On Brief Shorts

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I know … last’s week’s opening image was better. It may have been too difficult to top.

This week seemed to fly by. Blogging wise, I feel behind on visiting your wonderful blogs. Given my schedule, I know this weekend won’t be the time to make up for lost time.

Dancing with the Stars (Season 20) is underway with Rumer Willis and Nastia Luikin establishing themselves as the early favorites. But I wonder who will be the one or two that will develop into challengers.

I’m unsure if next week will be the one where I ramp up a full posting schedule. It’s possible, but I will know more Monday.

No Saturday Morning Cartoon or Explore this weekend because I hope to finish preparing a special post that is timely for the day.

Many have been anxiously anticipating the upcoming announcement of the next musical. Although Opening Night is still undetermined, my production choice will surprise many. The next aFa musical production will be Meals: The Musical.

Celebrations for Your Weekend

(Weekend) Sherlock Holmes Days, Tree Climbing Day

(Fri) Snowman Burning Day, Ravioli Day, Act Happy Day, Frog Day, Alien Abduction Day, Day of Happiness, French Language Day, Proposal Day, Spring Day, Astrology Day, Storytelling Day, Day of Theater for Children & Young People, Big Bird Day (from Sesame Street), Bed-in for Peace Day, Equinox

(Sat) Dance Day, Down Syndrome Day, Corn Dog Day, Brain Injury Awareness Day, French Bread Day, Sports Car Racing Day, Memory Day, Teenager Day, Common Courtesy Day, Single Parent Day, Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, WE Day, Flowers Day, Poetry Day, Renewable Energy Day, Quilting Day, California Strawberry Day, Day of Action on Syringe Exchange, Fragrance Day, Spring Fairy Fun Day

(Sun) Goof-Off Day, As Young as You Feel Day, Education and Sharing Day, Day of the Seal, Tuskegee Airmen Day, Water Day, Francophone Day, Bavarian Crepes Day, Roller Coaster Day, Badminton Day, Sing-Out Day

Here’s more Bond to send you into the weekend … this time with Victory,  which also includes dancing. Have a good and safe weekend.

63 thoughts on “On Brief Shorts

  1. Snowman Burning Day is perfect for the warm weather in the mountains here, Frank! We’re up for our last ski weekend and the snow is rapidly melting. Had a good day today, but shortened by spring skiing conditions (icy in the morning because of sub zero temps at night and slushy in the afternoon because of warm temperatures). I’m very curious about Meals the Musical…


    • Cathy,
      The sadness of the last ski weekend of the season … but that also means spring & summer activities are around the corner. In terms of the musical, the title was the hardest part … after all, I noticed the first act has been the also been the musical title … but I’m still not happy with it … but I have about 10 acts at this point.


  2. Yikes – I’m blinded by the top image! I will not be able to watch DWTS for another month due to my super busy life – but will hopefully catch up fairly quickly. I’ll try not to read anything you say about it til then. A musical about meals could possibly be terribly short – but then again, with this producer, who knows what might happen! I’m looking forward to it!


    • Pauline,
      Glad to put DWTS on your radar … and, the pro cast has 3 Aussies this time. In terms of the musical, I have about 10 acts planned so far. 🙂 … so what been keeping you busy?


      • Ten acts! And I can’t think of a single meal related song – this is going to be fascinating – and educational! Despite retirement, I am working with an ex-client who got herself into difficulties and I have her on suicide watch. I think the worst is past now and normal life will resume soon. Then of course I’m heading off your way and I’m keen to have my client’s situation resolved before doing so……….. life is just a bit stressful for a gal who embraced retirement happily 🙂


  3. Thanks for posting that image of that guy, Frank. I had been considering scarfing an after dinner snack but he completely killed my appetite. So, Goof-Off Day is making a return on Sunday? I thought this was Goof-Off Week? Lots of goofing off going on. Works for me, much more than the heavy wet snow in the forecast tomorrow for the Big Apple’s first day of spring. Enough already with the snow!


  4. I find it somewhat ironic that burning the snowman falls on the first day of spring (in the Northern hemisphere, of course); Teenagers do not need a day as they think they ALL belong to them; I definitely don’t dance enough so will have to use Saturday as the encouragement to start; Sunday (dimanche) je vais parler en français – as it is Francophone day. Oh way, I parle in français all the time!
    A musical on meals? That will be most interesting. Already want to start thinking about which direction the director will want to go in but then I shall be patient and see what is to come!


  5. Bond!!!! Excellent … that is how we met!!!! What a great start on my Friday. Great dance tune too. So Dancing with the stars back, now I have to “download” wouldn’t miss it for the life.
    Strawberry Day! Here we had sunshine for 10 days … but now the chill is back and snow is to expect for this weekend. Only 12 days left until Japan. I wish you and your lady a great weekend.


    • Viveka,
      Ah ha … so it’s Bond to initially connected us. Glad you remembered because I at times wonder about those types of tidbits. With your looming trip, you have much on your plate, but the courtesy of streaming allows you to catch up with DWTS when you return. … Surprise surprise … but a busy weekend for us here.


      • We have our own program …. Let’s Dance, okay – but not so glam as yours. Yes, you contacted me when I posted about Bond and you were enjoyed the Youtube’s videos didn’t want to stick on your post.
        The thing is that I’m in a zone of waiting just now. Everything is done, except the “drug officer” in Japan want more paper from my doctor about my medicine and my doctor is on holiday. A bit short of time. Can’t do anything until Monday now.
        Have a great one.


  6. I look forward to the return soon of your full Friday, “Opinions in the Shorts,” which include your insightful political takes and interesting reads.

    “Anxiously anticipating” fails to do justice to my unrest over when the next afa musical production will begin.

    After a trip to London, Ohio today, I plan to celebrate “French Language Day” and “Snowman Burning Day.”


    • Tim,
      OITS could return next week … and the next musical may start … then again … maybe not … so I will know more at the end of the weekend. Meanwhile, keep working on your proficiency with French.


  7. So playing with matches in the snow, are you? (Maybe snowmen are secretly those weird live-not live things in Game of Thrones…you have to burn.) It’s the equinox so the Wiccans are too busy for frozen pranks?
    Dancing with Stars will be interesting. Hope your weekend is stellar.


  8. I wish I had time for Sherlock Holmes day. That strikes me as a day worth celebrating. I would like to celebrate it wearing a deer stalker and a robe with a Sherlock Holmes novel in one hand and a cup of tea in the other but alas, I am too busy studying to affect that rakish look. SO many days, so little time to spend even contemplating them, let alone indulging them. Glad to see you are multi-tasking Mr Frank, with both “Victory” and “Dancing” in the same video. Too strenuous for me…back to the books…


  9. OK … so I see your making my head spin. I thought I saw these gals in another post. But, I questioned myself. Then, you said, “Here’s more Bond to send you into the weekend”.
    Whew … I need to get some sleep. I’ve been writing too many murderous stories. It’s starting to alter my clear thinking.
    AND … the guy in the underwear …!!!??? I am now blind. i don’t know how I’m typing right now. Is the skeleton supposed to showcase how far he’s neglected himself? I apologize if he’s someone’s husband or boyfriend … but … please, clothes – get some clothes on.
    Eeeekkk … I looked again. Is he showcasing his tattoos??? I can’t even look at him long enough to figure out what they are. That isn’t you … is it??? I apologize if it is. Oh God, I’m rambling.
    I’ve been affected. I may need therapy. I have to go. Bye !!!! 😳 😃 😂


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