On a Monday Heckle

Greetings from Cincinnati as our first winter storm is approaching, thus should fall overnight. We’re not expecting a dumping, but too much for this time of the year. I’ll probably give some updates in the comments for those to the east who may be in-line for the dreaded White Death of Winter.

Anyway … Tell me about your weekend?

Mine started Thursday as I went with a friend to Indianapolis (2 hr drive) for a national high school marching band competition. As a former band member, it’s interesting to see that it has evolved into since my days.

We returned to Cincinnati in order to attend a college football game that evening. Burrrr … it was cold … and a crazy game! Football fans know that 4 touchdowns and a field goal in the last 5 minutes of the game isn’t normal. At least we left the game smiling.

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend wasn’t frantic for us, but we did have an evening ballroom dancing, an evening with our church wine tasting group, and we saw St. Vincent (staring Bill Murray) at the movie theater. It’s an easy movie to follow, an interesting story, and we enjoyed it.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week, Fraud Awareness Week, Book Awards Week, Children’s Book Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Family Caregivers Week, Adoption Week
  • (Mon) Baklava Day, Homemade Bread Day, Unfriend Day, Prematurity Awareness Day, Petroleum Day, Take a Hike Day, Remembrance Day, World Peace Day
  • (Tues) Married to a Scorpio Support Day, Mickey Mouse Day, Push-Button Phone Day, Antibiotic Awareness Day, Entrepreneurship Day, Vichyssoise Day, William Tell Day, Occult Day
  • (Wed) Have-a-Bad-Day Day, Toilet Day, Carbonated Beverages with Caffeine Day, Gettysburg Address Day, Equal Opportunity Day, Geographic Information Systems Day, Men’s Day
  • (Thurs) Absurdity Day, Use Less Stuff Day, African Industrialization Day, Globally Organized Hug a Runner Day, Stop Smoking Day, Name Your PC Day, Peanut Butter Fudge Day

Last week was Sesame Street Week, so I celebrated the week by tagging a couple of my Muppet favorites. This one involves two of my favorite characters, Statler and Waldorf … you know, the two old guys in the theater box. The segment is actually based on this routine between comedians Milton Berle and Henny Youngman. Enjoy and have a good week.

67 thoughts on “On a Monday Heckle

  1. That was a fun clip with Uncle Miltie, Frank. I must tell my boss that Thursday is Absurdity Day. We’ve been unknowingly celebrating that one for decades.

    I had a decent weekend and I ushered a terrific play.

    According to my iPhone’s weather app it’s going to be very cold starting Tuesday, but I don’t see any signs of snow. I hope it stays that way!


  2. Good Milton clip.

    We had 3″ of the white stuff. You can have it now. We’re done with it.

    Iowa somehow won their game over Illinois. They are a mystery team this year. You never know who is coming out of the locker room.


    • Pauline,
      Cooking related themes are throughout the celebrations, so cook away … besides … I know you like that. Meanwhile, Americans need to cleanout the fridge because of the approaching Thanksgiving Day feast.


  3. After days of baking mini cheesecakes, mini quiches, cream puffs and eight loaves of bread for the eldest daughter’s housewarming, I watched the food I made disappear in no time. Then today because I hadn’t spent enough time in the kitchen, I made some French Onion soup. I think I will let hubby cook supper today.


    • Catherine,
      Wow … you were quite busy in the kitchen this weekend … and you even celebrated Homemade Bread Day in tad in advance … BUT …. Hubby cooking dinner do may have been the last week or two. Then again, it could be a belated celebration.


  4. Following a busy week last week, which included a busy day last Thurs. watching marching bands and college football, this week promises to be less hectic as tomorrow I observe “William Tell Day” by watching the entire William Tell Opera by Gioachino Rossini on YouTube (5 hrs., 27 min., 37 sec.), followed by a visit to Benchmark Outfitters in Blue Ash to update my feet warming gear in anticipation of the next time I go to a college football game in 25 degree weather which lasts 5 hours due to 10 min. TV timeouts, no running games, and no defenses.


    • Tim,
      Thursday was a busy day, but it was with good company. I’m in search of different gloves because I prefer mittens in situations like that. Then again, men’s mittens are not easy to find. Enjoy William Tell.


  5. My weekend – got off a great cruise yesterday, but flying home standby and so far not getting on a plane. Maybe tonight. Stuck in Miami for now so at least it’s not cold. My dog ran away yesterday when the house sitter went out to thaw the frozen pipes, but she came back several hours later and he got the water running so all should be well when we finally make it home.


  6. I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before (I know I’ve mentioned it on several blogs!) how much I love the snow, and how disappointed I was last year when we didn’t get any in my part of England. It’s fairly mild here still at the moment, but I’m so hoping for some snow this winter!

    With regard to World Toilet Day, even though it sounds like a bit of a joke, I saw this on the BBC news website earlier today, comparisons of the different types of toilet facilities around the world, some of them really make you feel so grateful for having what we do in that department! Something we take for granted. Have a look if you have a couple of minutes, I think you’ll appreciate it – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-30027513


    • Vanessa,
      The snow didn’t turn out too bad (8 cm) and it was very wet. The sun is out now, but the temps are dropping, so the clear, but wet, streets could get a coat of ice.

      Although I list the celebrations in a tongue-n-cheek manner, many of them are done to increase awareness and perspective. The BBC link you provided is wonderful, so many thanks! … and I may reuse it in the next Opinions in the Shorts …. and will due credit!


  7. We’re not going to have weather as cold as you but for Florida our temperatures are going to be colder in the next few days ( low 60’s – no chuckling please 😳) I must admit I do enjoy those temps as it’s a nice change. 😊
    My oldest daughter, now 47) used to love to sing thie Sesame Street Song …. We were 5 people in our family – 3 daughters – Mom and Dad.😄
    Enoy !!!! 😎 Isadora


    • Isadora,
      Oh my … what a wonderful video … and one with a special meaning to you, Love it … so thanks for sharing. Meanwhile, I know the cold is across the entire eastern half of the country … and cold is all relative … so enjoy the break.


  8. No better way to start a week than with comedians! (and baklava day. That’s a winner!)
    OUr high school had a marching band and the girl’s Drill Precision drill team with drum, bugle, flag corps. (I played a glockenspiel). Still enjoy watching the band competitions – really big showtime now!
    The weekend was pretty much spent indoors hibernating from the cold windy rainy weather. Sun today and warming up – so YEA! Onward into the week!


    • Mouse … I mean Glock Queen. 😉

      Marching bands focusing on competition are a different animal from back in the day. Way different … but I still found them entertaining .. however, I still perfer the college bands because the still have a flavor of days gone by. Meanwhile, I wrote this one about band several years ago. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/on-an-unexpected-day/ … Meanwhile, staying as warm as possible up here!!!!!


      • WIsh the networks would air the college halftime shows. Pretty impressive. And a great deal of hard work.
        (snowy season ahead. My sister-in-law on the ranch in the panhandle is already dealing with snow/ice…always fun getting to the barn early before work. Got some of those heavy sweatpants this year before they sold out…if you’re indoors, you might as well be comfortable!)


        • Every once in a while they do … maybe for one song at best. It’s a shame … but hey .. .there’s YouTube. At the contest, the Tennessee State Marching Band did an excellent exhibition. I bet they are on YouTube.

          Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh how funny, as I celebrate Married to a Scorpio Support Day – I so totally know what that is all about (and love him every minute). Thanks for the great post, got to love those Friday night football games.


  10. Yes winter is setting in early for lots of places Frank.. .. I have to go with Monday Frank.. 🙂 best day of the week for me and World Peace.. Monday now means I no longer need to get up to go to work too. Always a bonus 🙂


  11. Watching these storms and early signs of a bleak and freezing winter is almost beyond my ability to comprehend, Frank. I stay home if we get down into the 50s! So your football game experience made me shiver just in the reading! LOL!


    • Debra,
      Good news is that we should have 50s this weekend … back to normal. That game was cold … but I’ve been to colder, including the coldest NFL game (-9 with -50 wind chill) … the Freezer Bowl early 80s, San Diego vs Cincinnati.


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