Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 259

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Got to wonder why I selected that opening image.

Love the fact Congressional Democrats are having a public family fight over trade.

Congress continues to shamefully ignore infrastructure.

Interesting that to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed of statement about separating herself from the Clinton Foundation – but would it have been prudent for her to have a similar written statement with the Clinton Foundation?

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nominee for president. Here’s The Onion’s introducing us to Senator Sanders.

The headline is interesting: South Carolina Republican Refused Obamacare, Now Going Blind, Blames Barack Obama (see for yourself)

Because there was no need, the events around the Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and deflating footballs reminds me of the Nixon administration and Watergate.

The current season of Dancing with the Stars has been better than I thought it would be when it started. From Noah’s inspiration to the Nastia’s (now eliminated) athleticism to Riker’s full-speed approach to Rumer’s artistry, a tip of the cap to them.

Earlier this week I posted about my journey as one of the Cincinnati Burger Guys. Love the banner below that I found on a blog. Meanwhile, I hope to join them for a burger in the future.

Speaking of hamburgers, here’s one of my favorite burger places in Cincinnati. Come on now – click here to see the menu … so, what would you order?

A shout out to AbyssBrain for this brilliant problem-solving flowchart. It’s worth the visit.

I enjoyed this post by Ocean Bream about the internet, brain activity, and behaviors.

Act 4 (Meats) of Meals: The Musical seemed to throw many for a loop. As I write this, acceptable songs that haven’t appeared from artists like Alan Jackson, Roy Orbison, Uncle Kracker, Les Paul, Manhattan Transfer, Fats Waller, Doors, Andrew Sisters, Neil Young, Ike & Tina Turner, and more. As always, quite the musical selection has been gathered.

It’s spring in Cincinnati, and summer is approaching – but, this video is for my southern hemisphere friends.

There will be a Saturday post as the Explore series resumes.

To lead you into this week’s headlines from The Onion, here’s their explanation of Super PACS.

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On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Anthropologists discover Ancient Greek Super PAC that helped shape first democracy
One year old still waiting for father’s first words
God realizes he forgot to put souls in humans
Child visits Ellis Island to see where grandparents once toured
McDonald’s reintroduces Hamburgler as attractive suburban dad

Interesting Reads
Books about evolution published before Darwin
Berlin: Compared to 70 years ago
Generations and partisanship
Columnist David Brooks on the center-right
The bacteria at Yellowstone
A personal look at Ukraine

Your Weekend Celebrations
(Weekend) Art on the Square Days, Calaveras County Frog Jumping Days

(Fri) Straw Hat Day, Day of Families, Nylon Stockings Day, Peace Officer Memorial Day, Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day, Endangered Species Day, O. Henry Pun-Off Day, NASCAR Day, Bike to Work Day, Pizza Party Day, MPS Awareness Day, Defense Transportation Day, Tuberous Sclerosis Day, Chocolate Chip Day, Sauvignon Blanc Day, Dinosaur Day, Over-the-Rainbow Day, Kangaroo Care Day

(Sat) Mike the Headless Chicken Day, Do-Dah Day, Mimosa Day, Piercing Day, Sea Monkey Day, Biographer’s Day, Learn to Swim Day, Armed Forces Day, Love a Tree Day, Coquilles Saint Jacques Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day, Pickle Day, Spaghetti-O Day

(Sun) Morel Mushroom Day, Neighbor Day, Hypertension Day, Information Society Day, Telecommunications Day, Neurofibromatosis Day, Pack Rat Day, Cherry Cobbler Day, Walnut Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, Merry-Go-Round Day

Here’s a two-fer to send you into the weekend – one questionable leftover from the latest Meals: The Musical Act and one for Dale who recently saw him in concert. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

44 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 259

  1. Lol, the headline about the Republican who blamed Obama for going blind was quite funny.

    Anyway, thank you for the shout out 🙂


  2. Thank you, kind sir! It’s funny… I just watched this video a few days ago! Why is it, these rockers had such fabulous hair? We girls were so jealous…
    I’ll gladly celebrate Sauvignon Blanc which would go great with the coquille St-Jacques but unfortunately are not on the same day… hmmm.
    Have a wonderful week-end Frank!


  3. Unfortunately a river really did run through my home city of Wellington yesterday Frank – a months rain fell in one hour and many were trapped away from home as motorways and alternate routes all became impassable, unusable or their own versions of raging rivers. There were many messages sent and received ensuring family and friends were safe! [All were]

    And durn it – I run a bit behind with DWTS and have yet to watch that episode. I need a spoiler alert please!

    As we are heading into a dreary weekend, I hope yours is a sunny and safe one 🙂


    • Pauline,
      Just read several reports about Wellington’s rain. Hope you family and friends continue to be safe. Thanks for letting me know.

      Sorry about that regarding DWTS … and to think my eliminated note was a last minute edit. 😦


  4. Isn’t the soon to be blind guy case The Onion worthy?
    It’s like he’s an SNL writer…but not.
    And somehow believes, “(My husband) should be at the front of the line because he doesn’t work and because he has medical issues,” I wish Colbert was still a thing….
    Have a nice weekend Frank!


    • Leo,
      I’m with you about this story because it could easily fit within The Onion, SNL, Colbert, The Daily Show, and more. The headline is one thing, but the quote you pulled is perfect … I can see the SNL skit in my mind!


  5. I look forward to re-reading and further exploring “The bacteria at Yellowstone.” Same with The Pew Research Center’s report, “A Different Look at Generations and Partisanship.”

    I’m stumped by why you call the video of Louis Jordan singing That Chick’s Too Young To Fry, “one questionable leftover” (from the latest Meals: The Musical)?


  6. Could the opening image be a very young Vermonter lending his enthusiastic (but entirely premature and sadly wasted) support for Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders? 😉 Just a thought…


  7. Wait, are you serious about the republican that refused obamacare and now blames him? I thought that was just ridiculous and stupid. Some people have a problem with taking personal responsibility. That is such a pet peeve of mine, own your own stuff. And that first photo just made me smile so huge. That is just the cutest pic ever!


  8. Quite sad about the one-year-old still waiting to hear dad speak to him. 😕 Enjoyed the Louis Jordan clip, although I’d not heard of him before. I see he was called ‘The Father of Rhythm and Blues’. Have a great weekend, Frank.


  9. I’d give the Black Bean Burger a try. (I’m a veggie) 😀
    It was a helluva week, Frank. Today was 14.5 hours long.
    I’m working Sunday, so Hypertension Day it is!


  10. Bernie Sanders – BS
    Need I say more? 😉

    Luis Lang sounds like he was blind before going blind. Just sayin’…

    About a week ago – I tried a black bean for the first time. YUMMO!


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