On an Autobiography: Blog Style

BabyPic1) I was born here

2) … but grew up 4,614 miles (7,26 km/4,010 nautical miles) to the west of my birthplace

3) … and A, I, and O are were important letters

4) I wasn’t consider a troublemaker, but this strange night happened during my senior year.

5) Upon graduating high school, I traveled to the opposite corner of the state for college 

6) … where one of my favorite things was this, which delivered a surprise moment 

7) Since college graduation, my home has been this metropolitan area

8) I married my college sweetheart on this date

9) … spent most of my professional years doing this

10) One of my proudest moments was delivering a strong message at my mother’s funeral 

11) We now live in this town

12) … and we enjoy travelling like this way

13) This is our favorite local pastime

14) … but I also did this for about 12 years before stepping away this year

15) All in all, a good life, a happy life, with its share of ups and downs … yet my heart is still with my heritage (one and two in the same region)

16) Blogging here for the past 6+ years (since August 2008), and I’ve grown to appreciate goodness of so  many good people across the globe.

78 thoughts on “On an Autobiography: Blog Style

  1. This is so spooky I don’t believe it. Browsing your past posts, at about nine o’clock, I decided to read your autobiography. Just as I finished perusing some of the more salient points and decided to see what you were posting for tomorrow, the notification came a few minutes ago:
    your autobiography! Too freaky to believe….not the autobiography, but the coincidence. I enjoyed reading about you, Frank…a good life, it seems. Ciao, and happy tuesday!


  2. I completely forgot that you mentioned being born in Italy before on a post until seeing this.

    You have a good life and it’s good to see how so by what you’ve written over the years on here. I’m hoping to get back to Cincy one day soon.

    I can say the same about meeting many good people across the globe because of blogging over the years although my posting was non-existent for sometime.

    There’s definitely a lot of good that has come from blogging for sure.


    • Hey Hey David … one of the Pioneers!

      Many thanks for the kind words. Going back to the early days, that’s when I wrote chapter 2. I will tell you that chapters 4 & 6 have a sports connection, so I hope you get a chance to see them.

      Let me know if work begins you back to Cincy, and hopefully UC will be in the Big 12 at that time.

      You had a wonderful global community, and I recall connecting with some of them … Maxi was a treasure .. .and probably still is.


    • Cindy,
      Thanks for the kind words. FYI: Chapter 12 is the cruise when we visited many of the locations you visited not long ago … so I will guide you to chapter 6 for a photographic moment.


      • Karma vs Dominoes vs Predetermination vs Lets Just Dance vs Timeline vs Index

        I ask myself that very question all the time Ke-mo sah-bee, ‘how did I get from there to here?’. As of yet Tonto has no creditable explanation which the Lone Ranger might except. But since you played the card, forcing me to ante up I’ll stay in the game.

        My card…….. Possibly, my connecting your post to ‘Lets Call The Whole Thing Off’ is that I was at the same time pondering a comment on my last post from Nelle and her reference to Karma; in essence, spill over . Autobiographies, blog à la Frank in this case, tend to pose the same questions as does the bases or reasoning behind Karma. Why? (see first sentence of this reply as I think it my in someway apply to your blog biography). Though I concede a autobiography / biography can be simply a timeline or an index. My response to Nelle was, “Is not Karma and Dominoes one in the same?”. Now for ‘where in the hell did LETS CALL THE WHOLE OFF’ come from. Isn’t the song, if you strip it down to it’s rolling chassis a realization of the Domino affect (not to be mistaken with the Domino theory). That in knowing full well the outcome, the two can chose to call the whole thing off or naively let the cards fall and let their differences play it out -a.k.a destiny and fate and how life has a funny way of playing out.

        The short answer would be, ‘am just weird’.


  3. I’m a little tired tonight, Frank, so it took me a couple of minutes to see the live links. I read the post twice trying to figure out if there were clues. LOL! This post was very original. When I look back, I saw my “face” on most of the posts, and definitely remember reading the posts. This was truly clever and I enjoyed the review. My favorite is the album cover. I think that might have been one of the first “conversations” we shared after I posted about my appearance in Life Magazine (in college) with Jane Fonda. It is fun to look back!


    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoyed the album cover post. Amazingly, I can still see the moment … maybe around the south 35 yard line. As a long-time visitor here, but I think the first two chapters were before your arrival here….. and oh my … please send me the link of your post about you, Jane, & Life magazine!


      • I didn’t mention – for brevity’s sake, as I had spent such a long time perusing your autobiography – that Italy is my most favourite place in the entire world [after my home country of course] I have stayed for extended periods of time in the Alps of Austria and made the trip across them to the northern parts of Italy, the little villages and towns often. I love everything about the area. I have also travelled through the rest of Italy – less in the South, more in the central regions and left bits of my heart everywhere. I love the people, the passion, the art and culture, the passion – the scenery the architecture, the passion, the language…….. I have always been just a little envious of people who come from this background of extended family and passion about life!


  4. You are so nice person dear Frank, it is not easy to have friends like you in this world, I know we are half friend, blogger friend… 🙂 But it would be same for me in real life too. You are a nice one. I loved your post, Congratulations! My Bes Wishes for you and for your wife… Blessing and Happiness. Thank you, love, nia


    • Nia,
      Thank you for your very kind words. You are at the top of the mountain of kindness, and I have no doubt that your kindness is genuine and very real in person. Thank you for being a wonderful example of the global kindness that we both believe.


  5. I felt like I was in a time machine Mr Frank and I now have vertigo and need a little lay down. What an interesting life you have led! To be born part Italian is to be born lucky. Everything is that much more exciting when you have Italian blood. Glad to see that you have been leading a most exciting life. You have been blogging for 6 years? That’s a long time in the blogoverse. Here’s to many more years of sharing 🙂


    • Narf,
      Given some of your previous comments, I wondered how you were going to handle this post. If I could suggest a couple, I would say chapters 6 & 14. Ch 10 is special, but its actually a series of posts. If you like travel, Ch 12 is also a series.

      Meanwhile, sorry about the vertigo, so I’ll keep that in mind for the future.


      • I don’t travel well Mr Frank. I went to the U.K. back in Christmas 2005 and when I finally got back to Aussie soil I decided that I was absolutely positively not going to do that kind of a long haul flight ever again. I love the thought of visiting far away and exotic places but the physicality of it all makes me twitch. I am pruning my comments accordingly 😉


  6. Happy New Year Frank, this was such a neat post – loved learning about you. Love how you made it interactive for us, you are one creative guy. I like how you’ve made it interactive for us – will be revisiting again for the parts I had to leave for another time. Really cool approach!!


  7. Very, very cleverly done and I await (with baited breath) more of your autobiography: blog style.
    I was going to answer all 16 points but then remembered that you asked us to “comment with respect.”
    You were a very cute baby.


  8. It’s really a challenge to look at our lives and try to weed out what’s important… and of course, the question comes up, to whom. I admire your effort in this direction.


    • Christy,
      Yep … it’s all right here. 1600+ posts … a lot of categories. Meanwhile, the idea for this post came to mind as a way to tell a story … thus an autobiography … and people could read whatever they wanted.

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