On the Bunny Monday

Another weekend has past. What did you do?

A portion of Christianity (not the Orthodox) celebrated the highest Holy Day of the church calendar, thus we attended a wonderful service – plus hosting my father-in-law for dinner. Surprise, surprise … no ballroom for us this weekend because we traveled to northern Indiana to visit an aunt who recently moved.

With my weekend travels, I’m behind on replying to comments on Saturday’s Explore travels to India. Couple that with being behind on visiting, I won’t be posting on Tuesday … thus the next post will be Wednesday, Satire Bits. I have posts in the queue that I could use, but passing on a day is the right thing to do.

Monday is Opening Day in Cincinnati as the Reds start the baseball season. It’s a big day here, so I may spend a few hours walking around downtown taking in the sights and the festivities … but I won’t decide until Monday morning. Until Major League Baseball (MLB) elevated their level of greed, Opening Day in Cincinnati was the official start to the season for the entire league … but no more as officially starts Sunday night for television dollars … and even (some years) somewhere aboard … therefore, we in Cincinnati simply ignore that event.

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Straw Hat Week, Astronomy Week, Scoop the Poop Week, Read a Road Map Week, Bat Appreciation Week, Library Week, Robotics Week, Explore Your Career Options Week, Blue Ribbon Week, Public Health Week, Window Safety Week, Egg Salad Week, Mule Days, Bake Week, Medic Alert Week, Publicity Stunt Week, Cherry Blossom Week, Week of the Young Child, Birthparents Week
  • (Mon) Jump Over Things Day, Caramel Popcorn Day, Sorry Charlie Day, New Beers Eve, Plan Your Epitaph Day, Tartan Day, North Pole Day, TV Dinner Day, Post-It Notes Day, Teflon Day, Tater Day for Sweet Potatoes, Hostess Twinkie Day, North Pole Day, Drowsy Drive Awareness Day, Day of Sport for Development & Peace, Alcohol Screening Day
  • (Tues) Beer Day, Beaver Day, Coffee Cake Day, Metric System Day, No Housework Day, Snailpapers Day, Public Television Day, Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day, World Health Organization Day, Sexual Assault Awareness Day of Action
  • (Wed) Draw a Bird Day, Roma Day, Dog Fighting Awareness Day, Empanada Day, Trading Cards for Grown-Ups Day, All is Ours Day, Zoo Lovers Day, Tutor Appreciation Day, Milk in Glass Bottles Day, Astronomy Day
  • (Thurs) Name Yourself Day, Cherish an Antique Day, Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, D.A.R.E Day, Chinese Almond Cookie Day, Bataan Day, TV Guide Day, Powdered Milk Day, Listening Day, Jenkins Ear Day, Winston Churchill Day, Appomattox Day

There are times when opposites attract, thus making odd friendships or couples. Enjoy these examples from the unexpected. Have a good week.

70 thoughts on “On the Bunny Monday

  1. “Powdered milk day”—Okay, now we’re just getting wild and crazy…

    I spent all day Saturday editing, but today we had a relaxing Easter Day. The fact we were blessed with sunny weather with temps in the 60s was a wonderful cherry on top.


    • Carrie,
      Woo hooo … editing, sunny, warm, and no snow … definitely a celebration in your area. … of course, many in your area probably didn’t take advantage of an editing opportunity. As you know, there loss.Meanwhile, instead of powdered milk, you’ll have to celebrate the day with a Chinese almond cookie.

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  2. Awwwwwwwwww, great video, Frank! My weekend was a blur. I recall ushering a disappointing play starring Hamish Linklater (who was good; he always has impressive stage presence). My co-usher and I inadvertently walked out with him and we were all chatting. He’s a very nice guy! I will let Godsend know that Monday is New Beers Eve and Tuesday is Beer Day. She’ll enjoy those celebrations.


  3. Love the video. A tiger and a bear frolicking together. I would love to know the history of that friendship. I think we need a coffee in real cups day. It should be a crime to serve cappuccino in a paper carton. Empires have been lost for less.


    • Malcolm,
      Cheers to the joy this video brought to you. Meanwhile, you missed your chance in late March for Coffee in Real Cups Day when the day included. Name Your Own Holiday.


  4. What a beautiful start for me a new week πŸ™‚ This video is amazing… Thank you dear Frank, There are a lot of things still we should learn from them. Have a wonderful day and new week, love, nia


  5. I hope that you have clear skies today for your possible stroll. I just sent my son a baseball cap that my father bought for him at the only professional baseball game he ever attended…he must have been around two years old. Of course, it was a Reds game πŸ™‚


  6. You can TALK, TALK, TALK, you can BICKER, BICKER, BICKER, but all I want you to do is assure me that ESPN Magazine is wrong in it’s prediction that the Cincinnati Reds will finish LAST in the NL Central with the Chicago Cubs finishing THIRD!


  7. Love the video. Also, I think Scoop the Poop week is a good time to remind the less intelligent to pick up after their dog. I carry extra bags and have yet to have one of these miscreants take me up on my offer of a bag. People get really incensed when you remind them of what is the law here on the beach. Thanks for the rant space.


  8. Having 2 large dogs, EVERY day around here is “scoop the poop” day Mr Frank ;). I shall embrace the potato day wholeheartedly as potatoes are the “staff of life” and, along with tea, make up 90% of a “narf”. Never underestimate the value of a good spud. I just noticed “beer day” and being the magnanimous person that I am, I will claim that for Stevie-boy. I won’t attempt to “draw a bird” as that would result in me falling off my chair laughing at my own pathetic attempts. “Name yourself” day eh? I am guessing this day is for people who wish to be known by their “Native American Indian spirit” name or their “Ancient Celtic” name and who are predominately white and are living in a first world country? In the spirit of honesty, I would have to go by the moniker “narf-the-lazy-bolshie-bollocks” which is too long for me to want to spell on a regular basis so I just procrastinated my way out of it in the space of this sentence ;). Have a great time up North, eat lots of those “Chinese almond cookies”on their respective day, they are lovely, and hows about combining “powdered milk day” and “Winston Churchill day” and getting “Powdered Winston Churchill” day? What situation isn’t made much more stoic and a whole lot more pucka by a little bit of powdered Winston Churchill eh? πŸ˜‰ (By the way, that dog looks entirely terrified by it’s paramours attentions. He is entirely aware that the Orangutan could rip off his legs if it saw fit. That dog isn’t in love, it’s on it’s BEST behaviour! πŸ˜‰ )

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  9. Hi Frank! Glad you had a nice weekend! Mine was nice but filled with many emotions. My mother passed the torch on to me on hosting holiday meals this year, which is good and bad I guess. Attended a funeral for one of the moms of one of the rowers on my son’s team, which was very sad, and then dropped my son off for his spring training trip to SC for the week, which was sad as well because I will miss him! But I’m glad to see I can celebrate Public Health Week, so things are looking up!


  10. That video is so funny – it’s sort of like the crowd around here?
    (Sweet taters and Twinkies and coffee cake or caramel corn….feeling the pounds adding up already – but it tastes so good!)
    We had a drizzling wet Easter, but got the dog out early before it started, and got the grilling done anyway, so winner.
    And baseball! (All today’s news seems to be about what food is offered at the stadium this year)
    Nice of you to travel for a visit – good conversation much appreciated I’m sure – and you got to see the countryside a bit.


    • Mouse,
      It seems you have your culinary menu set to enjoy for the week! πŸ˜€ There’s no place like Opening Day in Cincinnati … it’s a long tradition, and even though the league doesn’t honor it any more, this city keeps doing its thing. Huge crowd in town today for the parade! … and the game just ended a short time ago with a win for the good guys.


  11. I’ll go for the ‘Draw a bird day.” Might even have a go at my pelican tomorrow instead of waiting for Wednesday. πŸ™‚ Such a cute video. Sounds like you had a great Easter weekend, Frank. Did you ring any bells? πŸ™‚


  12. I’m going with No Housework today!! Like that idea – so painting will be in this afternoon. Happy new week to you Frank – so glad you had a lovely weekend with the relatives.

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  13. It snowed here, on Easter, and again today…but it melts away, soon as the sun comes out, which it does. No Housework Day, today…..not that it makes a whole lot of difference to the usual schedule πŸ™‚


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