Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 247

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The proposed Keystone XL pipeline continues to make the news. Politically, it’s project that one party oversells the jobs impact while the other party overstates the environmental impact.

Very seldom do I read columnist Walter Williams because I find his brand of conservative to be off base. Besides, I demonstrated this January 2011 post his premise as wrong. No, not a disagreement, just flat-out wrong! Nonetheless, the title of his recent series of columns is Liberals Use of Black People for Own Agenda. My response is simple: I didn’t realize that conservatives don’t use any group for their own agenda.

The absence of a notable, high-level US representative at last weekend’s Paris rally was sad. At least the White House admitted they made a mistake.

I’m pleased with the number of Muslims who have spoken out against violence since the Paris tragedy, and I continue to believe that education within the Islamic community is the best vehicle against the Jihadists.

Two interesting political reads

The 2016 ambitions are testing the waters. Yep, Mitt Romney (R-MA) is interested in a third try focusing on poverty, and Mike Huckabee (R-AR) (while on his Guns, God, Grits, and Gravy book tour) slammed President Obama for letting his daughters listen to Beyonce. Let the parade begin, so bring on the clowns (and the party is open to all political parties).

The State of the Union is next week, but I’m not interested in a canned speech with predictable responses for the audience.

When will politicians (actually anyone) learn that most analogies to Adolph Hitler are not a good idea. A Dolt Award to Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX). He apologized, but a bit late.

People don’t believe me when I tell them what my dental specialist (implants) offers patients, so I took this picture after an implant-maintenance visit early this week.


Every time I hear or read Click on, I cringe. It’s Click the image. It’s Click the button. It’s Click the icon. After all, have you ever been instructed to Click off the image?

Lauren Hill Update: She made it to Christmas, and then the new year. I saw this local news story Thursday evening, and she continues to impress everyone who knows her story. The foundation she started has raised over $1.2 million in 3 months as she continues to be a spokesperson for children with cancer (The Cure Starts Now Foundation)

Given Saturday’s celebration, I will have a cartoon post for Saturday.

I’m hoping for the next-to-the-last act of Life: The Musical to be next week, which means the theme will be on the next Monday Morning Entertainment.

To lead you into The Onion, here’s a powerful message from Mad magazine’s Editor-in-Chief as viewed on CBS Sunday Morning. (Thanks Mouse for finding this.)

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
HR Director reminds employees that any crying at work must be job related
Snorkeling instructor unaware he’s in background of 400 dating profile photos
First-year Congressman brings fresh roadblocks to table
Supreme Court gathers to watch baby justices hatch
Area man only one with problems
New archeological find suggests Mary Magdalene was actually a size 12

Interesting Reads
The wealthy gap between Europe and America: A brief history
The sun through an X-ray eye
Photo gallery from within Shenandoah National Park
Lincoln’s Writings: A book review
Different laughs for different people
Whale testicle beer

Your Weekend Celebrations
(Fri) Fetish Day, Fig Newton Day, Appreciate a Dragon Day, Hot & Spicy Food Day, Nothing Day
(Sat) Popeye Day, Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day, Ditch the New Years’ Resolutions Day, Cable Car Day, Customer Service Day, Hot Buttered Rum Day, Kid Inventors Day, Hot-Heads Chili Day, Polar Bear Swim Day
(Sun) Winnie the Pooh Day, Thesaurus Day, Maintenance Day, Peking Duck Day, Wish Elyse a Happy Birthday Day

Another 2-fer to send you into the weekend. The first video is for those willing to join Raye in a Friday celebration. Last, but not least, a song from T Rex to get you movin’. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

50 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 247

  1. Click on the image…. I never thought about how odd that is. I had a lengthy discussion with a co-worker about how absurd it is that “oversight” and “overlook” mean such utterly different things. One could say, “That overlook needs some oversight”, or, “Give him some oversight so he won’t be as likely to overlook things”.


    • Twixt,
      Looks like I’ve sparked another word-use discussion with your co-worker … and I especially cringe when I hear “click-on” on TV ads or the news. It’s like nails on the chalkboard to my ears. … for future discussion, add that/which, because/since, and clean up/cleanup/clean-up.

      PS: In terms of their use as verbs, oversight is more serious than overlook.


  2. Even during political campaigns all crying at work must be work related. I’m doomed. So not looking forward to the clowns, I mean party campaigns.
    Is “baby justices hatching” really another term for Dragon’s eggs hatching from Game of Thrones? Why not? Couldn’t get much more unrealistic up there in DC….
    Thanks for including that video – it can’t be played enough. Long live satirical wit. The pen is mightier.


  3. Ok Frank – I changed “Click on” to simply “Click’ on my Ashley post… 😉
    My weekend will be full of hockey games – two tournaments – one for each of the girls.
    Should be an exciting weekend – eh?


  4. Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 247 ranks among your all-time Top 10! I look forward to digging in to more of your interesting reads later this weekend when I return from judging flutists in Tipp City, OH.

    On your two political reads, I was about to send you columnist David Ignatius’s response to Charlie Hebdo, which is without a doubt the sanest advice I’ve heard from anyone on the reality of dealing with terrorists pretending to be Muslims. I also thought about sending you Charles Krauthammer’s call to raise the gas tax (which I agree with), but I was afraid you’d deep six it because of the source (which is understandable).


    • Tim,
      As you noticed, I published Ignatius before it appeared in our local paper! … and Krauthammer does write something worth my time – well, sometimes. Good luck with your trip to Tipp City to deal with the flutists.


  5. The XL pipeline debauchal, uch. I’m against the tar sands project, always have been, but that never stopped it.
    Now what are we supposed to do with all of our dirty sin oil?
    I sure don’t want it going to China!
    I came up with this: pipe it to say, Churchill or some other northern Canadian port as close as possible to Athabaska. Refine it there. Ship clean oil to Europe to help make them independent from Russia.
    Yay for Friday, and I love the T-Rex video!
    The first 2 were not available to me. I’ll have to go to YouTube!
    Have a great weekend, Frank!


    • Resa,
      Your Keystone comments ignited this question: Because it’s Canadian oil, but isn’t Canada dealing with it?

      Interesting how videos are blocked depending on our location (country). Hopefully you can see the titles, thus know what to search.


      • I’m not sure what we re doing about it. I’d say it’s still very controversial, as no one wants the pipeline in their back yard, esp. the First Nations!
        We were having a series of discussions, and I’m not sure if those are finished.
        I’ll look into it more, but as federal elections are in 10 months … well
        I think everyone always just thought it would go to the U.S.A.
        Yes, I can see the titles! I’ve had regional blockage on videos before!


    • I’m with you, Resa, on the XL pipeline thing. I defy anybody to explain why it makes sense to pump the dirtiest ecological product on the planet all the way across our country, and especially when the oil market has collapsed. Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot! The number of jobs at stake is paltry compared to those being lost because of the market collapse – why aren’t the GOP doing something to prop that up? There’s only one answer – their masters want that pipeline and they mean to have it.


  6. Comforting to know that I’ve been celebrating Nothing Day in style over here all morning at The Grind, Frank, as I yammer endlessly to my colleague, Godsend. She LOVES that Onion headline: HR Director reminds employees that any crying at work must be job related.


  7. A great post Frank and the keystone XL pipeline is indeed something that triggers debate.. We have to think about the environmental impact.. and the future….

    I think too that its good the Muslim community is rallying their support in unity against extremism.. Here within the Midlands there is a large Muslim community, all are peaceful and caring most having been born in the UK.. And are making it abundantly clear this is not the way of their religion..

    Your dentists intends staying in business I take it.. 🙂 nothing like offering the cause before the cure.. 🙂

    And I will take Saturday.. I don’t need to ditch the resolutions as I never made any 🙂

    Have a great weekend.. and Loved T Rex… 🙂
    take care..


    • Sue,
      When I go to my regular dentist, it’s a wonderful chocolate chip cookie … but I can’t eat it for 30 minutes because of the fluoride treatment. Thanks for sharing the information about the Muslim community in your area!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. If I was wearing shorts, Mr Frank, No-one would be able to hear my opinion as they would be too busy laughing. Just scrolling quickly through the headlines from “The Onion” whilst multi-tasking the derriere out of a cup of tea, thinking about all of the work I have to do in the garden today and moving a HUGE stack of split logs from Point A. To Point B. so my onion perception may be slightly askew…Crying would be the second response to seeing me in my shorts Mr HR Director, no need to enforce job related “events”. Hopefully that snorkeling instructor finds his soul mate (or at least the shark he was looking for…). In my multi-tasking haze, I just read “First-year Congressman brings fresh Starbucks to table”…probably more appreciated than roadblocks methinks…I am guessing the Judge was sitting on a clutch? Lots of room under that gown…OH! the pain of the area man…the existential angst…Holy CRAP! Now that Mary was a size 12 I am guessing that is going to become a Vatican edict from this point forwards “All expectant mothers are to maintain a size 12 girth at all times in order to deliver blessed Catholic children!” Lucky I am not Catholic, or of childbearing age…a great big PHEW on that one! Too busy to read but thanks for the backlog that will join the backlog of other books that I keep meaning to read Mr Frank. As for celebrations, I celebrate crawling into bed at the end of the day. NEVER has bed been so well appreciated by my good self. I am SO rockin'”Get it on!” Mr Frank. Thank you for giving me my morning mojo.


    • Narf,
      It’s nice to know my Friday OITS started your Saturday … but (as we know), it’s perfect timing. Regarding moving those logs, be thankful that your assignment isn’t corporate or military because you may be returning them back to Point A within 2 weeks. It seems this dose of The Onion delivered good chuckles, but I will wipeout the mental picture of your shorts as per your recommendation. Have a good Saturday … Get it On!


  9. Loved the freedom of the press! Listened twice, just because I got interrupted.

    May I just say, Whale Testicle Beer? Oh Frank.
    The park pictures….ahhhh, fabulous.

    Do you just want to say sometimes…click this!


    • Val,
      The message from Mad’s Editor-in-Chief is quite strong … and says much what freedom is about. Then again, their are different sectors in the world that are more about control. Glad you enjoyed the park picture, and I would write “click this” but it would be click This.


  10. You really covered a lot of ground in this post, Frank. I’m sorry to get to it late. I had a little trouble with WP over the weekend. I had not heard about Huckabee’s “concern” for the Obama girls’ listening to Beyoncé. I’m not ready for the circus to begin quite yet, but 2016 is barreling down on us! And I have one implant (and maybe another on the way) and my dentist doesn’t give me anything to take home except a huge bill! 🙂


    • Debra,
      Isn’t it sad that we’re referring to a presidential campaign as a clown parade & circus! Heck, Huckabee’s book title speaks volumes alone! Meanwhile, being in Ohio, you know I’m not ready for the campaign with it’s avalanche of ads … YUK! BTW – take the image for show your dentist!


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