On a Sugary Monday

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Cincinnati has been warmer than normal this past week. Fortunately, some cooler (and more normal) weather is on the way for the upcoming week … but the warm temperatures didn’t stop us from enjoying our weekend. How did you spend you weekend?

Our weekend was full with two nights on the ballroom floor (including participating in a Quickstep formation), work, and golf. The Quickstep formation wasn’t a train wreck … a good thing, but I’m glad it’s over. Mother’s Day (Sunday in the US) wasn’t big in our house because we don’t have kids, andΒ our mothers passed away in 1987 (mine) and 2013 (my wife’s). I thought the handbell choir did a good job with Morning Is Broken.

Meals: The Musical returns this week. Meat is the Act 4’s theme, so song titles must include meat(s) or any meat. Use a normal menu as a guideline. For instance, beef, steaks, and hamburger are acceptable, but cows are not. Sausage, ham, and pork are acceptable examples, but pigs are not. Seafood items are not acceptable. The producer is amicable to common sense. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Hamburger Week, Craft Beer Week, Bike Week, Saluting to Moms 35+ Week, Reading is Fun Week, Women’s Health Week, Transportation Week, Return to Work Week, Nursing Home Week, Police Week, Food Allergy Awareness Week, Family Week, Work at Home Moms Week, Bike to Work Week, Etiquette Week, Neuropathy Awareness Week, Stuttering Awareness Week
  • (Mon) Eat What You Want Day, Hostess Cupcake Day, Root Canal Appreciation Day, Twilight Zone Week, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day, Jigsaw Puzzle Day, Mocha Torte Day, Women’s Check-up Day
  • (Tues) Limerick Day, Odometer Day, Nurses Day, Nutty Fudge Day, Fatigue Syndrome Day
  • (Wed) Blame Someone Else Day, Crouton Day, Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day, Third-Shift Workers Day, Receptionists Day, Apple Pie Day, Fruit Cocktail Day, Leprechaun Day, Cough Drop Day
  • (Thurs) Chicken Dance Day, Buttermilk Biscuit Day, Crazy Day, Marshmallow Fluff (Creme) Day

To start your week, here’s Sugar Chile Robinson from a 1946 clip, which means Mr. Robinson is currently 76 years old. Enjoy and have a good week.

48 thoughts on “On a Sugary Monday

  1. Great ole video, there Frank! We had a busy week-end but the kids (all 9 of ’em) made us (3 sisters, my mother and mother-in-law) a most fabulous brunch… so definitely not celebrating any Food Week items! πŸ˜‰
    Sooo… it’s always good to celebrate good etiquette (unlike the two fools sitting in front of us at the John Mellencamp concert ~ they had no etiquette whatsoever!)
    Since I need to stop eating completely (yeah, OK.. maybe I’ll just cut down!), I will keep my fingers busy with jigsaw puzzles instead of anything to do with cakes!
    Now how the hell are you supposed to celebrate “Odometer day?” drive to watch it increase?
    Never nice to blame others but if there is a day assigned to it well…
    I’m always a tad crazy (it’s what keeps me sane) so, I will definitely celebrate that one too!
    Have a most wonderful week Frank!

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    • Amy,
      Besides dancing, one of the events included some of our friends dancing for others … a showcase. It was fun. Meanwhile, hiking and chocolates seems like a good combination! Oh yes … Mr. Robinson was quite the child prodigy!


  2. We also had a surprise mini heat wave last week but fortunately it cooled down during the weekend and weather today is pleasant.
    Oh, I am ready for the musical and you might have even guessed knowing my views!!!
    Have a wonderful week, Frank!! πŸ™‚

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  3. So Tuesday I should expect some special attention, right?! lol I’m worn out from the last regatta of spring season in Zanesville last weekend. Was 94 degrees – hot and humid both days. But the team did well and will now move on to NJ for a national competition. Best part of the weekend was the Cavs beating the Bulls right at the buzzer yesterday – had it on the radio. So glad it was LeBron who made the winning shot – that just made my Mother’s Day! Tues., 7pm game 5! What a talent Sugar is – great video πŸ™‚

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    • Kelly,
      I saw the reply of Lebron’s shot this morning. “Just get me the ball and get out of my way.” Amazing.

      Cheers to your son’s continued success with rowing. But still … a hot day for all. Cheers to your Mother’s Day and the upcoming Nurses Day.

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  4. We went to see “Woman in Gold” on Friday and then out to dinner and the symphony on Saturday night. Fort Collins has a wonderful symphony orchestra and they performed Grieg, as well as a Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto and in second half a Tchaikovsky Symphony. Since it continued to rain over the weekend, we stay home on Sunday, but today the sun is shining! The first time in over a week. We Colorodoans are spoiled with our abundance of sunshine – an average of 300 days/year, so people were starting to get cranky with all the rain. I suspect my clients will be in a better mood today. Looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

    Oh, and “Woman in Gold” was wonderful. Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds were awesome.

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    • Cathy,
      I love reading about your weekends because we seem to have similar approaches to life … and we would have loved an evening of dinner and the symphony. You aren’t the first to recommend “Woman in Gold”, so we will have to get to it quickly!


  5. Mother’s day was wonderful here, all the kids were home so we had a nice game of RISK. Though I lost first. I’m starting week three without my laptop which is frustrating the hell out of me. I have many a blog post ideas but they will have to wait. Enjoy your Monday.

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    • Catherine,
      Cheers to your wonderful Mother’s Day weekend … and I’m sure you were happy to have to kids home. While you are waiting on your laptop, consider capturing your blog ideas the old fashion way – with pen and paper.


  6. Major rain storms blew through here over the weekend, well last two months but Texans are thrilled the drought is finally easing and today we are only expecting sunshine! Happy to read your dancing and well, you guys are always so busy! Have a great one ~

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    • Mary,
      The storms through your part of the country is national news, so it seems you (personally) have avoided damage. Strength to those who haven’t. I think the last line of those storms will pass through Cincinnati late sometime today.

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  7. Nice picture of Cincinnati at the top. Jewel-like. There is something about a city’s nighttime glitter. Hope it’s cooled down a bit for you.
    We spend the weekend refurbishing the grill – after a while they do need parts changed out. out…and naturally the odd screw sizes and twisting off of screw heads meant multiple trips to Home Depot. Did get it all back together and grilled both nights – with a bit of shrimp boiled for nibbling.
    (The storms that have been pounding the middle of TX and Tornado Alley all weekend are sagging this way – the warm Gulf moisture/breeze has held them back, but we’ll see – they are predicting rain/storms all week. Water is hard to complain about.
    Umbrellas up and cheers.

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  8. It’s been warm and humid here–I’m going to have to break down and turn the a/c on today. But we’re also supposed to get more seasonable weather mid-week. It sounds like you had a good weekend. I spent all day Saturday finishing the reviewing of my copyedited manuscript. Sunday we picked up my mom and went to my sister’s house for Mother’s Day. I sent off the manuscript a little while ago, so now I can catch up on people’s blogs! πŸ™‚

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  9. I have never seen Sugar Chile Robinson! What a great little clip this is! I enjoyed Mother’s Day with my family, but we really don’t make too much out of it. It’s not necessary for my kids to buy me gifts and we spend time together regularly. I think it’s such a painful day for so many of my friends I really do try to play it down a bit! If I can find a buttermilk biscuit tomorrow I’ll be very pleased! πŸ™‚

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