiday for my wife, so we took advantage of the movie theater’s all-day-Tuesday $5.50 price. Because Mathew McConaughey is on her “exception list” and she enjoys science fiction, we chose Interstellar. It’s definitely science fiction and well done … plus an interesting collection of stars .. It’s a bit to out-there for my taste … but it held my attention.

The next post is the next act of Life: The Musical. The keyword is Love, but keep it to love, thus not other forms of the word. The act starts Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US). BTW – don’t forget to write the song’s title and artist in your comment because this helps others see the songs already used.

Time for your mid-week dose of satire from The Onion. Any favorites? Don’t forget the extra challenge of making an original headline by using the words in the headlines below. My Combo is at the end. Have a good rest of the week!

Embed from Getty Images

Amusement park plans new 9600 mile (15,450 km) endurance coaster

US Forest Service kills off Smokey the Bear to get people serious about fire safety

Night out thrown off-balance by friend unexpectedly bringing someone

Symphony orchestra simply cannot wait for collaboration with John Mellencamp

Man wearing low-cut swimsuit as through public pool a sun-kissed Sardinian cove

Washed-up toddler can’t point things out like he used to

Weak-willed termite eats whole log in one sitting … (my favorite)

Report: Average American loses $5000 each year from splitting check

Educational puppet pelted with crayons

Procrastinating Congressional candidate will eventually release rivals drug-arrest record

My Combo: Weak-willed, washed-up Congressional candidate wearing Smokey the Bear swimsuit in symphony orchestra unexpectedly pelted John Mellencamp