On 62 on the 62nd

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1) Sixty two is also written as Soixante-deux (French), Шестдесет две (Bulgarian), Sessantadue (Italian), Εξήντα δύο (Greek), Tweeënzestig (Dutch), LXII (Roman numeral)

2) Sixty second should not be confused with sixtieth second

3) 62 is a composite number, and the sum of the 3rd, 5th, and 10th Fibonacci number

4) 62 is only divisible by 2, 31, and 62

5) Binary for 62 is 111110

6) 62 in base 5 is 222 (but Karen Valentine did not star in Room 62)

7) 62 is the only base-10 number whose cube consists of 3 different digits occurring twice … 238328

8) 62 squared is 3,844, but 62’s square root is 7.87400787401

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

9) 62 is the atomic number of the element samarium, whose neutral atom has 62 protons and 62 electrons

10) The 62nd day of a normal year is March 3rd, but during a leap year it’s March 2nd

11) 62 is the code for international direct dial calls to Indonesia

12) Sigmund Freud had an irrational fear of the number 62

13) 62 has not been retired by any team in Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), or the National Basketball Association (NBA)

14) In 62 BCE included the founding of Florence (Italy), Julius Caesar divorcing Pompeia, and the birth of a future Egyptian pharaoh – Ptolemy XIII

Year 62 CE

  • 15) a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar
  • 16) A great earthquake damages cities in Campania, including Pompeii.
  • 17) Paul of Tarsus is imprisoned in Rome
  • 18) Nero’s first wife, Claudia Octavia, is presumably executed, but Nero marries Poppaea Sabina later that year … (so does that make Poppaea the second fiddle? )

19) Car #62 has only won one NASCAR race (out of 292 races) – driven by Frankie Schneider (1958)

20) 62 designates a star in constellations Aquila, Andromeda, Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and probably a few more

From PortfolioCollection.com

From PortfolioCollection.com

21) Click to see images of Messier Object M62

22) Highway 62 can be found in United States, India, Iran, Malaysia, Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, Greece, UK, South Africa, 32 US states, and the US Virgin Islands

23) US Route 62 runs from the northeast/southwest connecting El Paso, Texas, to Niagara Falls, New York … 2248 miles (3618 km) … and comes within 30-40 minutes of my home

24) Although too numerous to list, various guns, planes, helicopter, missiles, submarines, and other weapons included 62 as a model number

25) These people died at age 62 include Aristotle, Louis Pasteur, Martin Luther, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Wayne, Linus Pauling, and Robert Goddard

26) Musical compositions include Symphony No. 62 (Haydn), Opus #62, No. 1 – Nocturne (Chopin), Song Without Words – Opus 62 (Mendelssohn), Cantata #62 (Bach), and Coriolan Overture, Opus 62 (Beethoven) … (Do any of the piano players here play these?)

27) Fabric 62 is a 2012 album by DJ Sneak

28) James Madison wrote Federalist Paper No. 62 about the organization of the US Senate

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29) 62nd parallel south only crosses land on King George Island – which is claimed by Argentina, Chile, and the United Kingdom, but not by Turkmenistan or this blog

30) 62nd parallel north crosses Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, United States, Canada, and Greenland

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

31) 62 meridian east crosses Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and India

32) 62 meridian west crosses Canada, Greenland, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Antarctica

33) “The Class of ’62” is an episode of the BBC sit-com Only Fools and Horses (the fourth episode of series 7, and first broadcast on 20 January 1991)

34) William Shakespeare wrote Sonnet 62

35) 62 is the Retirement Age in Azerbaijan, Colombia, France, Hungary, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and Turkmenistan, yet within the retirement age range in Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, and United States

36) 62 kg is a men’s weightlifting division in the Olympics

37) Television channel 62 is found in Burbank (CA), Detroit (MI), and Greenville/Spartanburg (SC)

38) Mature Wasabi plants have 62 leaves

39) In temperature, 62 C = 143 F, but 62 F = 16 C

40) Melting point of Acetic Acid is 62 F, but the boiling point of chloroform and Arsine is 62 C

41) 62 is the molecular weight of nitrate and boric acid

42) Barcelona has a SixtyTwo hotel

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

43) The 62nd street bridge crosses the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

44) The 62nd Academy awards were held in 1990 with Driving Miss Daisy winning Best Picture

45) HP Ink Cartridge #62 is used on 5 different HP printers

46) The Montreal Alouettes won the 62nd Grey Cup by defeating the Edmonton Eskimos 20-7 in 1974

47) 62nd US Congress served during the third and fourth years of President William Howard Taft (a Cincinnatian)

48) The 62nd Golden Globe (2005) winners included The Aviator and Sideways

49) 62 West 62nd Street is the address for The Allegro condominiums in New York City

50) NYC 62nd Street subway station (at New Utrecht Ave) is in Brooklyn

51) Google Images of 62nd Street (Lame to verify)

52) 62nd episode of Seinfeld (“The Handicap Spot”) aired May 13, 1993

53) Rane 62 is a performance mixer (electronics) that can be bought on Amazon

54) 62 miles = 100 kilometers

55) The Karman Line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is 62 miles (100 km) above sea level

56) Here’s someone thoughts about 62 questions to ask on the first date

57) 62-word short stories are found here

58) 62nd Floor is an independent art-zine, printed six times a year. (from their About page) We are dedicated to analogue photography, nostalgia, crazy characters and a bit of weirdness. 

59) The numerology values of each of these word & combinations add to 62: philosophy, beauty knowledge, divine enneads, pearl spirit, silver light, Mercury Uranus, wisdom return, mind in itself, space time earth, love beauty truth

60) The Greek-based numeric prefix dihexaconta- means 62

61) 62 is the sum of the number of faces, edges and vertices of icosahedron (20 faces) or dodecahedron (12 faces); the number faces in the rhombicosidodecahedron (20 regular triangular faces, 30 square faces, 12 regular pentagonal faces) and truncated icosidodecahedron (30 square faces, 20 regular hexagonal faces, 12 regular decagonal faces) both of which are Archimedean solids. (Yep, expect this on the quiz, so the links help you study, as will this post.)

62) 62 years ago (February 17, 1953) I was born in this city. The best birthday present I could receive here is to have many birthday wishes from my blog friends and their friends. Thanks for stopping by and cheers to your kindness.




116 thoughts on “On 62 on the 62nd

    • Catherine,
      Thank you … not only for the best wishes from the Canadian side of the border, but for coming through under pressure. Well, being that my style is more toward subtle (than overt), my worry was that the first commenter would be something about the post, thus not mentioning the day … therefore, you have set the tone! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Carrie,
      Thanks for my first in-state birthday wish! To be honest, of all the numbers I’ve done, this was the most difficult (for whatever reason) …. of course aiming for a certain number of factoids didn’t help … but, in the end, my resourcefulness won out. Meanwhile, given the cold temps, I’m staying in again today!

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  1. And what a bonny wee boy you were – probably not said that way in Trieste, more ‘piccolo sano ragazzo’ though my grammar may be miles off! Your ‘second fiiddle’ comment about Poppaea Sabina made me laugh out loud! Happy Birthday Frank!


  2. Happy Birthday, Frank! Oh, love you picture as a babe. Precious. Yes, I agree with Carrie. Now you can relax with a nice glass of wine!! Great post and tribute to number 62! I hope you have a delightful birthday!


    • Amy,
      Thank you … and knowing you are nearing wine country is a bit extra special … but I’ll toast you later as it’s too early. But we celebrate last night with a wonderful Italian wine, which I could have this afternoon. … and glad you enjoyed my pic!


  3. Happy Birthday Frank! For all the videos you’ve shared with me, here’s five for you: the animated short films made in 1953 that were nominated for the Academy Award:

    “Christopher Crumpet” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo3EictfbgY (from UPA, the makers of Mister Magoo).

    “From A to Z-Z-Z-Z” http://www.trilulilu.ro/video-animatie/1953-from-a-to-z-z-z-z (a Merrie Melody directed by Chuck Jones).

    “The Tell-tale Heart” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccUTtxwLDTg#t=16 (Edgar Allen Poe’s eerie story wonderfully narrated by James Mason.)

    “Rugged Bear” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXpmPGW_uDs (A Disney cartoon starring a terrific bear opposite Donald Duck who is an annoying as ever.)

    And the winner, Disney’s “Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iVf0pPHvjc (done in a flat animation style that cost less to produce).


  4. I missed it by a day, I apologize.


    Given your wisdom, I would have never guess you were such a young guy.

    You are a super hero.


    • Val,
      Oh no … you didn’t miss it … it’s today! I posted it last night when it was actually today in most other time zones. 🙂

      Nonetheless, greetings from the spunky Texan warms my heart. Thanks for your kindness!


  5. Thanks for No. 46, which reminded me that seeing the Montreal Alouettes play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal, Canada is on my Do-It-Before-I-Die Bucket List.


  6. I was half-hoping you were leaving us, your readers, to figure out it was YOUR most special day! I wish for you a most wonderful day filled with dance, good food, good wine and lotsa love! xoxo


    • Dale,
      Hey hey hey … check the province of Quebec on the birthday greeting list! 🙂 … Many thanks!!!! …. Just answered an email from one of my first cousins in Italy.

      I’m the subtle type. For instance, part of me would be to embed the birthday fact somewhere in the list just to see if anyone notice. For instance, see #18. On the other hand, noting it up front isn’t my style.

      Being that the day is young, thus still unfolding, I mention how we celebrated in a note later this week. Meanwhile, it’s very cold (for us) here … -20 C this morning … which I realize is a balmy day for you … so I’ll stay in as much as possible!

      OK … my ears were itching, so what’s the scoop from the Skype session with RRR?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Frank! I did note the Quebec reference indeed 😉 I do have to tell you that soixante-deux requires a hyphen between the two words… but just as an FYI and not as some grammar Nazi.

        Subtle? You? And no.18… feeling the squeeze of the executioner or feeling second fiddle? You did save it for no. 62 so I guess we can say it was not up front. 😛

        It’s cold here to, though oooohhh… we are in the -teens C instead of -twenties. But with the wind chill… Zeke is looking at me with pleading eyes and I shall succumb. Haven’t been out in days other than to play taxi to the boys.

        You would have blushed in pleasure to hear us go on and on about how sweet and nice you are!


  7. I am in one of those conundrum loops where I once thought that I had nothing in common with Mr Sigmund Freud apart from our dubious and most tenuous mutual inclusion within the realms of “The human race” but now I see that we share a mutual fear of the number 62. He, being an esteemed and most illustrious man, obviously had a good reason for his phobia. Mine is just because 62 is the 62nd number and as a sufferer of “math phobia” numbers, and their inherent relationships to each other when manipulated with symbols give me great pause for thought that refuses to compute. I might have to go and have a lay down now as I would rather not have anything in common with Mr Freud thank you (I am sure he would blame my mum for this strong aversion…).

    How very interesting about the wasabi and it’s strict number of adult leaves. We have a hydroponic wasabi farm here in Tasmania. I might have to sneak in and count the leaves of one…

    Good to know about the acetic acid and chloroform should I ever want to take up any kind of chemical experimentation Mr Frank. I am less chemo phobic than I am matho phobic…and thank you for giving me the molecular weight of nitrate and boric acid. I am sure that they are one of the “important things” that my 92 year old mind will recall with blinding clarity when I am sitting in my rocking chair wondering where I put the iron…

    Another interesting fact about the miles/kilometres Mr Frank (yes, it is spelled ‘kilometres’ in the countries that actually use them over miles…) so we regularly wrangle our velocitator and deceleratrix to keep our trusty steed at 62 miles/hour on our local roads

    I have shamelessly appropriated those archimedean solids to plunder when we are working on our 3D software later in the day today. How fitting that you should share them with us all on the day that I might just need to trump a fellow (and much younger male…) student with the name of an archimedean solid…

    OH what a sweet tiny little Mr Frank you were! A most happy and splendiferous birthday to you Mr Frank. You are exactly 3853.42 days older than I am.


  8. Gosh! I wish I had known all these fantastic facts for the past year! Happiest of birthdays and all year long, Frank. We share “62” for slightly more than one month, and then I grab a whole new number. They are ticking off really quickly these days. 🙂


  9. A very auspicious number indeed! You were certainly a beautiful baby, Frank. 🙂 Many happy returns on your 62nd birthday. Hope you have a lovely celebration tonight. Cheers to you, and wishing you a long and healthy life. 🙂


  10. From Queen Street West, Toronto (Vogue’s 2nd coolest street on earth http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/1080625/fifteen-coolest-street-style-neighborhoods/ }

    Happy Birthday, Frank!

    I see I’m late to this wonderful birthday post. Well, at least I’m not so late that you are 63!
    On the other hand, I’m way early for your 63rd!
    I hope every day this year is filled with happiness and love. If the sun isn’t shining on you, big deal, because as I have come to learn, it is always shining from inside you.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog, and all your sharing!
    I like it here.
    Happy Birthday to you ⭐
    Happy Birthday to you ⭐
    Happy Birthday to you ⭐
    Happy Birthday, dear Frank ⭐
    Happy Birthday to you! ⭐



  11. Now, I really feel awful for being … I don’t know where …!!!??? 😂
    Well …
    1st – Sigmund … what is wrong with you? He must have had too many genious moments.
    2nd – I absolutely love the way you’ve showcased your birthday year with these interesting snipets of information that I will be able to do nothing with except have chatty conversation at a cocktail party. Oh, I suppose that’s worth all the work you had to go through to do it. AND … I’m sure it was a lot of work. Well done !!!!
    3rd – You cannot be younger than me. Unacceptable.
    4th – What an adorable baby photo … !!!! How old are you? Too cute.
    5th – Belated Happy Birthday.
    May your life be filled with all of the treasures of good health, good friends, good food and, of course, GOOOD LOVE !!! 🎉 🎁 🎈 🎂


    • Isadora,
      Many thanks for the best birthday wishes. In terms of the baby pic, I’m not sure of my age at that point. Meanwhile, dedicating a post to a particular number is my way of saluting birthdays and anniversaries. They are fun to do.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I may copy you on my 50th anniversary. I will have to start now even though it’s in August. I take a long time to research and post but I think it would be fun to see what happened 50 years ago. : )
        Isn’t it wonderful to see what you looked like as a baby? I only have one photo ( at 3 years old ) … AND … I treasure it. I hope you had a nice birthday. I’m sure you did. Keep on Keeping on !!! : )


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