On the Word for Monday

How was your weekend? After a few days of rain, the clouds moved out around noon Saturday, but that meant cooler temps arrived. Oh well … that’s the way December is in Cincinnati.

No dancing for us this weekend because the surgeon hasn’t given me the green light – (although it feels fine, I’m being a good patient) – but I still had a good weekend. Let’s see a neighborhood holiday gathering, a college football game, a movie rental (The Monument Men), a trip to Costco, and some odds and ends.

My 2014 Holiday Party is this coming weekend, so make sure you stop by for your gift bag. Besides, the Entertainment Stage (in the comments) will be busy. The party starts at Saturday, 3:00 AM (Eastern US). I’ll be sleeping, but those in the from Europe to New Zealand (plus the US night owls) will get an early start. Your friends are welcome to attend, so your invites are my invites.

Life: The Musical returns this week with Act 14 featuring negative emotions – so all song titles must include a negative emotion. This theme allows many choice, but nope – Love is not a negative emotion, unless the entire song title implies a negative emotion – so be careful because it’s the producer’s call. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 PM (Eastern US).

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Lager Beer Week, Handwashing Awareness Week, Recipe Greeting for the Holidays Week, Computer Science Education Week, Human Rights Week, You’re Doing a Good Job Week
  • (Mon) Prepare to Be a Time Traveler Day, Take it in the Ear Day, Green Monday, Mother’s Day (in Panama), Brownie Day
  • (Tues) Egil Skallagrimsson Day, Weary Willy Day, Anticorruption Day, Pastry Day, Apple Pie Day
  • (Wed) Dewey Decimal System Day (cheers Audra), Human Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day, Day of Animal Rights, Lager Beer Day
  • (Thurs) Mountain Day, Noodle Ring Day, UNICEF Day

To start your week, here’s a classic .. plus the answer to the  “Why?” question is, Because he can .. so bring on The Trashmen …  Have a good week … and don’t forget the word.