On Dirty-Dancing Monday

Another weekend has gone. Hopefully, the last blast of cold weather has left us. How was your weekend? Come on … inquiring minds want to know!

Surprise, surprise – ours was full with my work, a night of ballroom (where we struggled as both of us were very tired), a trip to IKEA (I’ve never seen so many people in any store at one time), dinner at a friend’s house, and Quickstep formation practice.

Considering that this week is the opening for Meals: The Musical, the start of a new month, our wedding anniversary, and the Easter weekend, this could be a week of posts that are out of the routine – in other words, time will tell how it unfolds. Meanwhile, I have my share of work to catch up on visiting.

A reminder that Opening Night for Meals: The Musical is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US). Songs for Act 1 must include any of the following words in the title: Meal(s), Breakfast, Lunch, Lunchtime, Brunch, Dinner, Dinnertime, Supper, Snack, Snacktime, or Food(s).

Thanks to those providing corrections regarding the rollover information in the sidebar featuring other blogs.

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Nano Day, Week of the Ocean – (Starting Wed) Publicity Stunt Week, Be Kind to Spiders Week, Popper Scooper Week, Golden Rule Week, Laugh at Work Week, Medication Safety Week, Testicular Cancer Awareness Week
  • (Mon) Turkey Neck Soup Day, Hot Dog Day, Pencil with an Eraser Day, Egg Incubator Day, Double-Deck Bridge Day, Alaska Purchase Day, Bi-Polar Day, Take a Walk in the Park Day, Van Gogh Day, I Am in Control Day, No Homework Day, Doctors Day, Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence
  • (Tues) Coloring Crayon Day, Bunsen Burner Day, Sleep Apnea Day, Hug a Medielvalist Day, Eiffel Tower Day, Tater Day, Clams on the Half-shell Day, Orange & Lemons Day
  • (Wed) April Fools Day, Fun Day, Boomer Bonus Days, Tatting Day, Library Snap Shot Day, Myles Day, Day of Hope, Fun at Work Day, Walking Day, Poetry & the Creative Mind Day, Reading is Funny Day, Whole Grain Sampling Day, Sourdough Bread Day, Check Your Batteries Day, Sliced Bread Day, One Cent Day, Lupus Alert Day, Dollar Sign Day, Apple Computer Day, Dishwasher Day, Belerusian Day
  • (Thurs) Ferret Day, Autism Awareness Day, Reconciliation Day, Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, Love Your Produce Manager Day, Children’s Book Day, Yo-Yo Day, Youth & Teen Hockey Day

Here’s another relatively new commercial to start your week, which I happened to see shortly after selecting last week’s Monday video. Have you seen this one?  (There is a short version.) Have a good rest of the week.


104 thoughts on “On Dirty-Dancing Monday

  1. I saw that one coming! Funny.
    I always try to be kind to spiders. ..
    Lots to celebrate this week. My son loves oranges and lemon and it just happens to fall on his birthday!
    Cannot celebrate pennies-ours were taken off the market. 😦 No more “Pennies from heaven” in Canada…
    Have a great week, Frank! Looking forward to Wednesday!


  2. Would you believe I’ve never been in an IKEA store? I feel like I’ve missed out on one of life’s required milestones. I’ll have to rectify that someday. And “Orange & Lemons Day”? Really? I think they were scraping the bottom of the barrel for that one.


  3. Funny commercial. He didn’t see that coming.

    Giving a talk at the senior center tomorrow on cosmic distances. Donating platelets Tuesday. Volunteering at free lunch Friday. Watching the morning lunar eclipse Saturday. Family potluck Easter dinner Sunday.

    Otherwise…not much going on this week. 🙂


  4. That commercial is hilarious, Frank.

    I’m going out on a limb here to say that I plan to celebrate Take a walk inthe park day. Of course, I celebrate that every day …


  5. That commercial was pretty funny, Frank. Like Carrie, I’ve never been in IKEA, either. There aren’t any in Manhattan, but I think they’re in Brooklyn or Jersey. For my houseware needs I either go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Pottery Barn. They’re walking distance from my nest. I like that it’s both Laugh at Work Week and Wednesday is Apple Computer Day, but it’s pretty much that day every day with me. There’s also a lot of laughing at The Grind every week, but not so much this past Saturday, when I had to come in and work on a project. That was a downbeat.


  6. lol! This is the first time I’ve seen the long version. IKEA — yikes. Those stores are mazes. I think they’re designed to keep people trapped inside. Even so, I did enjoy my one and only visit to one.

    My weekend was spent spring cleaning in the mornings and taking a walk or two in the afternoons.

    So many good things to celebrate this week. Take a Walk in the Park Day, Walking Day, Coloring Crayon Day, and it’s Ocean Week (starting Wednesday).

    Have a great week, Frank. 🙂


    • Robin,
      IKEA is a maze … but we go when we are looking for something inexpensive to fill a need. Glad you took some time away from cleaning for some walks!

      BTW: Three more words added to Act 1: Snack, Snacktime, or Food(s)


  7. I see you had a another full & fab weekend. Hope you can get some rest today.
    And – HAPPY A-Day month to you & Mrs. Frank ❤ ❤
    Despite the couple of migraines this weekend – drugs did what they had to do to not allow them to interfere with the family celebrating life this weekend.
    Last night was a bit rough. I woke up about 1 & stayed up for a couple of hours. So far – so good. I haven't crashed yet. And – I hope to stay awake. I forget to bring my pillow & blanket to sleep under my desk today. 😉


  8. Happy new week Frank – you too need a vacation from a vacation! I’ve not been to an IKEA ~ this weekend was spent working outside and painting, shopping and just enjoying the neighborhood. Hope you enjoy your week – the new musical sounds fantastic, I’ll watch out for spiders today and be kind enough to let them roam.


  9. Hi Frank! I am celebrating “I am in control day,” at least for now, while I still am. That could change very quickly! I love IKEA! Yes, it can get crowded, but it’s a fun day when you go with a few friends. I was at the Pittsburgh store recently. Have a good week – that video was hilarious!


  10. Ikea is a popular place to wander in bad weather…here the company is banning hide and seek games.
    Nano Day made me smile. When the lights dimmed and there was an odd electrical buzz sound at work, we’d all look up and go “The nano guys are at it again” Their research labs were right next to ours…there were all the signs about electromagnetic fields…
    Hmmm thinking of musical possibilities..
    (That commercial is such a hoot….Especially the idea of using a video chat to diagnose possible back injuries/concussions….as we used to say when we call a family member that is a vet “Fluffy isn’t feeling well – we’re going to hold her up to the phone and you can tell us what the problem is….”)


    • Madhu,
      Glad you enjoyed the video as it made me laugh. I’ve been to IKEA when the crowds were reasonable … but my recent trip may have been the worst. Meanwhile, they are a global company, so I imagine they will be near you in time.


  11. I am dying Frank, I love that commercial it is fabulous! I hadn’t seen it and now I am happy all day for seeing it here.

    Spiders, love them. I know some of them are not our friends but still I love them. I have two wolf spiders that live in the bushes in the front of my house, now and then the sun on my front porch. The are the coolest things in the world.

    I can’t pick a day. This week, there is something in all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Val,
      Cheers to your love for this commercial. I initially saw the short version, so the long version was perfect for this post. Of course the doc on the monitor is a great way to end it.

      Wow … I didn’t realize that you appreciate spiders. Good for you because as a whole, they aren’t as scary as many tend to make them.


  12. Hiya Frank! Happy Anniversary to You and The Mrs.!! And, Happy Easter to you, too.
    I think I must attract irony…. Bipolar Day / I am in Control Day …. that’s funny. And as a bonus, van Gogh day! Who makes up these ‘days’, and where do you find them?
    Have a wonderful week ahead! ~v


    • Victoria,
      Many of these celebrations are for promotional/marketing purposes – yet some are for as a public service to increase awareness. In terms of finding them, I have about 5-6 sources.

      Thanks for the cheers, although anniversary still hasn’t happened … so will report later in the week – which tells you its either Wednesday or Thursday. BTW – I think you will like my current post about grace & elegance.


  13. Love the video … brilliant … brave woman. *smile
    Pity I will miss the musical … opening, but I’m sure it will go on when I back in the game again.
    IKEA – what a store, it’s a matter of love & hate every time we go there, but something good has come out of Sweden.
    Also I heard on the news that Volvo is building a car factory in US. First cars will leave the plant in 2019 or something. Great news.
    Keep on with the Quickstep …. just love to dance it.


    • Viveka,
      This commercial is so funny … gotta love it. IKEA definitely has a niche. Some (here) think of them on same line as WalMart, which I totally disagree. Meanwhile, Quickstep isn’t easy … but hopefully I will have a Quickstep post ready after your return.


  14. OMG … IKEA … is the store poeple are addicted to. I go there and all of a sudden i”m buying boysenberry jelly and chocolates. YUM … love their chocolate bars. I want my kitchen redone by IKEA. OK … enough about IKEA. Now, Happy Anniversary and many, many more. If you’ve been married more than a year it’s now considered a commitment, How sad …!!!!
    Anyway, looking forward to the musical. ❤ ❤ ❤ Love Hearts for the Anniversary Couple !!!


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