On Short Hops into Winter Break

Here’s some background music for this post from a long-time, regular visitor here. I know no better way to thank Marina for her kindness while wishing her the best in latest studio project. Go ahead, click to get the music playing while you read.

I’ve learned that blogging breaks are good. For me (this time) I hope to visit/comment at other blogs – so I’ll be around …. plus I want to write, reorganize these pages, select a new header, and prepare the next musical … but, time will tell what I achieve.

As I head into my winter blog break, here is a collection of odds and ends.

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. For whatever reason, greeting from around the world and across my country warm my heart. Tuesday was a good day! The Arctic cold blast kept me inside most of the day, but we got out in the evening as friends for dinner and a touring Broadway production. Anything Goes (music and lyrics by Cole Porter) debuted in 1934 and has been revived multiple times.  Older musicals surround a corny story with outstanding song and dance, so we it was an enjoyable evening … and sitting sixth row center was delightful! For those who enjoy musicals, here’s a montage with the production company we saw.

Hooray for me for being selected to volunteer at the Cincinnati Wine Festival – which also means I get an event for free! I’ve attended many times, and look forward to volunteering at this fundraiser

With Fifty Shades of Grey (the movie) receiving a lot of attention, I offer some advice. If one thinks they will get offended, don’t go! … and just because you don’t want to go, it doesn’t mean someone else can’t or shouldn’t.

Yesterday’s post was the last in the series featuring my comments I wrote about certain aspects of education. Although each stands on its own, they can be woven together into a coherent theme.

I’ll return as John Phillips Sousa to order to ring in a good March – after all, you are accustomed to me ushering the new month with a post about the month. After that, I may ease myself back into the swing with less-frequent posts, but time will tell.

Embed from Getty Images

Your rest-of-the-month celebrations

20Feb – Women in Blue Jeans Day, Cherry Pie Day, Clean out Your Bookcases Day, Love Your Pet Day, Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day, Day for Social Justice, Post Office Day

21Feb – Mother Language Day, Locomotive Day, Card Reading Day, Sticky Bun Day

22Feb – Margarita Day, Woolworth’s Day, Thinking Day, Cook a Sweet Potato Day, Golf in America Day, Pebbles Flintstone Day

23Feb – Curling is Cool Day, Tennis Day, Diesel Engine Day, Tootsie Roll Day, Iwo Jima Flag Raising Day, Dog Biscuit Day, Rationalization Day, Museum Advocacy Day, Banana Bread Day

24Feb – Cupcake Day, SIngle Tasking Day, Bartender Day, Spay Day, Tortilla Chip Day, Trading Card Day, Nylon Toothbrush Day

25Feb – Inconvenience Yourself Day, Quiet Day, Let’s All Eat Right Day, Chocolate Peanuts Day, Clam Chowder Day

26Feb – Chili Day, Person Chef Day, For Pete’s Sake Day, Levi Strauss Day, Chili Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Thermos Bottle Day, Bacon Day, Pistachio Day, Cartoon Movie Day

27Feb – Polar Bear Day, No Brainer Day, Day of Action Day, Read Me Day, Strawberry Day, Kahlua Day, Snow-Shoes Day

28Feb – Sword-Swallowers Day, Public Sleeping Day, Floral Design Day, Tooth Fairy Day, Pockets Invented Day, DNA Day, Rare Disease Day, Car Keys & Pocket Change Day, Chocolate Souffle Day

Last week of February: Entrepreneurship Week, Engineers Week, Future Farmers Week, Bird Health Awareness week, Invasive Species Awareness Week, Eating Disorders Week, Texas Cowboy Poetry Week

To send you into my blogging break, here are two songs celebrating a February 20th joy. Have a safe rest of the month, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Plus remember, blogging breaks are good … see you soon.

126 thoughts on “On Short Hops into Winter Break

  1. I will gladly pass on celebrating both Inconvenience Yourself Day and Sword-Swallowers Day, but The Boss and Godsend will appreciate knowing that next Tuesday is Cupcake Day. We’ll partake in that. Thanks for sending the memo.

    Milton and I saw “Anything Goes” on Broadway in 2011 when it starred the massively talented Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney. She is luminescent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo6lPifGnGA That production won several Tony awards. We were in our bliss.

    Fast forward to the present: Milton and I are seeing this smash hit musical about, you guessed it, Alexander Hamilton, on Friday: http://nyti.ms/1FqmjVI Last Friday, we saw “Fifty Shades”. It was his idea and if you can imagine, he was in very fine form that night.

    If I had already published 43 blog posts thus far this year like you, not only would I take a break, I’d probably take the rest of the year off just to power sleep! Have a wonderful hiatus, Frank.


    • Lame,
      I was wondering your thoughts about Anything Goes, so cheers to your endorsement. Besides, I knew you would appreciate the seats and the price!

      I almost used the click in your link, but then found the montage by the company we saw. The credits of the cast was mainly regional theater – which is good, but a step short of the main stage. Emma Stratton was a strong Reno.

      I didn’t know about Hamilton, so thanks for the review … and enjoy the show.Enjoy … now I’m wondering if your next post will include Miltonisms regarding 50 Shades & Hamilton!


  2. Happy Belated B-day, Frank. How old are you, 29? Have a wonderful break! I’m sure you’ll come back with all sorts of ideas. Take care.

    P.S. WW and I are fantasizing about a cruise through the Panama Canal in 2016. Have you and Mrs. A. ever done that one? If you have, I’d love to get your input.


    • E-Tom,
      I embrace aging, so I was only 29 once … but this one was 29 + (10/2) x2 – the square root of 36 …. or you can go to the prior post. 😉

      We have not cruise the Panama Canal, but it is on our to-do list .. thus a matter of when. The biggest decision is which way to travel. I’m thinking I would fly west to catch the ship, thus end east. Otherwise, the return trip is a lost day … especially, if connecting flights are involved.


  3. There is pretty much something good to celebrate every day in the rest of the month (though, dammit, I forgot today was wine drinking day! Sigh… I did, however, have a bottle or three with the neighbours last night with our pancakes…)

    Enjoy your break, your “re-vamping” of the blog and whatever else it is you plan to do during your time off.


    • Dale,
      I celebrated Drink Wine Day as I finished the remains of the Italian Barolo. 🙂 …. but cheers to your neighborly efforts!

      Given the temps, I’ve got the feeling that today will be a good day to start the reorg!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Our temps are “warming up” a tad… we’re UP to the minus teens! Woo hoo! Went for a two-hour walk yesterday with the Zeke-meister and will do so again today. Though it is snowing…

        Trying to find a rhythm to my days but so far, no luck. Guess it will take more time than I can possibly envision.


  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh, Frank, that was indeed a surprise!!!!! 🙄 Thank you so much, my dear friend and a big big thank you from both of us …trekkies! 🙂
    Congratulations on being selected to volunteer at the Cincinnati Wine Festival!!! Someone’s going to have a red happy nose! 😉
    Enjoy your winter break -a SHORT* and very beneficial one I hope!
    You too have a safe, warm and joyful rest of February, my friend! 🙂
    *sorry for being a little bit selfish! 😉


    • Val,
      Regarding the 25th, I think it will be all about …. Shhhhh …. Quiet.

      I’ve attended the Grand Tastings at the CWF many times … here’s a nice glass … here’s a room with 600+ wines … Enjoy yourself for 2 1/2 hours … which means either arrange a way home or stay at a downtown hotel.

      I will volunteer at one event (and no wine), but attend another (taste away). Typically, I aim to taste wines that I don’t know … especially those that I typically won’t buy because of price. The “program” comes out the week of, so I plot my trek.


  5. Thanks for the “Anything Goes” video. That oldie goldie show still delivers the wonderfully classic Broadway dance routines that by today’s frenetic standards almost seem to be in slow motion. CHEERS to the producers of the latest revival who stuck to their guns and took the original tempo, along with refusing to degrade the choreography with basketball time-out dance team moves!


    • Catherine,
      As you saw, the CWF is actually many events, and I’ll be at two of the Grand Tastings … one as a volunteer, and the other as a willing participant! …. and yes, I have arranged to get me home. … Although on break, I’ll be watching for new posts from you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Raye,
      Good Morning Portland from still-below-zero Cincinnati. I remember your reaction when I included Neil’s Crunchy Granola in a post, so your joy is no surprise here. I’ll be watching for a new post from Jots. 🙂


  6. What an ecclectic selection of ‘days’ Mr Frank. Plenty of food to keep my interest piqued and even the odd healthy food to tweak my guilt bones and have me thinking about fitting through the door (again). I quite like the idea of ‘inconvenience yourself day’. May as well do it yourself first before someone else does it…multi-task per-se. I think that ‘Mother language Day’ should be paired with ‘Post Office Day’ as snail mail is a delicious thing that can salve all kinds of needs and wants. We forget the value of a humble hand written letter in our immediate society. I am going to take a moment on February 24th to completely and utterly celebrate the heck out of ‘Single Tasking Day’. As someone who would be quite happy to spend her days working in a factory accomplishing a single task incredibly well, I salute the value of single tasking. Multi-tasking has it’s benefits but single tasking allows you to specialise and excel. We should never forget the value of single tasking…

    I am all for ‘For Pete’s Sake! Day’. I know I added an exclamation mark there Mr Frank but it called for one and I was using poetic license. I like February 27 and it’s celebrations and would couple ‘Read me day’ with ‘(eating) Strawberry Day’ and ‘(drinking) Kahlua Day’. What a great way to while away a Friday!

    I am quite sure that the Tooth Fairy is out in all kinds of weather on every day Mr Frank and I am sure that she would be most amused to see herself nailed to a single day, however, ‘Public sleeping day’ has me enthralled. As it’s on a Saturday at least productivity won’t be affected but being relaxed enough to sleep in public is surely an art form perfected by the very young, the very old and the very much inebriated 😉

    And so we come to the end of what may just be your last post in a while. Stevie-boy is a big fan of Danny Trejo. All I know about him is that he is in a Taco shell add here in Australia. Looks like ‘Beauty and the beast’ just got another outing Mr Frank ;). And so…like all good things, Mr Franks angle must come to an end…for a bit…I feel it only fitting that we send her out in style for her hiatus and most well deserved break Mr Frank. I will save ‘Reveille’ for when you get back… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McCDWYgVyps


    • Narf,
      As I’ve come to expect, quite the cornucopia of topics within a single comment. My I suggest a single task involving kahlua that would cause one to sleep in public in the designated day. A more than one bird with one stone approach.

      I envision my hiatus being relatively short … but then coming back with every-other-day to extend the vacation, but who knows. Loved The Last Post video … which would be fitting for my last post, if it was my last post, but since it isn’t and I don’t plan on it anytime soon ,,, but nonetheless, a good one to remember.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Enjoyed listening to the music while reading through your bits! It’s funny because just this morning I was thinking about how I hadn’t commented on your blog for a while, maybe just a couple of weeks, but with your very regular posting, that’s a while! And so I pop on by, and what do I see? You’re off! Well do have a good blogging break and I look forward to seeing what you come back with.


    • Vanessa,
      You stopping by caused a smile. 😀 … One of the problems with posting as often as I do is wearing readers out while wearing self out. Then again, regularity allows readers to pop in whenever, or to visit the features they enjoy most … thus it’s all a catch-22.

      During this break, I plan on being around, so I won’t be travelling to visit the 7 Wonders of the World. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ease into my return.


  8. Great tunes and thoughts. I agree with your assessment of 50 Shades. I had to giggle at the backlash Russell Wilson received for going to see this flick. I mean, people really have to get a (sex) life. And thank you sir, for setting up my weekend so nicely. Sticky Bun Day, right now….followed by Margarita Day tomorrow. Nice! As for Monday, I will not be celebrating Tennis Day. Blame February.


    • Cayman,
      I guess my take on 50 Shades is the Libertarian streak in me. If one finds Playboy offensive, don’t buy it. If one is anti-gambling, don’t go to a casino. Meanwhile, glad you found some worthy celebrations for the weekend!


    • Christy,
      Thanks … and no pressure because forced posting is pressure, and I’ve gotten over that! The wine event is fabulous, and we usually get a hotel room … but this year is a bit different, so I do have a ride room. Glad you enjoyed Marina’s music!


  9. Volunteering for Festivals is always so much fun – and most couldn’t run without the assistance of happy folks.
    Slipping off for a bit from blogging is a good idea – it is refreshing. Have fun with the post-less freedom – even if you are doing a bit of rearranging this and that behind the scenes. Can’t wait to see what need header you choose next.


      • Hey, a wine booth should give you lots of time to chat with/see people. People watching is the fun. Rodeo events start this week with cookoffs, trail rides already winding their way in – cold this year, but it wouldn’t be trail ride without rain and cold. A busy time of year everywhere. Enjoy all of it! (Wed post will be more fun. Monday was a bit of satire)

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  10. I don’t know how you post as often as you do and keep such a strong, creative pace. I think occasional planned breaks are probably an excellent idea. I tend to take them because I get to the end of my rope–but they weren’t planned. 🙂 I enjoyed the music–thank you!


    • Debra,
      I’ve learned how to mix posts … that it those that take time to do intertwined with posts that can be quickly put together. One of two signs usually trigger a break (under normal circumstances): feeling rushed on posts or feeling behind in reading others.


    • Mudge,
      Many thanks for the encouragement and birthday wish. No question …. Pause buttons are good for bloggers. Sometimes the need is a total getaway …. other times for reconnecting with maintaining posts & comments … for me, this one is about maintenance & reconnecting.


  11. Hi Frank – I didn’t know where to thank you for mentioning me in your sidebar, so I’m just going to thank you here. THANK YOU FRANK!!! That’s a big honor for me!!! Means a lot to be in such good company here on your wonderful blog! Big kisses and hugs to you – xoxoxo 🙂


  12. Oh … do enjoy your blog break eFrank. I need to tidy my blog too. I find the theme I have is nice but the photos are too large. Still learning so I will be learning what to do before I can do.
    Good Luck with yours. : )
    Marina is a sweetheart. I love her, her music and her artwork. She is a dedicated follower of my blog so without her I would probably have about 5 people. I treasure her. I wish her much success and I like the way you added it to your blog break post.
    Have FUN !!!! 😃


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