On Monday Crowd Control

Whew … I’m I ever tired from this weekend’s holiday party! My readers are definitely party animals! Besides, I also worked in ballroom time and a college graduation party. Watching football games also gave me a chance to keep up with the party.

Alright … your turn … tell us about your weekend!

Speaking of the party, a classic Santa appear, so I hope you consider returning to see the video and even leave a message for Santa. For those wanting to see a musical treat, here are The Three Tenors with White Christmas.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Gluten-Free Baking Week, Lipstick Week, Language Week
  • (Mon) Cat Herders Day, Nuts Day, Lemon Cupcake Day, Bill of Rights Day
  • (Tues) Barbie & Barney Backlash Day, Chocolate Covered Anything Day, Stupid Toy Day, Day of Reconciliation
  • (Wed) Wright Brothers Day, Maple Syrup Day
  • (Thurs) Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day, Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day, Free Shipping Day, Arabic Language Day, Flake Appreciation Day, Re-gifting Day, Baked Cookies Day, Migrants Day, Roast Suckling Day

Thanks again to all those attending this weekend’s Holiday Party. It’s was fun to do, and I appreciate everyone sense of humor. With that in mind, this video is a perfect way to show my appreciation and to start your week with a smile. Have a good week.

48 thoughts on “On Monday Crowd Control

  1. I can barely keep my eyes open to write this comment. I wrapped so many presents and baked so many goodies that my body is crying “Uncle.” Still more to do, but I’m getting there. (I have family coming for Christmas.) I did get a respite at my son’s high school band concert last night though. It was wonderful and really got me in the Christmas spirit.

    Sounds like you’ve earned some rest, Frank. Go get it. I know I will!

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  2. I personally would love to see an “Extra gluten baking week” thank you Mr Frank. I would also like a “bad language” week where I could be free to indulge without first having the misfortune (and painful experience) of having to hit my thumb with a hammer or drop something on my toe in order to take part. Earl the dog says that he is ALL over Cat herders day so that’s covered on Monday. Nuts day? Oh YEAH baby. I will cover that one.

    No lemons here and bill of rights? I don’t think we Aussies even have one so pass on that…chocolate (goes without saying that is Stevie-boys day). Stupid toy day? Earl and Bezial tag teamed on ripping them all apart so no stupid toys here (that we didn’t actually want in the first place). Day of reconciliation? Depends on who we are reconciling with…I guess I could jump off the balcony on Wright brothers day to show solidarity in short distance flight but is there an “emergency department visitation” day following pretty close on from this esteemed day?.

    Maple syrup day. LOVE IT. Now I just have to get the possums to stop plundering our maples and we might have a chance to find out that it doesn’t get cold enough in Tasmania to actually milk them for syrup but chance would be a fine thing…I am SO going to wear a plunger on my head on Thursday. The toilet has been making a funny noise whenever we flush and I am too tight to pay for Pilates classes so I am just going to combine the head plunger with some seriously hearty upside down push-ups to kill 2 birds with one stone (second thoughts…maybe “emergency department visitation” day might be best held straight after head plunger day…). I don’t know who or what Buddy the Elf is but I like to answer the phone by saying “We have a 10% discount for today only would you like to take advantage of our special offer?” It sorts the wheat from the chaff.

    Free shipping day is a big fib. NO-ONE ships free to Tasmania! Arabic language day? أنا في جميع أنحاء هذا واحد Flake as in Cadbury’s chocolate “flake” or as in crazy person “flake”? I reserve my right to celebrate this day depending on the outcome of your answer. Re-gifting day is also known as Boxing Day isn’t it?. I ate all the cookies and as a vegan I am choosing to refrain from “Roast Suckling” Day unless it is reclassified as “Roast succulent” Day when I will probably abstain because WTF?! Still twitching over that Santa video. Did you see how cold and dead his eyes were?! *shudder… and don’t get me started on Krampus!

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    • Narf,
      Well now … you have given my celebration list quite the analysis … actually, like I’ve never seen before! A couple of points for you.

      To me, the difference between Boxing Day and Regifting Day is that in Regifting, at least the receiver held on to the gift for almost a year … rather than a day.

      Results from a quick reference indicate there is no Extra Gluten Week, so given the fact that I anticipate no inhibitions on your part, you could declare it at any time, thus would be worthy of a post to do so.

      I’m surprised Buddy the Elf is not stimulating neurological activity, so you should watch Elf (the movie) … and here’s highlight video for you … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zhy_5aD7ks … enjoy!

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      • As a competitive spirit I love points. How many do I need to get a gold star? I think regifting day almost a year late is worse than heading straight to Ebay. At least you are honestly disdainful about the sweater vest nana made you and as most nana’s are online now, she is certainly NOT going to make the same mistake twice after seeing it plastered all over the “WORLD’S WORST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!!!” (Buzzfeed always has three exclamation points).

        If you save that gift for a year, it shows a latent intent to be sneaky. It shows that thought went into this deception rather than impulsive blatant rudeness and lack of care. I am sticking with Boxing Day…No extra gluten week? Now I am sad…Was Buddy Elf “that” Elf eh? I am more afraid from Buddy Elf than I am from that Santa (but not quite so afraid of him as I am of Krampus! Or Cthulhu…).


  3. Had a great weekend, stripping wallpaper, eating out with friends, doing an hour’s strenuous Boot camp class, and writing Christmas cards and e-mails. I think that “Free shipping day” is the only one that appeals this week. Thanks for the smiles with the cute little toddler. Have a great week, Frank. 🙂

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  4. Ha Frank – welcome to the world of Narf comments! Most often longer than the posts and full of wit and wisecracks!! [I should apologise, but you asked me to send you an Aussie and this was the only one who replied, so I won’t] I missed Santa, so I popped back to meet him. I sincerely wish I hadn’t. I fear I will never be able to erase that vision from my mind. Thank you for the great party, it was fun to wander around and listen in on the conversations. You do throw a good party!

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    • Pauline,
      No apologies necessary … after all, one doesn’t know what an all-call will deliver. 😉 … Narf loves banter … which makes me smile! … I left you another Santa at the party. Hmmmm …. Don’t be timid!

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  5. “Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day”? If I see someone wearing one on the subway on Thursday, I’ll understand why. But, I’ll still think that they’re an idiot.

    I had a good weekend. I finished all my Christmas shopping on Saturday and hung out with Milton on Sunday. We saw our last play for 2014. He spotted Sam Waterston in our audience. Milton was more impressed with Sam’s thick hair than what he saw on stage. For a guy who’s 74, Sam looks good.

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  6. After showing up to the party first I was able to nab a wonderful gift, but apparently the drinks weren’t flowing yet, since you were sleeping. I did nip in again but sadly missed Santa.

    Luckily I still had enough energy for two days worth of laundry. Plus we hiked and finally cut down a Christmas tree which now graces my living room. Since it was 8 ft tall Matt and I each made a wreath from the bottom 2 ft. They look awesome on our gates and I still have enough branches from the extra foot we had to cut for it to fit in the house. I will make another wreath. I still haven’t Christmas shopped so I hope to get out this week.

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  7. Rapper in the house … I mean … Wrapper in the house. YUP … !!!! wrapping presents this weekend. I remember the year I didn’t wrap the presents and just put them under the tree. BIG MISTAKE !!!! The kids had long faces and said, “Santa must have been tired this year”. LOL Kids they’ll straighten you out instantly. No small kids anymore but I carry guilt. Yes … I confess … I was scarred. 😜
    Happy Week Frank !!!!😁😄

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  8. I missed the entire weekend due to church and youth orchestra concerts and rehearsals. Also missed watching the game yesterday. How did the Bengals win 30-0 in the Dog Pound? Also plan to celebrate “Wright Brothers Day” this Wed. by visiting Huffman Prairie Flying Field, where the Wright Bros. really perfected their flying machine.


    • Tim,
      Ah yes … life as a musical director … plus in your case, the round-around-for-Dale director.

      How the Bengals beat the Browns is easy … by scoring more points … and did so by dominating both sides of the ball the entire game … but in the end, scoring more points is want got them the win.


  9. Sorry I missed the party, Frank. My weekend was super busy! It started Friday with a trip to our local botanic gardens for a stroll to enjoy their Christmas light display and a caroling concert followed by a piano concert at a friend’s house. Then Saturday, we went to the annual Tuba Christmas concert and then out to dinner. Last night was pizza night and our annual viewing of Scrooged all overarched with packing for a dive trip which commences on Friday. Whew! But also fun! Oh yeah and Broncos won – Yaay! And I see we meet the Bengals next Monday night…


    • Cathy,
      I say you had a full weekend … but you also had a lot of fun!

      Relax about your Broncos upcoming trip to my city. 1) It’s a prime-time game (and the Bengals have a well-earned reputation for biting the big one in those situations) … 2) Bengals have lost two in a row at home … and 3) coming off a big win and a dominating performance leads to a fall-flat situation.

      …and hey … gift bags are still available!


  10. My weekend was basically dedicated to doing laundry and sleeping. I was still jet lagged and all my clothes dirty.
    Godo thing weather was miserable, perfect excuse to not leave the house.
    Is it a coincidence that Free Shipping Day and Re-gifting Day are on the same day?
    Have a nice week!

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  11. So it’s Language Week…there probably was a lot of that in the Houston Texan’s locker room – we’ve lost 3 quarterbacks to injuries in 2 weeks. ( and an old one, Case Keenum, has just re-signed.) It’s way something.
    Sounds from comments like last weekend was a major wrapping day. We’ve mild weather, so after one home improv. project (2 others waiting) we decided to go for a hike with Molly – it was great – very few people.
    Waving along here. Have a great week, Frank


    • Mouse,
      Fitzy got hurt? I didn’t know that … and it’s tough to win in the NFL without a regular QB … especially when a team is trying to make the playoffs.

      Cheers to taking Molly on a hike!


      • One broken femur first quarter and one busted knee with 2 min to go…Slater gutted it up hobbled through, but had surgery today. Owner probably more worried about poor judgement of draft selection group rather than playoffs…..don’t get me started on clowney. We needed a few laughs here – that’s why he was selected first round, right? So, I’m following your team now. Good time to be far far away from crowds and frenzy.
        Weather too bad for golf there? One of those giant multi-story golf ranges opened up near here recently


        • Ouch … not good … I didn’t realize Fitzy broke his leg. I guess they will be getting the ball to Foster as much as possible (as if opponents won’t figure that out).

          Bengals must win one of the next two … but that will be a tall task (Denver here, next Monday night plus a lousy Bengal history in prime-time games … then at Pittsburgh) … unquestioniable tough road.

          No golf for me here … but I imagine some die-hards are on the course today (temps in mid 40s + sunny)


  12. Three Tenors–always good! Maple syrup–I’m going to have to break down and get me a bottle of the real deal, after all, it’s Christmas. Wright Brothers–we had 4 of ’em competing at the National Finals Rodeo this year, and the rookie took the Saddle Bronc Championship away from the veterans. I know you’re speaking of the flying Wrights–but I guarantee you, these rodeo Wrights get some air time. So glad you got some dancing in, Frank–alright!!


  13. Wait … the weekend is over? I swear it hasn’t even started.
    My weekends are usually butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, edits on their way. Life of a writer.
    I suppose I wouldn’t’ have it any other way, though. The alternative is that I go back to mucky out barn stalls to make a few pennies. I like the smell of me better as a writer.
    Cheers, Frank!


  14. You are an excellent host, Frank. And to think you would host such a lively party so close to Christmas! I am impressed. You do fit a lot into one weekend. 🙂 Love the video! That little guy is going to grow up with a strong sense of himself, isn’t he? He can already control crowds. LOL!


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