Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 251

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The kerfuffle about vaccinations has raised the ire of many. Here is a collection of worthwhile posts to help clarify various aspects of an issue I mentioned last week.

A note to Gov. Scott Walker (R-WS) and all presidential aspirants in both parties. When one seeks or considers seeking the highest office in the land, all questions are on the table … so ducking them isn’t a good idea. At least learn to give an answer that doesn’t answer the question – after all, that’s what candidates do well.

I learned to tune out Jay Carney when he was the White House Press Secretary (well, actually change the channel) but, at least I can listen to his replacement, Josh Earnest. Interestingly, when Carney is contributing on CNN, I still tune him out!

In a recent hearing, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) accused Veteran Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald of glossing over the extraordinary problems confronted by your department among others things. Cheers to Mr. McDonald for his replies

  • “I’m highly offended by your comments, Mr. Coffman.”
  • “I’ve run a large company (Procter & Gamble) sir, what have you done?”
  • “I’ve been here six months. You’ve been here longer than I have. If there’s a problem in Denver, I think you own it more than I do.”

Life: The Musical is officially over, and Epilogue was a smashing finale. Thanks again to all participants, and as I’ve said many times, I’m the lucky one because I listen to all entries. Who knows, maybe someday I will list the collection of songs. Meanwhile, the next musical won’t be until mid-to-late March.

A tip of the hat to Dale for a valiant effort in catching up on Life: The Musical. At the time of this posting, he is approaching completion of all acts within 24 hours … and I listened to each entry … although she did receive the buzzer once (obviously from over confidence).

Interestingly, this is post #1600. After 6+ years of hosting over 52,000 comments,  plus who knows how many visits and comments elsewhere, I proudly say I only need the fingers on one hand to count the bloggers who truly irritated me. Thus my point – blogging is just like life because so much is about who one chooses to hang around.

No Saturday Morning Cartoon this weekend, but, I am working on the next one. After last week’s delightful trip to the Gobi Desert, wonder what person, place, or thing will be next … hmmmmm ….

To lead you into The Onion, here’s a graphic showing the results of their opinion poll about government requiring vaccinations.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Literary study finds all modern narratives derived from classic Alien vs. Predator conflict
Area woman not good enough artist to justify eccentricities
Scientists working to harness energy produced by intense fracking debates
Astronomers discover new planet that makes Earth look like S#-t
Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, and never coming back

Interesting Reads
American Ideas: a brief history
Baltic Dry: Not what I thought it meant
Doodles from Darwin’s children (Thursday was Darwin Day)
Columnist David Ignatius on acting like a superpower
Columnist David Brooks scandals and forgiveness
US-Cuba relations and Netflix

Your Weekend Celebrations

  • (Weekend) Great Backyard Bird Count, American International Toy Fair
  • (Fri) Blame Someone Else Day, Get a Different Name Day, Desperation Day, Employee Legal Awareness Day, Madly in Love with Me Day, Radio Day, Tortellini Day, International Condom Day
  • (Sat) Ferris Wheel Day, Quirky Alone Day, Pet Theft Awareness Day, Library Lovers Day, Have a Heart Day, Cream-filled Chocolate Day, National Condom Day, Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, League of Women Voters Day, Women’s Heart Day, Race Relations Day, Singles Appreciation Day, Donor Day, Telephone Day, Organ Donor Day, Marriage Day, Whale Day, Read to Your Child Day, Valentine’s Day
  • (Sun) Gum Drop Day, Hippo Day, Remember the Maine Day, Susan B Anthony Day, Clifford the Red Dog Day, Angelman Syndrome Day

Since hearing this classic song early in the week, it’s been crawling around in my head – so, it seems to be right for sending you into the weekend. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

35 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 251

  1. 1600 posts? Wow, that’s impressive! I’m not even at 200 yet, and I’ve been blogging for three years.

    “Astronomers discover new planet that makes Earth look like S#-t”—Loved that headline. 🙂


  2. Happy post #1,600 Frank. At the rate I’m going, averaging around a post a week (and I took this week off because I’ve been so short on time), I should reach Lame Adventure 1,600 in about 23 years. In other words: never.

    Still on the topic of never, I had never seen that Journey video until now. I thought, “Wow, that’s bad!” How cheesy! These guys with bad hair in horrible outfits, jumping in and out of frame, with this woman walking around as if that band isn’t there, it was so ridiculous. And the guy playing the keyboard up the wall: what the hell was that about?!? Then, I checked it out on Wikipedia:


    It’s considered one of the worst videos ever! I loved that! Bravo Frank!


    • After reading your comment, V., I watched the video and WOW! That is so bad. And Frank, I so loved it, too! Really bad hair, horrible tank tops, air music (or wall music) – while Journey was actually a really good band. What were they thinking?! And congrats on #1600, Frank. So glad to know you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lame,
      That video is poorly done and cheesy. Then again, it was the early MTV days where cheesy (and cheap) was more the norm. Then again, you love for it makes it worth something … but hey … I picked it because of the song.

      I discovered the fact about #1600 by accident. I had written the comment about bloggers that have gotten under my skin, then asked myself, over how many posts? … then I saw 1,599, thus the acknowledgement. I’ve been at it a while, and like I say, for someone who has blogged for this long and that many posts, my stats are quite mediocre … but I’ve learned to accept that for what it is because I enjoy my community. Then again, I must be crazed to post as often as I do.


  3. I really love Journey and have them in my current playlists, but I don’t know that I ever remember actually seeing them. I enjoyed the video! Every one of your “Interesting Reads” looks like an article I’ll want to read. One of the most compelling things I’ve read about Measles and vaccines was written by author Roald Dahl recalling his young daughter’s death to measles. It’s circulating and you may have read it. There is a very large “anti immunization” movement in California and this latest outbreak of Measles has the Governor and legislators trying to figure out how they’re going to handle it. Congratulations on such an impressive number of posts, Frank. That’s really dedication!


    • Debra,
      As we know, Journey was big back in the day .. but I believe they are still touring. We saw them about 6-7 years ago (more or less) with REO & Styx. A long – but fun show!

      Speaking of the measles, isn’t California considering giving parents the right to refuse immunizations, but if they do, no public school?

      Thanks on the congrats, but honestly, I discovered it my accident. Oh well … cheers to my foolishness in posting so often.


  4. Good comment on Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WS) non-answer to whether he believes in the Theory of Evolution. As I write this I’m watching Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” hosts applaud Gov. Walker for his answer to the question, and also for leading the GOP Primary polls despite not having a college degree (which they equate with Abraham Lincoln’s lack of a college degree). Also, JSYK, the “non-answer factor” (of which Abraham Lincoln was a master) is a key point in my upcoming full report on why Americans hold members of Congress in such overwhelming contempt.

    I have no problem with Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) accusing Bob McDonald of “glossing over the extraordinary problems confronted by {his} department” SINCE McDonald took over as Secretary of Veteran Affairs.

    Thanks for making me aware of “Baltic Dry,” which is one more area I’m hoping our elected representatives in Congress have enough brains, staff, and funding to fully understand before casting their votes.

    “Astronomers discover new planet that makes Earth look like S#-t” was your face-hitter of the day.


    • Tim,
      Keep in mind that Gov. Walker ducked additional questions as well (thus why I didn’t focus on his answer to one question). Meanwhile, Dems will may his non-degree an issue (which could backfire), but ultimately, the voters will decide. As far as Coffman-McDonald, keep in mind that some of Coffman’s concerns were pre-McDonald. Nonetheless, and as I’ve told you before, the VA (like most, if not all, public entities) could use a dose of modernization to streamline costs & processes while being more efficient & productive.


  5. Congrats on your 1600+ posts, Frank. That’s quite an achievement. Not sure how many I’ve done, as I’ve had 3 different blogs over about 6 years. Maybe one day when I have the time, I’ll do a count. 😕 Great Backyard Bird Count sounds like me, but I don’t know if I have the time to participate at the moment. Have a great weekend. Love the song. 🙂


      • Because when we lived in Maine every Sunday (from May to October) we’d go to Harrasekette Lunch (a little lunch stand) in Freeport that was located on the harbor. They had the absolute best Fresh Fish Sandwich and Fresh Clam Chowder than we’ve found no other compares. Always had a wonderful time sitting with people we didn’t know, enjoying the sites and sounds – having the best seafood around with nice strangers they made for good company.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. 1600 posts. 6EQUJ5 ………” You got a lotta spunk”, Unlike Mr. Grant I like spunk. Have a good weekend Frank. Monday is Family Day, so it’s a long weekend and oh yeah and that Valentines t’ingy as well.


  7. Methinks we can tell the age of modern narrators by how they have listed “Alien vs. Predator” as classic. I think we could possibly produce enough energy to power every country on earth if we could harness the “energy” produced in parliaments by politicians. I am hoping that Astronomers and scientists and anyone else who would like to count themselves as a “rat leaving a sinking ship”, especially the politicians and big business that have put our natural world in danger through their complete disregard for its longevity in order to generate incredible profit for themselves, would all get on a very large space ship and send themselves off to that new planet to be honest! How much easier is it to bugger off than put an effort in to try to save something? :(. I think the health experts can stay though. They have shown obvious wisdom in their studies. If I had to pick a single weekend celebration to physically celebrate today I would pick Quirky alone day. How blissful. A whole day to be allowed to quirk yourself senseless in the privacy of your own home, completely and utterly on your own! I am going to suggest that I get a day like this every year at this time. I have many MANY eccentric things that I would like to attempt. Might take a few years to vent them all…


  8. Have a great weekend, Frank! I look forward to all of your next posts! Admittedly, I am super crazy about the Musicals. Oh, I also especially love the posts where we get to make up a new headline, and love the Saturday morning cartoons!

    Liked by 1 person

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