Life: The Musical – Act 17: Remembrance

The Story
Life: The Musical is an original aFa production is a journey featuring songs of about life. Each act features an aspect of life as a theme with music supplied around that theme.

Program (Past Posts)
LifeTheMusicalAct 1: Life
Act 2: Born
Act 3: Names
Act 4: Young
Act 5: Dream
Act 6: Teens
Act 7: School
Act 8: Adulthood
Act 9: Work
Act 10: Play
Act 11: Hope
Act 12: Love
Act 13: Positive Emotions
Act 14: Negative Emotions
Act 15: Growing Old
Act 16: Death

Act 17
Life … the time for the living to live. One’s life starts when one is born. Shortly thereafter, we are given something that stays with us no matter where we go – a name. Immediately, we are nourished, so we grow physically, mentally, and emotionally from babies into young children … and that’s when we start to dream about our future life. Growth never stops, so from children we move on as teens .. but school is still much of life at this point.

Eventually, we move into adulthood as women and men with many things going on in our life. Whether its work, play, or family, life can be complicated, so many times we hope for the best. Maybe above all else, people desire love, and go through many ups and downs in that quest.

No matter the situation, human encounters also provide a wide-range of emotions over a life with ups and downs. Time marches on. Although one gets older with each day, one grows old … and then, whether expected or suddenly – the last breath is taken – life as we know it is over, but one lives on in the memory of others.

Act 17 features songs with memory, memories, remember, remembering, remembered, or remembrance in the title.

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

Ladies and gentleman, all we have to say is welcome to The King singing Memories.

96 thoughts on “Life: The Musical – Act 17: Remembrance

  1. Here’s “Thanks for the Memory.” It was introduced in the 1938 film The Big Broadcast of 1938 by Shep Fields and His Orchestra with vocals by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross. In the film, Ross and Hope’s characters are a divorced couple who encounter each other aboard the ship.
    Near the film’s end they poignantly sing one of the many versions of this song, recalling the ups and downs of their relationship (then they decide to get back together). The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, and became Hope’s signature tune, with many different lyrics adapted to any situation.


    • Amy,
      I must say that although I don’t know this song, I liked it … and the video was awesome causing lots of smiles! … and thanks for the kind words and for participating. I’m 99% sure on the next musical, but the decision is in a locked box within a safety deposit box in a secure bank vault that under 24-hour protection by multiple guards armed with significant weaponry. However, tomorrow I hope to have a poll about the next musical. (Opening night: TBA)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this Frank… and I am reminiscing one or two of my own this week..
    I was listening to Elvis in the car on my back from town this morning.. Without his music- films- and our photographic albums so many of our memories fade..
    I hold many memories within my heart..
    Just what I needed right now Frank..
    Have a great Thursday


  3. Cathy strikes again! I have a sister called Cathy…we compete a lot too. I see I am going to have to get up a LOT earlier to insinuate my first choice here Mr Frank BUT…as I see you like to mix and match, I thought you might like a little taste of what my daughters spend their days listening to (ALL of their days and most of their nights…). I had to find something that was original ;). I introduce you to “K-pop” South Korea’s answer to rap music…I give you Yoon mi rae and “Memories” featuring my daughters favourite K-pop band “Big Bang”


  4. I could listen to the King sing ballads all day long. His voice resonates when he sings ballads which goes well with them. Great selection, aFrank. 😃

    I wish I hadn’t missed the other postings. 😞

    My selection is Sarah Brightman. In this video she is singing in Italian. I like that because the language can make a memorial song reverent. I believe English is the person who created the video has Englishhas their second language. They have the incorrect tittle. It should be Memory not Memories. Also, the person added that it was – Piano – but it’s an orchestra. 😃
    A bit of humor with my entry. Sarah was married to Andrew Llyod Webber the creator of the play Cats. I hope you like Opera. I enjoyed searching for what could be a song that someone might remember me with.
    However, my friend has a beautiful soprano voice. I asked her to sing Ave Maria at my services. She graciously agreed. Perhaps, a morbid thought but not when you’ve experinced death and have been brought back to life. Blessings to you …. Isadora

    Sarah Brightman – Memories (Piano)


  5. We get 2 votes Mr Frank as Stevie-boy is much cooler than I am with his music taste. He was a punk and then a goth back in the 80’s and this is his choice for your wonderful finish to this most worthwhile musical introspective. “Down Memory Lane” by one of his early favourite bands, “The Virgin Prunes”. You might just get a glimpse of Stevie-boy in this choice, then again, you might wonder why I haven’t had him committed. He makes good soup, whatchagonnadoeh? …


    • Maddie,
      I’m also surprised this song didn’t appear, so great choice. Because this is the last act, I make two points: 1) The next musical won’t start until sometime in March .. 2) Having an Epilogue (as I did with Time: The Musical) is possible – but still undecided.


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