On May 2015

May, the fifth month of the year, but one of seven months with 31 days

May, spring in the northern hemisphere, but autumn in the southern hemisphere – making May and November as seasonal equivalents

May, with no other month beginning or ending on the same day of the week as May

The month May was named for Maia, a Roman goddess

Late May, being the official start of the summer vacation season in the US and Canada

May, with its symbols

  • Birthstone: emerald
  • Birth flower: Lily of the Valley signifying sweetness, humility, and return to happiness
  • Zodiac: Taurus (until May 21) and Gemini (May 22 and into June)

May moon

  • Called Egg Moon, Grass Moon, and Hare Moon
  • Full Moon May 4th 3:43 UTC
  • New Moon May 18th 4:13 UTC

May, with national celebrations in Armenia, Canada, Eritrea, Japan, Mexico, Norway, United States, and the UK

May, with many countries celebrating May Day & Mother’s Day, plus Europe celebrating victory over the Nazis in World War II

May embraces Asian American & Pacific Islander heritage, chip your pets, creative beginning, Haitian heritage, audits, Mediterranean diets, Jewish-American heritage, guide dogs, meditation, military appreciation, moving, preservation, older Americans, personal history, preparing tomorrow’s parents, Social Security education, South Asian heritage, date your mate, and recommitment.

May increases awareness in ALS, APS, arthritis, asthma & allergies, medical orphans, brain tumors, celiac, cystic fibrosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, fibromyalgia, Huntington’s disease, homeschooling, lupus, melanoma & skin cancer, hepatitis, neurofibromatosis, preventing osteoporosis, physiotherapy, Prader-Willi Syndrome, pet cancer, toddler immunization, chemical injury, Tay-Sachs & Canavan diseases, Tourettes Syndrome, borderline personality disorder, high blood pressure, Lyme disease, stroke, preeclampsia, and ultraviolet rays & skin cancer.

May celebrates wetlands, clean air, community living, drums, Freedom Shrine, gifts from the garden, golf, Victorian women, Latino books, barbeque, bikes, eggs, hamburger, inventors,
pets, photos, salads, salsa (the food), strawberries, asparagus, beef, chocolate custard, and drinking water.

May promotes global civility, better hearing & speech, building safety, ecodriving, family wellness, gardening for wildlife, getting caught reading, global health & fitness, food drives for homeless animals, heal the children, healthy vision, Oregon wines, business image improvement, motorcycle safety, foster care, good car keeping, mental health, physical fitness & sports, service dog eye examinations, water safety, Finger Lakes wines, youth traffic safety, revising your work schedule, spiritual literacy, women’s health care, reacting, and respect for chickens.

Any celebratory occasions in your life during May? What songs did you listen to in this post? Have a wonderful month of May.

56 thoughts on “On May 2015

  1. “Europe celebrating victory of the Nazis in World War II” Shouldn’t it be “victory over the Nazis”, or has Europe really tilted that far to the right recently? 🙂


  2. And May is my middle name. Only it’s spelled ‘Mae’ so that probably doesn’t count…

    I love May. Winter is far enough behind us that I no longer have to worry about it for months. As always, I enjoyed reading your well-researched words, Frank. 🙂


  3. You would probably guess I especially enjoyed Peter, Paul and Mary. ( I stopped listening to popular music around 1973, so I often don’t get into your choices, though I still know the words to most songs of the 19th and 20th century before that.)

    Yesterday, for some strange reason, its being May Day around the world, I decided to google the word “mayday” which is a universal radio distress signal. Apparently it came into use in the 1920’s between the British and French ships. They thought “help” wasn’t so useful because it could be used in ways other than distress…so they adopted from the French call for help the word “m’aider” (help me) which then became “mayday”—-the same pronunciation.


  4. This May I will celebrate the second Mother’s Day without my mom. Lily of the Valley was her favorite flower. ❤ Mom, I love you!
    I listened to The Bee Gees, Julie London & Peter, Paul & Mary.
    Well, think I'll go have a "Puff the Magic Dragon"
    Thanks for the lovely post, Frank!


  5. Don’t forget Cinco de Mayo! (Well I guess you did mention Mexico in passing.) Cinco de Mayo gets a lot of attention in my area, perhaps because there are a significant number of Mexicans around or (more likely) because it gives people an excuse to party. I once had a boss who called it Stinko de Mayo because of the after effects of so many people eating refried beans, chili beans, etc in their Cinco de Mayo celebrations.


    • LB,
      You are correct, that I did mention it in passing with the Mexico reference, but I actually didn’t miss it because the listed celebrations are month-long events, whereas Cinco de Mayo is a day … and since it is Tuesday, it will me mentioned on the next Monday Morning Entertainment post that lists the one-day events Monday through Thursday.


  6. My firstborn’s birthday was May 25 and my father died May 23 ~ the two dates so close to each other is almost ironic… every single time Dad found a penny on the ground, he would say it was a penny from heaven…
    In May things really start coming alive in this neck of the woods; yes, it starts in April but let’s face it, there has been more than one snowstorm in April!
    Loved the Chieftains’ song. Whoa Julie! Quite the osé calendar… when women were women!
    Bee Gees… you can never fail with the Bee Gees…(I had such a thing for Barry, especially in the Saturday Night Fever days… weird to think he’s the last one left of the four brothers – I am including Andy)


  7. May is such a beautiful month – loved reading your post. For me it always spells a new beginning with much hope and promise. Being a Gemini, May hold special meaning.


  8. Thanks for all the wonderful music, Frank. May is the month before it gets way too hot here. We have only a few more reasonable weeks ahead! I can hardly believe it’s already May.


    • Amy,
      For some, the transition into summer isn’t fun … so hang in there … On the other hand, hot is hot, but hot with humidity is a different matter … and oh do I hate the later – thus I would have a difficult time leaving in places as Houston, New Orleans, and other places in the southeastern US.


  9. We have so many family birthdays in May it’s almost a burden. LOL! My youngest granddaughter announced to the family on the 1st, “Today is the first day of my birthday month!” She’s my favorite May birthday girl. I love Julie London and the Bee Gees, but didn’t know either one of these songs! I love collecting new musical material, so thanks for that!


    • Debra,
      Lots of birthdays means you will be busy because I’m confident you don’t let them slide by. Meanwhile, Oh Boy to the birthday month announcement. 😉 … I think someone is anticipating a celebration! Glad you enjoyed the music … quite the variety in this one.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. The BG’s clip was pure nostalgia and with two brothers, a charming departure from the norm. Can you believe it, I had never heard it before. I was probably deployed when it was popular. Wonder what else I missed?


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