On Satire Bits: Vol. 128

Hope you enjoyed that creative remix of the fabulous commercial.

How has your week gone so far? Hopefully OK.

We attended the annual Home Owners Association (HOA) meeting last night. Oh boy – just confirmation that some don’t understand what it means to live in a condo and that some simply should not.

Golf league season has arrived and delivered a dilemma to me. At the end of last season, the course notified all leagues that it would be closing in a few months. My league (as well as my wife’s) found another course. Because my league involved changing days, I decided not to return. I found a new league, but then (and without notice) I discovered that league is no more. In other words, I’m currently a golfer without a league. Interestingly, the original course remains open – causing me to wonder – why did they runoff guaranteed income? Very strange and unprofessional.

Meals: The Musical takes to the stage in the next post. Act 2 features Fruit – so song titles must include fruit(s) or any nutritional fruit in the title. Keep in mind that tomato(es) are not acceptable. Using a similar rationale, nut(s) or any type of nut, are not acceptable. Advice – Don’t make it harder than it is because there are many songs available. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

The pigs below are multi-tasking as they are not only getting their tune for Meals: The Musical, they are also preparing their Combo Challenge. For the newbies, the satirical headlines below are from The Onion, and the Combo Challenge involves forming your own original headline from the headlines below. My Combo is at the end.

Have a good rest of the week.

Embed from Getty Images

Report: More Americans setting aside money in case of PR emergency

Empty “About Us” page leaves Chinese buffet’s origins shrouded in mystery

Allowance to teach children importance of parental dependence

Disheartened man expected at least one text while checking phone after flight

Hippocratic Oath updated to include vow of loyalty to insurance company

Increasingly worried man hasn’t yet come across any guacamole in burrito

Teen sick of mother barging into room with clean, folded clothes

Lettuce sentence to slow painful death in vegetable crisper drawer

Cat who spends life on one of two couch cushions given rabies vaccine

Scientists speculate extraterrestrials may have completely different hair than humans

Humble eccentric decline in-flight beverage service

My Combo: Humble, disheartened eccentric mother worried about importance of loyalty to guacamole on Chinese lettuce leaves

76 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 128

  1. Oh my Frank, can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already – no? You are just too quick. My week is going okay – good rain, my husband is now retired and well, things will be changing as we work through this new period in our lives and looking forward to it. Working on two paintings – one will be posted before the end of this week. So sorry to hear about your golf league – hope you come across one soon. HOA’s are interesting ~


    • Mary,
      Hope the adjustment for all is going OK. Congrats to hubby for his retirement. A key is to stay busy … and let you paint!
      You must live in an HOA! …. Yep – golf league is a bummer, but I don’t think I’ll know my status for several weeks as I hope to at least become a regular sub for a league or two.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Retirement will be one day at a time, until we get a routine (or until he gets a routine going) – he totally supports my art, so that is a good thing. HOA, oh yes – we live in one (nearly every neighborhood in No. TX has one), I have no complaints with ours. Bummer about your golf league, even being a sub is no substitute for being a team member. Have a great day ~


  2. That commercial was THE most annoying thing ever! 🙂
    Extraterrestrials barging in room come across eccentric mother setting aside cat in folded cushion.


  3. Extraterrestrials decline guacamole in burrito, include vow of loyalty to Chinese buffets. Sounds good! I’m without a league as well – never had one, so maybe this will be the year for me to join one. Went to the driving range last night, coincidentally. (not pretty)


    • Catherine,
      Geico has a winner with the camel … and the one with the camels at the zoo. Sorry to disappoint, but no thing for pigs for me. but I have noticed the readers here who have enjoyed the interlude with pigs.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ah ah ah I’m just back from the moroccan desert! I have a little objection: camel has two
    humps, dromedaris just one single… it seems that most of the tourists get into this ancient dilemma…
    Anyhow they are adorable (both of them) and I didn’t want to get on them since I think they shouldn’t be at all a stupid tourist attraction…
    but I loved to watch them slowly moving across the dunes at sunset.
    Take care :-)c


  5. Terrific variety today! Can’t wait to hear the top stories from your HOA meeting. Also, the “Old Band Directors and Their Next Door Neighbors” golf league I’m in desperately needs subs due to the precarious week-to-week physical shape of the old band directors.

    I’ve got my fruit ready and have already picked out my vegetable and meat.

    A whole bunch of Satire Bits face splats today, but my number one is “Empty “About Us” page leaves Chinese buffet’s origins shrouded in mystery.”

    Speaking of Chinese food, my wife and I stopped by your longtime authentic Chinese menu restaurant recommend the other night to celebrate finishing our income taxes, and found it “under new management” minus the authentic menu.


    • Tim,
      Oh my … the news about the Chinese restaurant is disheartening. Nonetheless, receiving numerous face splats within The Onion set is quite high praise.

      In terms of the golfing band director – some of which pace yardage 6-to-5 and others 8-to-5 …. there is an issue at the moment. The day that group plays is currently a work day for me. However, that may change in time. Just so you know … I hit my first balls of the season Monday … then birdied my first hole last night (#10 at Hickory Woods).


  6. Increasingly worried teen disheartened with parental dependence setting aside allowance money to slow painful death on couch.

    Yesterday was my last day as one of the employed (at will). Today, I woke with a new attitude. I am trying to adjust. That is my week in a nutshell.


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