58 thoughts on “On Misdirected Emails

  1. Frankly Frank, I think you need a better firewall. They are spectacularly tacky though. You get way way way better junkmail than I do. Maybe, given my single status I should loosen my firewall a bit, douse the flames.


  2. Not only do I not get interesting search terms for my blog, but my emails are boring too. I do keep getting offers via email, but I don’t think these women want to refinance your house!


  3. I can honestly state i’ve never received this kind of e-mail. maybe I should look in the spam folder. I do get offers of $800,000 from someone named Kliea who is stranded in Nigeria and all I have to do is send my bank information including routing number and pin. Not nearly as interesting. *sigh*


      • 😆 that last one is a …killer! For your amusement, here is today’s crop from my mailbox: Diabetes Miracle Diet, See clearer, Drug Rehab, Hey, my new photo!, Get help for depression, Australian taxation office, Prostate cancer and well the good ol’: Male-Enhancement Solutions!!!!!


        • Those are good emails .. and I get those, too … but not from the Australian Taxation Office. Just got one from a blonde cougar who wants me now … and won’t she be surprised to find out that I’m older than she is … well .. I hope that’s the case.


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  5. Hilarious! Eh…if I could count how many “princes” have “emailed” me proclaiming I am “the only one” in the planet of 8 billion who can get his inheritance. Great post! Made me giggle!


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