On a Culinary Monday

How did your latest weekend treat you? What did you do? How’s your weather?

Just in front of Thanksgiving, we had a busy weekend. It started Friday when our dinner group did an overnight outing at a winery. The group always eats and drinks well, but this was a different type of event for us. After returning home on Saturday, it was off to a wedding … and oh my my … what a beautiful venue for the reception. It was an old church (built in 1850) located near downtown Cincinnati that was saved from the wrecking ball. Other than the missing pews and exhibits of old clocks and bells, it looks like a big church., which was both strange and fascinating. Here’s a link to Google Images.

This week includes Thanksgiving in the US. Because it’s Thursday, this week’s posts will be a different from the norm. Time will tell how everything unfolds.

Reminder that due to the holiday week, Life: The Musical’s next act Β the next post. The theme is Positive Emotions, so all titles must include a positive emotion. Caution: a) Love is not acceptable (previous act), and b) Tears will be scrutinized. Curtain time is Monday night, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

Celebrations for the week

  • (Week) Game & Puzzles Week, Care Givers Week, Adoption Week, Family Week, Deal Week, Separation of Church & State Week, Better Conversation Week, Farm-City Week, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) Awareness Week
  • (Mon) Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, DB Cooper Day, Espresso Day, Brownielocks Day
  • (Tues) Blase Day, Shopping Reminder Day, Elimination of Violence Against Women Day, Hat Day, Parfait Day
  • (Wed) Tie One On Day, Cake Day
  • (Thurs) Thanksgiving, Day of Listening, Day of Mourning, Bavarian Cream Pie Day, Pins & Needles Day

In the spirit of Thanksgiving,Β I solicited a notable personality to start your week. Enjoy the Swedish Chef. Enjoy and have a great week.

51 thoughts on “On a Culinary Monday

  1. Wasn’t it wonderful to have warmer weather today? We hit almost 60 degrees, so it must’ve been even nicer for you.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I won’t be around much this week due to holiday time with family so I’ll wish you a happy Thanksgiving now. πŸ™‚


  2. I injured my lower back some weeks ago. Every time it almost seems healed, I re-injure it. This weekend I had few plans and no ushering gigs so I forced myself to take it easy for my back’s sake.

    So Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, is Tie One On Day? What perfect timing. I’ll be with my friend, Martini Max!


  3. Church photos absolutely glorious – what a venue! Thanks goodness they didn’t take that down!

    So I’ve a question about the Swedish chef… do we now consider him to be insensitive towards Swedish people? I may have to research this… and oh boy: http://www.quora.com/Why-is-it-racist-if-I-speak-faux-Chinese-in-a-goofy-voice-but-its-OK-to-talk-like-the-Swedish-chef-in-an-even-goofier-voice

    I should really get off the internet, it does me no good at all!


    • Trent,
      We were stunned to see the banquet center. I heard it was a beautiful and unique place, but somehow i thought it was an old foundry, so seeing the church was a huge surprise.

      Meanwhile, great thought about the Swedish Chef. The article made me laugh, but it is an interesting thought. I wonder if we’ve forgotten how to laugh.


  4. What a beautiful venue, truly.

    I am taking the entire week, only because of one thing. I am betting you will figure out why pretty easily.

    My weekend was pretty trashed, but I will take the thrashing any day if it gets me home. No more Ohio. Thank you Thank you Thank you. That weather was brutal.


    • Val,
      The venue was simply stunning … and the touch of the displays of bells and clocks was a great touch. Cheers to your Mt. Vernon efforts … and I’m sure they will be asking you to return and to make a PSA about Vacationing Mt. Vernon. Meanwhile … you are all about Family Week!


  5. While pondering my choices for tunes with “Positive Emotions,” your post has reminded me to celebrate “Game & Puzzles Week” as I prepare for my annual BLACK FRIDAY shopping trip to Boardwalk Hobby Shop in Mt. Lookout, where I will search for boardgames designed to infuriate my i-phone/video game addicted relatives.

    Thanks also for alerting me to this being “Separation of Church & State Week” as I continue my reading of Lynne Cheney’s biography of James Madison with its revelation of Madison’s vociferous lifetime war against state supported religion.


  6. So many “good” ones to choose from this time around, Frank. May I choose two this time around?
    For the very serious side of my gender and for all…a reminder of Tuesday’s Elimination of Violence Against Women Day
    should be an Every. Day. occurrence.
    Wednesday’s Cake Day will be my downfall…but I’ll have it anyway….

    Watching the Swedish Chef…did you hear my *snorts* and grins in Cinncy? Yes…that uproarious noise was me!

    Do have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mrs. Frank, all the family and, of course, your thousands of friends…


    • Raye,
      Well said about should be everyone: the elimination of violence against women. Isn’t it crazy that we have to have a special day to remind us what should be a given each and every day! On the other hand, I could eat cake everyday!

      Yes … I heard the unexpected snorts … thus actually stopped what I was doing to look around. … Thanks for the Thanksgiving wish, and a wonderful one to you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. We had a nice weekend. Did some shopping, watched the Broncos squeak by the Dolphins, made a bacon, mushroom and red bell pepper pizza for dinner on Monday night.

    Looking forward the the holiday week. See you tonight, Frank!


    • Cathy,
      The Dolphins gave you Broncos a good run … and had them in trouble in the first half. Nonetheless, Peyton gets er done … and we faced each in a couple of weeks, thus wondering which Bengal team will be on the field that day.


  8. Thanksgiving is also Pins and Needles day? How fitting! I’ll be flying out to Portland to visit my beau whose been out there for a couple of weeks without me. The weather where I am is supposed to be iffy (snow/freezing rain) both when I leave and come back.

    Love the Swedish Chef. The dude has rhythm! πŸ™‚


  9. It’s 29ΒΊC here at the moment. Crazy temperature for a winter’s day. I’m looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with good friends. I’m so glad that the Swedish Chef won’t be doing the cooking. πŸ™‚ Have a great week, Frank.


  10. Oh my am I behind or what Frank! Lovely weekend – I did enjoy an wonderful expresso (guess that was in celebration of Monday). Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Frank – I’m grateful for the joy you bring to all us followers.


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