69 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 243

  1. Good music choices! I read yesterday’s post and didn’t get chance to respond as I have house guests – then found myself trundling around the dog-park this morning writing a comment in my head….. But as I guessed your responses were all somewhat aimed at ‘pot-stirring’ [do you say that?] and my comment would be longer than the original post I’ll let it be 🙂

    I’m sorry Frank, but I can’t accept your apology for the insidious global creep of ‘Black Friday’ as it has appeared here with absolutely no connection to anything we do or have, be it holiday, season or population. So odd! I’d like you to take it back please.

    I enjoyed your last blog party very much and shall look forward to the next one. Have a great weekend Frank – and happy dancing! PS I was pleased Alfonso won DWTS 🙂


    • Pauline,
      Glad you enjoyed this week’s music selections … definitely 2 classics by 2 classic artists. Meanwhile, I’m sure you had a wonderful walk around the dog park with an excited Siddy.

      Just for you, I will take back my Black Friday apology. After all, it wasn’t my decision to do so. Maybe it won’t catch on … then again, given the December shopping season, I imagine NZ already had an equivalent … that is a kickoff to shopping for the holiday.

      In terms of the cursive post … yes, stirring-the-pot is an expression here … and doing so has never entered my mind … I’m as innocent as newly fallen snow, a lamb, a new born baby, doves, flowers, a cloistered nun, and more.


  2. I love the Norelco ad, too, Frank. It brings back such fond–and very young memories. And I will look forward to your holiday party, too. I am looking forward to reading about How America Moves Oil, and the piece on epidemics. I am trying to bolster myself for whatever graphic means. I’m kind of a lightweight, but the topic interests me. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Cheers to another lover of the Norelco sleigh for Santa! Meanwhile, the movement of oil is an interesting topic … and much more than the Keystone pipeline, …. Meanwhile, “graphic” means “infographic” … which I will edit. 🙂


  3. WOW – how on earth have I not heard of the Justinian Plague until now?! I am a shameful representative of history majors worldwide.

    I refuse to accept that the death of cursive in schools is a matter for mockery. I am sad to see it go! We don’t know what parts of our education we have missed (like the Justinian Plague)!


    • Twixt,
      Just learning about Justinian Plague is additional support for the premise that learning never stops and that there is so much to learn.

      In terms of the cursive debate, you are wise … so dig deeper because I wasn’t mocking the possible death of cursive.


  4. Especially enjoyed the pieces on clocks and on Latin names. Maybe, as we get rid of cursive handwriting, we should also get rid of.Latin taxonomy….after all, Latin is a dead language that nobody studies anymore…. 🙂


  5. Am I a day late?? This is my favorite of the Onion headlines: Woman launches into 4-minute preamble before speaking mind. Not that it is something I would ever consider doing …Loved the science of naming stuff piece, Frank. Thanks. I just thought they were thinking of spelling bees . And the innovations are great! Such a wealth of info in your posts, Frank.


  6. Enjoyed the musical choices, Frank. And the Onion graphic on Thanksgiving side dishes. Looks about right to me. LOL! I’ll be celebrating on Sunday. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is also my birthday. 😀


    • Robin,
      Glad you enjoyed the music … and thanks for verifying The Onion’s Thanksgiving information! Cheers in advance for your birthday, but now the pressure is on me to remember because I prefer that-day wishes!


  7. I agree with your reason for being silent on Ferguson, Missouri. I welcome your thoughts on the police and grand jury system events since Ferguson which are suggesting a pattern.

    If possible please send me William Galston’s take on how/why/when the Democrats missed the boat on trying to help improve the wage earning power of the middle class.

    As to some of your readers missing the boat on catching your humor in the post on Cursive Writing, NOT ME – From a mile away I saw you cast out your foot-in-the-mouth topic and then watch as THEY JUST KEPT TALKING!


  8. ‘Go Your Own Way’ is an awesome song and I’m going to play it as soon as I post this comment 🙂 Also, I see you list Microwave Oven Day for tomorrow, woohoo… oh wait, that’s almost every day for me, hehe!


  9. There’s no predicting the mood of the reader–so it’s not about your sense of humor. I’ve given up thinking people will read my work–funny, somber, whatever–and catch what I’d like them to. And that would be me: the woman with the 4-min preamble… I can hardly think about Ferguson, let alone write about it. Best to you, Frank.


  10. “Forever in blue jeans” is me a lot of the time. Enjoyed listening to Neil Diamond again. I think I’ll make that “Christmas card writing day” instead of “Letter writing day.” 🙂 Have a great weekend, Frank.


  11. Ferguson is a tough topic. It speaks to the chasm which still exists between black and white, and how arbitrary arrangements do nothing to solve fluid situations.

    And that is one of my all time favorite Fleetwood Mac songs.

    Once again, an amazingly comprehensive post. And. . . go Bengals.


    • Cayman,
      To me, and I’m the contrarian, the conversation starts with reflection instead of pointing a finger … (and that’s for all sides) … After all, when one points a finger, three are pointing right back at them.

      Meanwhile, Bengals have backed themselves into a corner … that is with games @ Browns, Broncos, @ Steelers .. must win two of three. Ouch!


      • I completely agree. I’ve never believed that a difference of opinion should serve as a roadblock. It should lead to a better understanding. Should.

        Remember what I said about the Browns. I think you’re going to be going up against John Football.


  12. But what a wonderful idea, Frank: a Christmas blog’s party!!!
    Am I invited too? Of course I would be very happy… but the trip can be made only with the thoughts… I wish you all the best for the coming holiday season! :-)claudine


    • Claudine,
      Of course you are invited … but it sounds like you may be unavailable. It starts during your Saturday morning (3 AM US Eastern) and goes through Sunday … so hey … I hope yo can stop by. If not … Cheers to your holiday season!!!

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  13. Yes there are many more with their opinions on such subjects Frank.. We all of us know the rights and wrongs of things…
    On a lighter note.. I chuckled at that fellow who was peed off with every one going home at Thanksgiving the same time as he was.. 🙂
    Glad to have caught up with some if not All of your posts Frank.. I have had my Knitting Bug going recently.. Loved my catch up with your week of posts..
    Have a Lovely weekend, and hope you get to Dance.. We are in the Semi finals here on TV in Strictly Come Dancing.. All looking good.. 🙂


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