On a Skit for Monday

Warm weather arrived this weekend in Cincinnati. Then again, March has a tendency to be a big tease. After this winter, Sunday’s sun and warmth were simply marvelous.

How was your weekend? Mine was a bit full as it included a night of ballroom, ushering at the Playhouse (Peter and the Starcatcher), a wine tasting (our church group featuring wines from Paso Robles, California), working, and practice for the quick-step formation. As as I sit to prepare this post, whew … it’s great to be sitting at home.

FYI: The play serves a prequel to Peter Pan, but it’s written in a Monty Python sort of way – that is, with a lot of one-liners meant for adults. In other words, it really wasn’t a play for kids.

Saturday’s Donald Duck post was well received. Interestingly, did you notice that Donald Duck Day was this past Friday?

On the blogging front, the week ahead is a bit uncertain, so I’m aiming for resuming Wednesday’s Satire Bits, and Friday’s Opinion in the Shorts – and in the latter, I hope to announce the next musical.

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Straw Hat Week, Act Happy Week, Goof-Off Week, Well-Elderly Week, Wildlife Week, Folktales & Fables Week, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, YoYo and Skills Toys Days, Chocolate Week, Food Safety Awareness Week, Animal Poison Prevention Week, Termites Awareness Week, Poison Prevention Week, Shakespeare Week, Art Week, Clean Your Closet Week, Go Nuts Over Texas Peanuts Week, Clutter Awareness Week, Anonymous Giving Week, Spring Fever Week
  • (Mon) Lips Appreciation Day, No Selfies Day, Everything You Do is Right Day, Quilt Day, Freedom of Information Day, Goddard Day, Well-Elderly Day, Artichokes Hearts Day, Doctor-Patient Trust Day, Vitamin C Day, Panda Day, Pre-School Teachers Appreciation Day
  • (Tues) Rubber Band Day, Green Beer Day, Submarine Day, Corned Beef & Cabbage Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Right Angle Birthday
  • (Wed) Kick Butts Day, Awkward Moments Day, First Space Walk Day, Forgive Mom & Dad Day, Agriculture Day, Supreme Sacrifice Day, Sun-Earth Day, Sparky the Fire Dog Day, Sloppy Joe Day
  • (Thurs) Let’s Laugh Day, Chocolate Caramel Day, Client’s Day, Goddess of Fertility Day, Companies that Care Day, Swallows Return to Capistrano Day, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Social Work Day, Certified Nurses Day

It’s time to start your week with a smile – so enjoy these grins from the past. Have a good week!

86 thoughts on “On a Skit for Monday

  1. Chocolate Week and Chocolate Caramel Day all in the same week? Oh, it’s going to be a sweet, sweet week. Unless I’m forced to give them up for Supreme Sacrifice Day. Then it’s going to be a sad, sad week…


  2. Thanks for sharing that clip ~ I haven’t seen it in ages! Happy for you the warm weather arrived today. Last night I drove home in a friggen blizzard – on one of those highways in the middle of a field so you can’t see anything but the snow coming at you as if you’re driving through a vortex… Sorry, got carried away there!
    Way too many of my friends have MS (did you know Canada was the “capital” of MS? There are more cases from here than anywhere else in the world.
    I was planning on clearing out my closet this week ~ looks like I chose the correct one….
    Lips get a day, eh? Nice…
    I can kick butt… I am, after all, a brown belt in karate. So that means I’m allowed to use my skillz on that day?
    EVERY day is Let’s laugh day. It must!
    I’m ignoring all the food-related days. I already indulge too much!
    Have a marvellous week, dear Frank!


  3. I watched the clip. That was hilarious!! He covered most everything except for the Tango and the Flamenco. Who knows what will happen this week with it being Spring Fever Week, Frank. Sounds like you had a good weekend, sipping those wines from Paso Robles. Those are sure to be good. We went to Daffodil Hill today and saw all the flowers. Pretty!


    • Amy,
      Glad you enjoy this classic clip. An oldie, but a goodie. The wines good, My wife & I went to Paso 5-6 years ago … had an awesome time! Ah ha … you returned to Daffodil Hill!


  4. What a perfect video to kick off Goof-Off Week, Frank!

    So, did you like “Peter and the Starcatcher” (note: you seem to have suffered a brain freeze when you typed the show’s name)? I ushered it at the New York Theater Workshop (where I had an ushering gig this weekend) in 2011 before it transferred to Broadway. I thought it was a blast but also very camp which might put some people off with all the not-very-subtle gay innuendo. I loved the character Black Stache. Here in New York he was played by Christian Borle, an A-list Broadway actor, who won the Tony award. If this show is miscast at all, I can see it coming across as quite a dud.


  5. That was a good clip! New for me and I couldn’t quite work out how they were doing it – two pairs of arms is my guess, and the coordination is really impressive! According to a lovely flyer that arrived in my mailbox today it is National Crafting Month – I don’t recall seeing that on your blog, so it may just be here. Though why they waited to tell me until halfway through the month I don’t know – I’m imagining the bargains I’ve missed out on!

    The outreaches of Cyclone Pam made themselves felt here today and brought cloud and drizzle and a cooler temperature. Further north there are high winds and flooding – and a seaside village I used to live in when my children were young is preparing for inundation from the high, cyclone whipped seas, but nothing like the poor folks of Vanuatu received..

    Have a good week Frank 🙂


    • Pauline,
      Hello there! Yuk on the cyclone. Just did some reading on it … wow! Quite the powerful storm.

      I did catching Crafting Month … Just above the Julie London video … “March celebrates crafts” … Whew … You had me worried! Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed the video.


  6. Chocolate and caramel, maybe I will make some sort of dessert with the two. Chocolate ravioli stuffed with cream cheese and a salted caramel sauce?

    The weekend was good, I went in to Toronto to attend the National Home Show with my sister. We bought brooms, Salute the big spenders?


    • Catherine,
      Chocolate ravioli? I’m on my way. We had some once on a cruise, and have talked about making them sometime … but still haven’t. … and your sauce sounds like a splendid addition!

      Home Shows are wonderful … but you went all the way to Toronto for a broom. Interesting … no brooms n Hamilton, … who would have thunk it.


  7. Sadly, the swallows no longer return to Capistrano! They did until a few years ago and the loss is significant. I think I should do a post on this some time. Their former home, the San Juan Capistrano Mission is one of my favorites. We had a warm weekend with temps in the 90’s, but good news, there is NO climate change. Hmmmm. I guess the heat made me grumpy. LOL! Chocolate showed up at least twice in the celebrations planned for this week. I think I will start early on that. Have a great week, Frank. It sounds to me like you could use a little rest!


  8. Hi Frank! That video was hilarious! Someone needs to bring that lost form of comedy back! You have many good things worthy of celebrating this week on your proverbial list. But for today, I will go with “Everything You Do Is Right” and “Vitamin C” just to make myself feel better, because I’m fighting a nasty cold. But on a brighter note, it’s going to be 63 degrees here today, so I will try to celebrate that as well. Hope you have a great week 🙂


  9. Thanks for alerting me that tomorrow is Rubber Band Day, which led me to find out that the rubber band, or elastic band, was patented by Stephen Perry in 1845, and unlike most rubber products, elastic bands aren’t made of synthetic rubber.


  10. Happy Monday, Frank! That IS a funny dance clip; had me chuckling out loud. Ironically, “Forgive Mom & Dad Day” and “Supreme Sacrifice Day” are on the same day. Have a great week ahead! ~V


  11. Another extensive list Mr Frank. A whole week for chocolate? How will I EVER fit through the door next spring, especially if I pair it with that “Go Nuts over Texas peanuts” week? I like “Clutter awareness” week. You are aware of it, but you are under no obligation to do anything about it. I am a bit sad that people feel like they have to “Act happy” for a whole week. Happiness is transient and the beauty of it is that it needs other emotions to highlight it. There is no natural way to be constantly “HAPPY!” and, to be honest, I don’t think our bodies and minds could cope with it. It would soon get desensitised and lost in the morass of human adaptability. I will take my little solitary moments of happiness over great big pretendy swathes thank you to whoever decided to press-gang happiness onto the masses.

    I read that selfies have been linked to narcissism. I am not surprised. “Everything you do is right day”?! Er…there is a theme occurring with this weeks “weeks and days” Mr Frank. A theme of delusion methinks! I count myself lucky if I have “1” thing go right in a day, especially when my ego is involved. To have everything right for a whole day smacks of someone who is airing out their dictator cupboard…

    It is currently 3.46am on Tuesday so let’s take a closer look at what I have on offer to celebrate today…hmmm Rubber band day? Well, Stevie-boy and I count ourselves as the numero UNO Tasmanian chapter of the fan club for The Rubber Bandits, a most hilarious but definitely adult duo from Ireland. As usual, I would like to combine a few days together and as it is St Patrick’s day, and as most of Australia was founded on misplaced Fenians from The Old Country (but we don’t talk about it much) I figure I might share one of their musical interludes. Can’t get more Irish than these boys… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_ZTrXAxZ-g


  12. Summer arrive over the weekend…and the front flower bed got some sorting. But back to grey today and rain moving in end of the week. Spring Breakers are just not getting a break this year.
    Right Angle Day on St Patrick’s Day? How appropriate is that? Some are may miss it and get left out?
    Enjoyed the visit


    • Mouse,
      So the spring breakers have arrived … oh the change of pace they bring to your city! We have 70 degrees yesterday … way above normal … but it was a one-day tease … but that’s fine. Hopefully green spaghetti for my lunch today!


      • Outdoors is greening – that counts? Foggy, but 80 – so about normal…More rain shortly. Spring Breakers not getting a break – outdoors anyway. Still, get outside while you can…green waters up there, too? (Lucky’s Bar in town opened at 4:30 am with Lucky Charms, green milk, and green beer. There were the St Patrick’s Day themed camera seekers – and quite a few nurses coming off the night shift. Good day for Uber. )
        Enjoy today’s grins and greens!


  13. The video is hilarious. I thought they would show how it was done at the end. : (
    WOW … yo-yo and skills toys day. I have to get my yo-yo out. Oh no, I forgot I have it away. But, I do have my jump rope and top. Remember trying to get that top to stay on that little point. Living in a concrete jungle was perfect for it. : )
    Gardening was my passion this weekend. Getting those shrubs to look tidy. I haven’t attempting repotting yet. A few more weeks. The temps were 78 – 80 both days with no humidity. Just Lovely …. !!! 😄 Happy Week !!!


  14. Lip appreciation day? Really?? Just what some of our starlets with overly bee stung lips need to observe! Think I shall stick to chocolate and caramel :-).


  15. I am pleased your weather is warming Frank.. Although as you say, March can play its tricks, here it warmed now its cooled again, and today we had hail..

    My weekend was great.. It was Mother’s Day, Sunday so I have a wonderful day with my Family visiting.. and lots of nice goodies too 🙂
    And thank you for the video Share.. Lots of Laughs..
    Enjoy your week
    Take care
    Sue x


  16. Pingback: Duck and Cover… or Trip and Roll | A Delectable Life

    I’m clearing clutter this week, so I’m celebrating. Had a laugh watching the clip. I’d never seen it before.
    When I have some time tonight I want to find out about why the swallows no longer return to Capistrano.


  18. You can’t tell me that Wednesday is Kick Butt day because that means I’m going to kick somebody’s booty lol. Maybe the blog, I will kick the blogs butt… definitely lol. This post made me smile, thanks for it 🙂


  19. A skit for Monday on a Friday.
    Sounds like you had a nice full weekend.
    May this weekend be just as fun!
    LOL on the video. The break-dancing part was my favorite. 🙂


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