On Welcoming March 2015

Why? Because everybody knows that one can count on John Phillips Sousa for a good march.

March in other languages includes Marzo (Italian), mars (Albanian), Hlyd-monath (Anglo Saxon), mart (Armenian), br’ezen (Czech), Marts (Danish), and dawa-ssumpa (Tibetian) … so feel free to contribute others

March was named for Mars, the Roman god of war, who was also the guardian of agriculture

The name of March comes from Latin Martius, the first month of the earliest Roman calendar

Martius was the beginning of the season for both farming and warfare, so and festivals held in his honor during the month were mirrored by other festivals in October, which closed the season for farming and warfare

March in the northern hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to September in the southern hemisphere

March starts the same day of the week as November every year, and February – but only in common years

March ends on the same day of the week as June every year

Because this is 2015 (preceding a leap year), March 2016 will start on the same day as September and December 2015. However, March 2015 ends on the same day of the week as May 2016

March’s birth flowers are the daffodil and jonquils

March’s birthstones, which symbolize courage, are aquamarine and bloodstone

March’s Zodiac signs are Pisces (until March 20) and Aries (March 21 and thereafter)

Full Moon on March 5th (6:05 pm UTC), and the New Moon displays on March 20th (9:36 am UTC)

March moon are called Crow Moon, Lenten Moon, Sap Moon, Seed Moon, and Worm Moon

Solar Eclipse on March 20 with the total eclipse of the sun being visible in Ireland, Europe, northern Africa, Europe, and Asia

The March equinox on the 20th at 10:46 pm UTC, which means sometime March 21st for many of the world … thus the day marking the transitions of winter to spring or summer to autumn

March has national celebrations in Australia, Bangladesh, Gibraltar, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, and South Korea

March 1st celebrations include Compliment Day, Daughters & Sons Day, Black Women in Jazz & the Arts Day, Wear Yellow Day (Endometriosis Day), Go Bowling Day, Horse Protection Day, Fruit Compote Day, Peanut Lovers Day, Pig Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, Refired not Retired Day, Seals Day, Self-Injury Awareness Day, Share a Smile Day, Zero Discrimination Day, Namesake Day (mine is after my Dad’s Army buddy from SF – we went sometime in the 1990s)

March promotes adopting a rescued guinea pig, expanding girls’ horizons in science & engineering, women’s health, dietetic nutrition, cheerleading safety, color therapy, eye donors, literacy, social work, women’s history, fire prevention, transgender healthcare equality, singing with your child, saving your vision, and playing the recorder

March celebrates crafts, child life, deaf history, ideas, mad for plaid, athletic training, kidneys, on-hold, supply management, and American Red Cross

March embraces credit education, employee spirit, Honor Society, expecting success, Irish-American heritage, music in schools, optimism, small press, spiritual wellness, youth art, hexagons, March Madness, and Francophones

March increases awareness in Alport Syndrome, brain injuries, colic, colorectal cancer, deep vein thrombosis, endometriosis, listening, malignant hypertension, caffeine, chronic fatigue syndrome, ethics, essential tremor, multiple sclerosis, nutrition, poison prevention, Trisomy, vascular abnormalities, and epilepsy

March appreciates humorists as artists, mirth, frozen foods, kites, peanuts, umbrellas, quinoa, maple sugar, sauces, flour, noodles, no meat, moustaches, hamburger & pickle, and dolphins

Which music did you enjoy? Do you have any personal celebrations in March?

84 thoughts on “On Welcoming March 2015

  1. Lots of great information as always, Frank!

    I’ve never been a fan of March. It teases us with its weather: we think spring is here and then, whoops, down comes another snowfall. Plus, in pediatrics, it’s always a very busy month. So many viruses around–the end of the winter viruses and the beginning of the spring ones. But once April comes, I sigh in relief and know spring will finally arrive.


  2. In your list of March celebrations above, I thought I read “kidneys on-hold” until I saw the comma in between…whew! I didn’t realize that it was also celebrating francophones (not phones made especially for guys named Frank?) when I was planning my blog post for the coming week….a translation from the French poetry of a 16th century woman. Good reading, as always. Love Sousa marches….sometimes.


  3. Ha-ha! to your opening sentence 🙂 The Takemitsu Songs piece was new to me and it is lovely! The end of March is my eldest daughters birthday, she was born on Easter Sunday. On an inconsequential aside Frank, I’m wondering if Julie London had a song for every month – she often seems to appear here! This month I will be mostly readying myself for my wee jaunt to your country which I am very much looking forward to – although a little disconcerted by the amount of snow I’m still seeing!


    • Pauline,
      Before looking for the songs, I wondered the same thing about Julie London!

      Odds are your weather for your trip will be much better. March starts our transition into spring … actually this week’s weather is supposed to be warmer. After all, aren’t you hoping for the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC?

      Thanks for sharing the your eldest daughter’s birthday!


  4. Happy March, Frank! Love Sousa’s marches!! Julie London is my fave whenever you post her. The best thing about March is the Vernal Equinox. Finally, we should get a day close to 0C, or 32F!
    Well, Frank, I didn’t win the award. I’m totally okay with that.I truly like the deserving person who won. I did a post about my experience, which is now 2 posts ago. Much like Sousa, and your article, I will March on! 🙂


    • Resa,
      Bummer on the award … but hey … the nomination is quite the honor … so stand tall and be proud! … I’ll be over soon to see the post, so thanks for letting me know. … and oh yes … cheers to the weather transitioning to the better for us!


  5. I hope that it is indeed a good March, Frank, because I am so sick of February! But I agree with Carrie, March does seem like a transition month and the weather can be all over the place: pleasant one day and yet another snowfall the next. That’s a whole other kind of March madness. As for the music since I had the time to listen to all, I tuned in (but I cut Journey off; I’ve never been a fan of them). I enjoyed Sousa and Julie London, but my favorite this time was Susannah McCorkle. I forgot about her. She lived not that far from me when she so tragically committed suicide. She had such a beautiful voice and that’s such a great song. At least her music lives on.


  6. Nice to see your post Frank, a very happy March to you. Both my Mother and Father celebrate birthdays this month ~ always lots of activity during this time of year.


  7. I love March! I love it because I still just about have the last hope of a snowfall (I SO wanted snow this year as we didn’t get any last year, sigh), but aside from that, we also have the promise of the whole summer ahead of us – the spring days are starting, like this morning (it’s 7.30am here), I can see blue sky out of the window and hear some birds chirping, so I can start to feel hopeful that we will have many months of sunshine ahead of us, in reality it’s England, so we probably won’t, but March is a month of hope.


  8. I love a John Phillips Sousa march and this one in particular. Wow you rounded up a lot of facts about this month. I love March too, because it’s my mother’s birthday — she’ll be a remarkable 89.


  9. “The Washington Post March” – What a delightful way to start the month of March! Thanks for brushing aside my disappointment over not being able to play golf this afternoon.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. G’Day Mr Frank. Good to see you popping in to herald the ides of March…I like that the moon gets a different name several times a month. It would be boring to just be called “moon” all of the time. Now it can ‘visualise’ itself in all sorts of different scenarios when it goes about its daily routine. I particularly like ‘seed moon’ and ‘worm moon’ in keeping with the spring theme. I did a bit of a double-take when I read that you were named after a ‘dad’s army’ buddy. You see ‘Dad’s Army’ was a very popular U.K. television series last century and there was a character called Frank in the series. Funny how a sentence can mean something completely different to someone on the other side of the world ;). I KNEW that someone was out there nefariously getting small children to adopt guinea pigs and now I have the proof! Singing with your child is MUCH to be preferred to having to listen to them play the recorder…

    I love march. It means that the weather starts to cool down and we don’t have to sleep on top of the bed any more ;). I graciously hand over spring to the Norther hemisphere with glee! 🙂

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  11. Nothing like a good March – and you’ve covered just about everything. Hey – sun! And warmer! Maybe Spring is ready to march shortly? (might explain the daffodils…but not that one left over impatient that dared to stick out a bloom today) Love that Sousa. Thanks


  12. What an assortment of fascinating facts, Frank. I think you did cover just about everything. That’s cool that the March flower is a daffodil. I was planning to go to Daffodil Hill today in Amador County, but it’s closed to the bit of rainfall we had on Friday. Apparently, the trails are too muddy. They did get some early blooms though because of our fabulous weather.

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  13. Hello Frank, from one of your “regulars…!” Ha Ha! Glad you’re back but it doesn’t seem like you went anywhere! Thank you for the fascinating and thoroughly complete education on the month of March! I love the lyrics to “The Waters of March” as well, in fact the same exact video accompanies a post on my blog! Love how Jobim captures the melancholy of life in the lyrics – esp the line, “It’s the mud, it’s the mud, it’s the mud” – definitely apropos for the month of March!


    • Kelly,
      Finding songs with the month in the title is a challenge, but I like embedding them between all the factoids .. .and as you’ve well noted, many of the lyrics are also a great fit. Glad you found something you enjoyed.

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  14. I love Julie London, so enjoyed Melancholy March. March is my birthday month, so this was a fun read. I didn’t know half of the facts, but I’m delighted to note there will be a solar eclipse in my honor! I’m a pet lover, too, but I’m going to forego adopting a guinea pig. We have several buried in our backyard. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Julie London continues to be a big favorite here. I’ve got the feeling she did an album with a song about each month … which is a good thing. A solar eclipse for you is quite the honor, now the pressure is on me to remember.


  15. Unlike the snowy east coast, we returned in March to find nothing but sunny days so far (cold, but sunny.) More sun here so far than we saw in Australia where most days brought clouds or rain – probably for the best though because the few that were sunny were quite hot.


  16. i had a high school teacher, trigonometry, short guy, like a mini-einstein. brilliant but absent minded. every year on March 4, someone would ask, “Mr. Sandler. What’s today’s date?” he’d say “March Fourth.” and everyone would stand up and march towards the front of the room. he was a good sport.


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