On a Commercial Monday

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Hello February! Although I featured information about the new month in the previous post, this is my first published post of the new month.

We stayed busy this weekend with an evening of ballroom, hosting a friend for a simple meal before out church wine tasting event, and a Super Bowl party. It’s now your turn to tell us about your weekend!

The last act of Life: The Musical is this week. You’ve been wondering what follows death, and the answer is simple – Memories … soΒ Act 17 will feature songs with memory, memories, remember, remembering, remembered, or remembranceΒ in the title. Show time is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Just Say No to PowerPoint Week, Solo Diners Eat-Out Week, African Heritage & Health Week, Burn Awareness Week, Boy Scout Week, Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week, Coaching Week, Women’s Heart Week, School Counseling Week, Publicity for Profit Week, Hoof Care Week
  • (Mon) Groundhog Day, Bottle Cap Day, Groundhog Job Shadowing Day, Candelmas, California Kiwi Fruit Day, Crepe Day, Hedgehog Day, Heavenly Hash Day, Sled Dog Day, Play Your Ukulele Day, Wetlands Day
  • (Tues) Four Chaplains Memorial Day, Elmo’s Birthday, Carrot Cake Day, African-American Coaches Day
  • (Wed) Liberace Day, Quacker Day, USA Day, Cancer Day, Popcorn Day, Create a Vacuum Day, Gumby Day, Homemade Soup Day, Thank a Mail Delivery Person Day, Digital Learning Day
  • (Thurs) Nutella Day,Β Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon PA Day, Weatherperson Day, Western Monarch Day, Peter Pan Day, Wiffle Ball Day, Chocolate Fondue Day, Shower with a Friend Day (celebrate wisely)

The commercials during the Super Bowl get much attention. I don’t know my favorite this year because I’m at a party as this post goes live or I’ll be home very soon, which also means I prepared this in advance. However, this commercial (currently in the US, but probably not in the Super Bowl) cracks me up. Have a good week.

53 thoughts on “On a Commercial Monday

  1. Elmo’s Birthday! I’ll be sure to tickle someone in honor of him. And it’s Carrot Cake Day too. Can’t beat that. My weekend was quiet. I’m still recovering from surgery so it’s slow walks and lots of rest for me.
    Thursday is looking good, too. Nutella, Peter Pan, and Shower With a Friend Day. Sounds pretty kinky. πŸ˜‰


  2. Love the commercial. Would certainly make waiting in line at the pharmacy more exciting.

    As for “Popcorn Day,” count me in. That’s my second vice next to chocolate. But both have their healthful benefits depending on which kind you eat (butter-free and dark), so I figure I could do worse. πŸ™‚


  3. That’s a hilarious commercial, Frank! I wasn’t able to access NBC via my DTV air antenna, so I completely missed this year’s Super Bowl commercials. I imagine that they’ll probably be online soon. I loathe both teams so the game meant nothing to me, even though it sounded like it was competitive.


  4. I too liked the Rebok commercial, Frank, and many other Super Bowl ads as well. I predicted (really, I did) more than a decade ago that the free market and consumers’ ability to skip ads with DVR’s would influence marketers to become creative enough that people would want to watch their products, and it appears to be happening. However, I also perceive a side-effect I didn’t anticipate. In many cases, including your Rebok commercial, the substance of the ad does not directly address the quality of the product or its efficacy but merely implies it by association with the quality of the ad itself. In the Rebok case, I don’t think shoes alone don’t inspire people to push their own limits.

    Another trend I see is the incorporation of patriotism in ads. After last night I can see excusing people for feeling un-American if they buy any kind of pick-up other than a humongous Chevrolet. Buried in Chevvy’s message was even a chiding taunt implying that real men don’t buy those “little tiny” other products. If I had any stock in Consumer’s Reports, I’d sell it.

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    • Jim …. I mean Nostradomas,
      Gotta love your ability with the crystal ball. … and to think people laughed at the time. How dare they!

      Great points about two aspects of commercials: ads focusing on the quality of the ad and patriotism. I wonder how much of the latter has a political slant.


  5. I love carrot cake, so I’ll be celebrating with pleasure this week – we woke to 29 degrees this morning after hitting 70 last weekend. Great sb game! Have a great week Frank ~


  6. Damn it! Why didn’t I read this sooner — before work. It’s “Just Say No to PowerPoint Week”? Because I just had to rework a whole bunch of slides without realizing that I shouldn’t have done it!

    Weekend was pretty good, Frank. Even I enjoyed the superbowl. (and the Puppy Bowl, too) I loved the Fiat/Viagra ad. Just the best.


  7. I wish I had “just said no” prior to having to sit through a most boring PowerPoint presentation earlier in the week. I am allergic to kiwi fruit so maybe I could develop an allergy to PowerPoint and be excused from further PowerPoint presentations from our over zealous lecturer on medical grounds? “Four Chaplains Memorial Day?” I thought that there was only one Chaplain and he was a bit of a Charley…I am down with Quaker Day. Wholesome ethos and good oatmeal in one fell swoop. You can’t go wrong with staid breakfast cereal. By the way is Candlemas like Christmas? Only I am not sure who to gift and if you only gift candles? We had some of the commercials aired in the superbowl put up on a local radio stations website. Yet to go there and will watch this one when it’s a bit later than 3.20 so I don’t get lynched by the family (mob).


  8. Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week …. I adore fairytales and children’s books. I have a collection. I read many, many in a renaissance library when my family sent me to a prestigious school in Puerto Rico. I must write a story about that. Thanks for reminding me.
    AND NOW … Little Bo Peep must go and find her sheep. πŸ‘


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