On the First Week of March

Hello from Breakville. No … I’m not back in the swing yet … nor lucky enough to be somewhere warm … thus just a temporary lifting of the Pause button. The relatively minor redesign of the pages here has gone slower than anticipated, so returning to anything resembling my regular routine remains at least a week away.

As I endure the cold wind and a tad of new snow, my wife has left the premises for a week cruising the Caribbean. Why didn’t I go? Hello … I wasn’t invited because I don’t qualify because this is a girls’ trip .. which means solo trips to the dance hall for me this week.

This week’s celebrations for your calendar

(Week) Procrastination Week, Chocolate Chip Cookie Week (don’t procrastinate), Autograph Collecting Week, Maple Syrup Week, Ghostwriters Week, Cheerleading Week, Write a Letter of Appreciation Week, Universal Human Beings Week, Celebrate Your Name Week (now there’s a frank thought), Consumer Protection Week, Pet Sitters Week, Schools Social Work Week, Severe Storm Preparedness Week, Sleep Awareness Week (anyone out there not aware of sleep?), Words Matter Week, Read an e-Book Week, Return Borrowed Books Week, Save Your Vision Week, Telecommuter Appreciation Week, Women in Construction Week, Share a Story – Shape the Future Week, School Breakfast Week, Newspaper in Education Week, Women of Aviation Week, Camp Week, Bike Week, Human Resources Week, Pancake Week, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week, Volunteers Week, Agriculture Week, Foreign Language Week (Hola!)

(Sun 1st) Compliment Day, Daughters & Sons Day, Black Women in Jazz & the Arts Day, Wear Yellow Day (Endometriosis Day), Go Bowling Day, Horse Protection Day, Fruit Compote Day, Peanut Lovers Day, Pig Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, Refired not Retired Day, Seals Day, Self-Injury Awareness Day, Share a Smile Day, Zero Discrimination Day, Namesake Day (mine is after my Dad’s Army buddy from SF – we met sometime in the 1990s)

(Mon 2nd) Dr. Seuss Day, Old Stuff Day, Read Across the World Day, Banana Cream Pie Day, Pyramid Day, Book Day, Cat in the Hat Day, Silly Putty Day, Babysitter Safety Day, Elmer Fudd Day, Porky Pig Day, Time magazine Day Fun Facts About Names Day (I’m not a Franklin or a Francis)

(Tues 3rd) Mulled Wine Day, Cold Cuts Day, Ear Care Day, I Want You to be Happy Day, Peace Corps Day, World Wildlife Day, US National Anthem Day, Princess Day. Peach Blossom Day, If Pets had a Thumb Day, 33 Ice Cream Flavors Day, Unique Names Day (my middle name isn’t Stanislaus)

(Wed 4th) Dance the Waltz Day, Cadbury Chocolates Day, March for Yourself Day, Courageous Follower Day, Holy Experiment Day, iHop Pancake Day, Scapbooking Industry Day, Math Day, March Forth-Do Something Day, Stop Bad Service Day, Grammar Day, Pound Cake Day, Toy Soldier Day, Hug a GI Day, Discover What You Name Means Day (mine is honest)

(Thurs 5th) Nametag Day, Cheese Doodle Day, 8-hr Day, Dr. Dolittle Day, Mother-in-Law Day, Healing from the Inside Out Day, Multiple Personality Day

(Fri 6th) Day of the Dude, Oreo Cookie Day, Employee Appreciation Day, White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, Day of Unplugging, Dentist Day, Read Aloud Day, Michelangelo Day, Chocolate Cheesecake Day, Toronto Day, Fun Facts about Names Day (I don’t know anyone named Stanislaus), the start of Festival of Owls Weekend, Middle Name Pride Day (mine’s Paul)

(Sat 7th) Cereal Day (Raisin Nut Bran in my favorite), Be Heard Day, Telephone Day, Frozen Food Day, Sock Monkey Day, Crown Roast of Pork Day, Monopoly Game Day, Unique Names Day (Do you know anyone named Stanislaus?)

(Sun 8th) Proofing Reading Day, Working Women’s Day, Girl Scout Sunday, Geneology Day, Check Your Batteries Day, Be Nasty Day, Peanut Cluster Day, Plant a Flower Day (sure, dig the snow first), Day of Women’s Rights & International Peace, Learn What Your Last Name Means (other than personal identification, I have no clue)

Avere una buona settimana. Gerai savaitę. On hyvä viikko. Heb een goede week.

180 thoughts on “On the First Week of March

  1. What an appropriate song, Frank, considering your hilarious obsession with Stanislaus this post! No, I’ve never known anyone personally named Stanislaus, but it is a county in Central California that was part of my dad’s territory back in the day when he was a salesman for the Bulova Watch Company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislaus_County,_California And it’s been Cadbury Chocolates Day all weekend because I picked up a bag of Cadbury royal dark mini eggs that my friend and I chowed through when we saw “Whiplash” last night.

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  2. I don’t know anyone named Staislaus either, though we sport a cat called ‘Stan’ and as he came with that name it might well be an abbreviation! My name means ‘Little Paul’ which makes us a match as Pauline is also my middle name. My mother had a strange obsession with calling her kids by their middle names and ensuring years of misery for all us throughout our education. I further believe one of my names came from a romantic novel my mother was reading while carrying me, so my namesake was her favourite heroine. My last name is my married name and it comes from Kent in England and apparently was given to those who served the king in an important manner sometime around the arrival of the Normans in the 11th century. Obviously this particular wing of the family fell on hard times as they were definitely lower class by the time I came across them. 🙂

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    • Pauline,
      Looks like we have a name connection! 🙂 … And thanks for sharing the tidbits about your family history. Interesting being so close to royalty. Meanwhile, will you be filing official paperwork for legally changing the name of your cat to Stanislaus?


    • Novarea,
      Welcome first-timer here. Pointing about the celebrations is a normal thing here – however, this is an abnormal post because I’m on blog break … but I want my readers to keep informed about important celebrations. (Normally, I break a way into parts of two posts). … Go back one post to learn about March!

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      • Frank,
        Thanks for the welcome, appreciate it. Yeah I did read about your first post about March (On Welcoming March 2015) and it is very helpful and educating. One wouldn’t normally research on the specifics/ history or stuff about Months and all. You did find time to post something very enlighting. Which is very new to me. 🙂 I look forward to reading more blogs from you:-)


  3. Well my mother, at the tender age of 16 had the hots for Dale Robertson (I think I’ve told you this on one of our ramblings) – he was her George Clooney or Brad Pitt or you get the picture. She declared then and there that her first kid, boy or girl was going to be called Dale. How ironic that my last name is so close to his…change the b for a g and drop the t and there you have it!

    Sleep? Whazzat?


  4. Anyone else feel that we have gone overboard with these celebrations for every day of the year? How about keeping one day completely free of events and celebrations. No peanut cluster day, no check your battery day, just plain old March 8 representing another 24 hours on times winged chariot.

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  5. Oh, nooooo… and I bet she’s going to be sending you all those pictures from her cruise! 😦 I hear they have very gloomy weather over there – no sea and generally a horrible place*… You’ll have a better time home!
    * okay, I tried! 😉
    A happy new week ahead, my friend.


  6. Such a cute song and video, Frank. Nice to see you back, even for a brief moment. I would love to make this ‘procrastination week’, but I have a deadline to meet. 😦 I’m sure your wife will enjoy the cruise on your behalf. 🙂

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    • Sylvia,
      Deadlines and Procrastination Week are definitely in conflict. An idea … if your deadline is Friday, you start Procrastination Week on Saturday, and then keep it until the following Saturday.

      Meanwhile, she’ll have a good time. I received a text from her this morning from their first port … it’s warm, so she’s happy. But hey … I’ve got a full week planned!

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  7. In honor of Dr. Sues , I will read one of his fun books to me. LOL
    Ahhh … The call of the seas. I will be on them soon. Traveling through Central America up to San Francisco in April. But, you can’t come on this one either.
    It’s our 50th anniversary celebration and 2nd honeymoon. 😞
    Sorry … !!!
    You’ll be busy writing and dancing anyway. LOL
    Enjoy your quiet time …. And snacking all you want time too. 😁😁😁


    • Isadora,
      Oh my … another rejection for me coming along. I’m starting to develop a personality complex!

      A 50th anniversary celebration cruise sounds wonderful … and congratulations ahead of him. Seems like you are going through the Panama Canal … Something on my to-do list … but I love San Francisco. I love the North Beach area of town.

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  8. I must be hungry…I read that first sentence line as “Hello from breakfastville”. I guess being up at 3am and spending the first hour at my computer pinning scrumptious looking recipes might have something to do with my wandering mind and my grumbling stomach.

    There are many items on the “week” list that could possibly alarm your AWOL wife if she is reading this blog post remotely Mr Frank. We all know that men left alone to their own devices can demolish a house in a week. When the balancing ‘Qi’ force of a wife is absent, men go wild with the possibilities of being unrestrained. What if you were to actually delve into some of these weekly celebrations eh?

    We could see Mr Frank up to his eyeballs in home baked chocolate chip cookies whilst pouring maple syrup on practicing cheerleaders! A letter of appreciation to said cheerleaders for their stoic refusal to be swayed from their craft even under extreme duress might be warranted.

    We all know that the very first thing a man tends to do when left alone is to throw himself into a D.I.Y. project. ‘Severe Storm Preparedness Weed’ could see your wife return to a shored up house that can only be entered via a crawl space in the roof…or worse still, “women in construction week’…hopefully we won’t be seeing a post on this esteemed blog for ‘how to make your own woman’…

    If you own a pet, ‘Pet Sitters Week’ goes without saying but ‘Shape the Future Week’ could end up with the dog wearing a delightful body suit fashioned by Mr Frank who learned to knit while his dear wife was away. The dog may need therapy…

    I just had a brilliant idea Mr Frank! I know how men tend to pine when their wives go away, and how they also tend to rely on takeaway food, beer and pretzels for sustenance. Hows about taking item 21 on your list of celebrations and pairing it with item 22? You could give a talk at your local school (or a demonstration of ballroom dancing perchance…) and at the same time eat breakfast for free! At least one meal would be off the takeaway speed dial menu.You could even throw in item 23 at a pinch and read a newspaper till lunch eventuates…

    ‘Pancake Week’ would make a good alternative to last night’s pizza leftovers for breakfast Mr Frank and hopefully you don’t turn to liquid lunches in desperation and have to be made to take note of “Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week’.

    “Agriculture Week” would be a most healthy thing to take up. Getting out into the garden would give you purpose and would perhaps reduce the need to renovate the house with a hammer and palettes Mr Frank or there is always “Foreign Language Week”…plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

    You could take advantage of “Daughters & Sons Day” to get a day of free meals and “Peanuts Day” gives you an out. A big bag of salted peanuts and a big jar of peanut butter could be considered “food” at a pinch…

    “Cold cuts day” goes without saying, “I want you to be happy day” may just hit you by Wednesday when you are pining for your wife and have decided to celebrate “Drug and Alcohol Day” anyway…

    By the end of the week, “Pound cake day”, “cheese doodle day”, “multiple personality day”, “Oreo cookie day”, “white chocolate cheesecake day), and “frozen food day”(which, incidentally, you may just have been reduced to eating straight from the bag by the end of the week…) may all have played a part in your solo house sitting vacation. Your wife will have stretched out her “Day of Women’s Rights & International Peace” day out for a whole week and you will have gazed at your navel for the best part of a week and should be existentially cleansed inside and out for an entire year.

    I also don’t know anyone named Stanislaus and my middle name is ‘Margaret’.

    Love The Cars Mr Frank. Don’t go insane while your wife is away, just pick up those knitting needles and yarn bomb your entire neighbourhood!


  9. Hmmm – Frank Paul Angle, right? Now we can all track you down wherever you are! And the only Stanislaus I know is the Saint. You give me so many reasons to celebrate so many things here, I don’t know where to start – just lots of weirdness in all the right ways again, Frank! Love the Cars, too. Behave yourself this week 🙂


    • FPA … Nope …. the blog’s name stands for A (one) Frank (honest) Angle (Perspective, opinion) … although I am a Frank Paul.

      Now we have two references, the saint and the county in California … and of course I will behave this week.

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  10. At least you have Dale to keep you company Frank. Hope your wife is enjoying herself on her cruise, am sure she misses her Man. Am going to the DR in a month for a little RR , I like winter but I have my limits.

    The calendar may indicate March 1st, the great outdoors is very much entrenched in frostbite February. Elvira and I, did go on a four hour hike on Saturday, the first in a month or more. It felt simply good just to get out in the snowy woods.


  11. All inclusive, yes, and adult only – I know what your thinking, am surprised they took my reservation too. I have been to the Dominican previously, the decision influenced by value for money this year, it’s not Cuba but it works in pinch. I was shooting for Grenada, but could not justify the high price. As long as there is palm trees, a beach and a sunset -basically am low maintenance.


    • It’s a great place to go when you want to do nothing more than lounge under a palm tree with a good book and a cerveza. Which part of the DR are you going to? I went to Puerto Plata about a hundred years ago when there were a mere four hotels (the Eurotel was under construction!). The only other place we visited at the time was Sosua. Since then we stopped off at Semana on one of our cruises. Lots of nice beaches. At the time, our hotel the Dorado Naco had a lovely little pathway to the beach. Very peaceful. But, like I said, was a hundred years ago! (30 for realz)


      • I will be in the south east, La Romana / Santo Domingo area (where the Brothers of Cuba music is popular). I have done Punta Cana where the beaches are too crowded for my liking. I have never visited Puerto Plata, though the north coast does appeal to my need to get off the reservation and off the beat’n path. Another time perhaps. Just looking forward to being an visitant without a cause or care and the odd cerveza perhaps -one does need to stay hydrated am told.

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        • Nice! I sooooo could find myself on a beach ‘neath a palm tree RIGHT NOW! Getting away from it all would suit me fine…


  12. The Mrs. is out enjoying herself in the warm sunshine w/o Frank? Oh no, say it isn’t so. Okay so when you get to the dance hall, you’ll be able to dance the night away as you wait for your sweetheart to return home. Have a beautiful week Frank ~

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    • Kay,
      And to add insult to injury, my wife just called from poolside, thus telling me how warm it is … meanwhile outside is a cold rain … more coming … flood warning … rain transitions to heavy snow sometime tomorrow. Oh boy!


  13. Lots to march around and celebrate this week. (Do cell phones share telephone day – or do they get their own?)
    We had a break today from morning fog. Turned into sunny 70’s afternoon ( what did I tell you – first official day of rodeo performances) Fog rolled back in tonight and they are saying temps will fall by atleast 40 degree during the day tomorrow…ice/mix predicted a bit north of us ( fingers crossed)
    You wife has the right idea – she’d better be sending you pictures of all that luxurious warmth!


    • Mouse,
      I found reference to No Cell Phone Day, but no Cell Phone Day.

      She called this afternoon from sunny, warm poolside on the ship. So I told her it was rainy, heavier rains later, a flood warning, then changing to 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow followed by single digits … she groaned. They have a sea day tomorrow as they are on the way to Aruba then Curacao. On the other hand, I’ve danced a lot.

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      • Different ways of finding sunny thought!
        (and soon there are bound to be protests about discriminating against cell phones…just because they are small, move around a lot, tend to hide/get “lost” to amuse themselves, and are prone to interrupting conversations…wait, we aren’t talking about children, Sorry. Cell phones charge up and speak up for your own special day!)

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  14. I’m right on target. Had a cup of mulled wine yesterday, and corrected a sentence of bad grammar today. I hope that’s you on the cruise ship, even if you disclaim your presence there. Palm trees and sunny skies have to beat the dreary icy, snowy, slush.


    • March,
      Good question … Given the warm qualification, choices would include … going south with a group of guys to play golf … or going solo to a condo on the beach in Florida – but the condo would have to be in an area were there are ballroom activities for my evening entertainment.

      You mentioned Festival of Owls … here’s your link http://www.festivalofowls.com/ …. so get your plane ticket to Minnesota.


  15. Settling back into a routine is often hard after enjoying a break.. 🙂 And I expect your Wife is so pleased to be seeking some warmth on that cruise liner rather than the weather you have been having..
    I am sure you will tap someones shoulder on the dance floor Frank. And get your dancing shoes working their routines 🙂
    Its Thursday and the 5th March already, where is the time flying to? But today I have a nice hot-pot on the go in the slow cooker.. a freshly baked batch of scones with some home made Jam for desert .. So I guess I could fit into that category of (Healing from the Inside Out Day) as I eat away today 🙂

    Thank you for dropping in too Frank.. I so appreciate when you do get the time.. Sending warm hugs your way and fingers crossed that this comment posts ok.. 😉
    Hugs Sue


    • Sue,
      My wife is basking in the sun and warm air … Aruba today … meanwhile, we got a dose of cold and snow yesterday. Hopefully the roads will be clear when I venture out this afternoon.

      Meanwhile, Yep … I’ve danced a lot during her absence. I go where many know us, so many eyes are watching my behavior. 😉 But the weather kept me away from it yesterday. Not sure about today.

      A slower cooker followed by homemade scones & jam … I’m off to the airport to purchase airfare.


    • PS: … for me, experience tells me that getting back into a blogging is fairly easy … sometimes easing into it is part of the plan because my routine involves frequent posts.


  16. hello Frank! and happy Dr. Doolittle Day! 🙂 you should have surprised your wife and boarded that ship anonymously as part of the ship’s entertainment. in drag, ha-ahaa. XD like the movie with Robin Williams, The Birdcage. too funny! have a great rest of the week! 🙂


  17. Well – no wonder you’re flying solo on the dance floor this week.
    Hope your wifey brings back some sun from her Caribbean cruise. 🙂
    Today we almost reached 50 degrees. It was a midwest heatwave!

    As for – Write a Letter of Appreciation Week…
    How about I write a note of appreciation instead?
    I appreciate you & your blog & your visits to mine.
    You always know how to make my spirit happy & put a smile on my face with all that you share.


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